About Us

Storm Shelter is a storytelling style roleplaying writing group. For the sake of ease, we refer to it as an RPG or roleplaying game. We use the Nova sim management system by Anodyne Productions as our writing venue. For those of you unfamiliar with Nova, guides have been created and posted in the Guides folder on the wiki.

Game Requirements

-- Ability to read, write, and communicate in English. No Text Speech Allowed in Posts!
-- A working computer or tablet and Internet access (writing is done online).
-- Basic computer knowledge and technical skills (need to be able to navigate the internet to research posts, history, story ideas.)

Storm Shelter's World

Storm Shelter can be described as The Expendables or Hawaii Five-0 meets The X-Files. We like to say that Storm Shelter is set in a cinematic version of the real world or cinematic reality. This means that some elements of the organization and the world are slightly more fantastic than in actual reality. For instance, Storm Shelter will wind up involved in adventures that your average private security company might not encounter. We do allow some paranormal abilities on a very restricted basis (i.e. no superhumans). The majority of our stories will be basic action-adventure with an element of the fantastic or paranormal tossed in on occasion.

Game Date

The main story starts in January of 2017. There are also options for writing character backstories as well as other

The main Setting is the state of Montana, United States of America.
Storm Shelter's main headquarters is in the mythical town of Coldwater Junction in the state of Montana. Details on the region can be found In the Places folder (see Navigation). Details on Storm Shelter can be found in the Organizations folder (see Navigation).

Credits and Disclaimers

The writers and creators of Storm Shelter's stories are inspired by various action adventure movies, television series and authors such as Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler.

Storm Shelter is a non-profit interactive fiction writing group. Nothing but admiration and respect are intended for those who have inspired these worlds. No copyright infringement or plagiarism is intended. We're just here to have fun.


Before doing anything else, read the bios, read a few posts, and browse our wiki site (link in main menu). After reviewing this information, us the contact form to contact game management.

Latest Chapter Posts

» As the Bell Tolls - Part 2

Chapter: The Blessings of Liberty
Posted on Wed Feb 21st, 2018 @ 7:13pm by Cade MacLeod & J.D. West & Luke Morrison

Cade got to his feet and headed to the kitchenette for more coffee. He returned and resumed his seat. He looked at both J.D. and Luke, "Not only are we dealing with an outfit that has military grade training and resources, but we also don't know who we can trust…

» As the Bell Tolls - Part 1

Chapter: The Blessings of Liberty
Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2018 @ 6:51pm by Cade MacLeod & J.D. West & Luke Morrison & SSI RPG

Cade and J.D. arrived back at Andrews AFB just after dark. Amazingly, the meeting with the President and acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had been brief, taking less than an hour. Cade was starting to feel the combination of stress and anticipation that always hit him during a job.…

» Demands and Retribution

Chapter: The Blessings of Liberty
Posted on Sun Dec 3rd, 2017 @ 4:57pm by Cade MacLeod & J.D. West & London Ridley & Frank Dalton

Surprisingly, Cade, J.D., and London were not shown into the Oval Office, the private conference room, but to the President's private office. This was a smaller, less imposing room than the Oval Office where the President got his real work done. Like the Oval Office, it was swept daily for…

» Needles and Haystacks

Chapter: We the People
Posted on Mon Oct 16th, 2017 @ 3:43pm by Cade MacLeod & Theresa Mallory & J.D. West & London Ridley & Luke Morrison & Vashti Yasmeen

The custom Gulfstream G650 was the smaller of Storm Shelter's two mobile headquarters and was used almost exclusively in the Americas. Every inch of the just over 2,000 cubic foot interior had been carefully designed to accommodate Storm Shelter's needs whether it was prisoner transport or, like now, a backup…

» Two Can Keep a Secret If One of Them is Dead

Chapter: We the People
Posted on Fri Sep 15th, 2017 @ 3:58am by Theresa Mallory & London Ridley

London wasn't happy about the circumstances that were bringing she and Theresa Mallory together, but in the interest of finding silver linings in difficult circumstances, she was happy to have the opportunity to meet with one of her closest friends again. She and Theresa had stayed in touch despite being…