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Cade MacLeod

Name Cade Atticus MacLeod

Position Sr. Consultant

Basic Information

Aliases Lightning (USMC call sign and childhood nickname)
Cade always had a quick temper, however, his normal easy going personality tended to counter his flashes of temper until after his mother's death when he was seven years old. For many years, he became known for being quick to strike, hence the nickname, Lightning. Over the years, self-discipline won out and he learned a great deal of control, particularly once he joned the United States Marine Corps. There, the nickname resurfaced due to his prodigious skills as a sniper. The general consensus was that he was precisely like lightning, no one knew when it was going to strike, who it would hit, or from where it would strike.
*Gender Male
*Date of Birth 01/01/1970
*Age 47
*Marital Status Widower
*Current Address #1 Coldwater Creek Ranch
424 Coldwater Trail
Coldwater Junction, MT
*Employer(s) Storm Shelter (October 1999, 18 yrs.)
Position: Co-Owner, Sr. Consultant / Investigator

The Alibi Saloon (2000, 17 yrs.)
Position: Owner, Bartender, Performer

Coldwater Creek Ranch (1999, 18 years)
Position: Owner
*Professional Specialty Marksman, Tracker, Cold Case Expert

Physical Description

*Height 6' 4 1/2"
*Build Large
*Hair Color Dark blond with natural lighter and darker highlights and lowlights. It is very thick and naturally curly and wavy.
*Eye Color Deep blue with silver and gray flecks, wide and deep set with thick gold-tipped, dark blond lashes.
Marks and Scars Has the usual variety of fading scars from childhood scrapes and accidents.

Cade has a small tattoo on his upper left arm. It is the United States Marine Corps’ motto, Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful, in a beautiful gothic script. The letters are black and outlined in gold. Between the words is the USMC emblem done in black, silver, and gold. The artwork is very detailed and quite exquisite.

2008: Cade was shot in the outer upper left leg during Operation Cold Snap. The wound was clean and there were no lingering issues, but it left a small splattered star-shaped scar.
Style Cade is as far from being fashion conscious as it is humanly possible to get. He dresses comfortably with a preference for rugged and durable clothing. Cade will pay more for something that is well-made but would never spend extra money on an item just because it has someone’s name on the label. The majority of his clothing is bought from the local Farmer’s Co-Op, western tack shop or Duluth Trading Company.

Blue jeans, work pants and button down, western style work shirts with a t-shirt underneath. His idea of formal wear is clean blue or black denim jeans, shirt tucked in, bolo tie and, occasionally, a tailored sport jacket.

Leather biker-style boots, riding boots, hiking boots, sneakers for exercise and running. When inside the house, he is usually barefoot or in flip flops during the summer and in fleece lined moccasins for winter.

It is very rare that Cade is seen without a hat on when outdoors and in public. He has several straw, custom leather or felt western hats and baseball caps (most with USMC logos and emblems). He often wears a bandana under the western type hats when working on the range or riding his motorcycle.

Cade owns numerous pieces of western type jewelry. Most of it is Native American crafted silver and turquoise which he dons on occasion (usually when performing) and some silver and turquoise hat bands. He has a black leather guitar strap studded with silver conchas that his daughter gave him as a Christmas gift. Often wears a silver cross that belonged to his mother and always wears a durable water and shock resistant watch.

He wears his hair short on the top and sides, but sometimes to collar length in the back. Cade tends to let it wave or curl without intervention on his part. He usually sports a neatly trimmed goatee style beard and mustache, but will sometimes allow the beard to grow along the jawline - usually in winter. Cade has a strong preference for the Old Spice line of men’s products, but he rarely wears cologne of any kind.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits - Intelligent
- Strong Convictions
- Easy Going
- Egotistical, Competitive
- Kind, Generous
*Personality A person’s traits makes up their personality and, along with the ones listed above for Cade, are many others. Most people that know him would say he is loyal, quick witted, and a good friend. Those that have business dealings with him would say he is honest, trustworthy and no one’s fool. He is considered by all to be an upstanding man, a good family man and someone that can be relied on in a crisis.

Cade is a very intelligent man. His IQ test scores range from high average to superior. In his fields of expertise, Cade consistently scores between 123 - 125 with a median score in the superior range (122). As a consequence, he is impatient and often sarcastic when dealing with those he deems foolish.

Strong Convictions
The lyrics to his song, Love Me if You Can sum this trait up quite well.

I'm a man of my convictions
Call me wrong, call me right
But I bring my better angels to every fight
You may not like where I'm going
But you sure know where I stand
Hate me if you want to
Love me if you can

Being a man of very strong convictions, he can be stubborn and strong-willed with a touch of arrogance tossed in for good measure. Cade will usually see reason but is not easily swayed from a course of action that his mind is set on. This has made him a successful businessman but can get in the way when he is in the field if he feels he is right.

One of his strongest convictions is that justice should always be served. Some accuse him of meting out cowboy justice and his reply to that is, “Better cowboy justice than no justice at all.”

A negative aspect of this trait is that it makes it very hard for Cade to alter his point of view on something or someone. It often makes dealing with him difficult as he has said and will say, "It's my way or the highway."

Easy Going
Cade has a 99% philosophy. Ninety-nine percent of things are not worth becoming angry over so if it isn’t going to matter in a hundred years, let it go. As a child and young man, this was not always the case. In his youth, he was known to have a quick temper, often acting out in anger. The control has been hard won and those that have known him the longest are still a little wary, wondering when Lightning will strike.

He is very easy going and laid back for the most part. He does have a good ole boy’s temper which gets him into trouble quite often. Despite his flashes of temper and the good-natured brawls that generally ensue, Cade is slow to become truly angry.

Cade is both quick-witted and has a great sense of humor. He is given to teasing friends, family and even his audiences. He is equally quick to poke fun at himself as evidenced by the lyrics to some of his songs. As long as it is all in good fun and isn’t intended to hurt or ridicule someone maliciously, Cade will take it in his stride and dish it out in kind.

His easy going nature is balanced by being somewhat egotistical and very competitive. He also has a quick temper that flashes hot really fast, but he also tends to cool off quickly unless someone has crossed that one-percent line he draws. Once he is truly, deeply angry, it can last for days, months or even years. He can and will hold a grudge. The quieter he is, the angrier he is.

Egotistical, Competitive
Like many very successful and talented men, Cade is very self-confident, strongly egotistical and very competitive. It makes him a good leader and a man that people tend to enjoy being around because he does not let his ego rule his interactions with people. He knows what he is good at and what his weaknesses are. What his ego provides is a natural and compelling charisma that has garnered him a small fan base for his band and made him many good friends who all know that, ego aside, Cade will have their backs.

While Cade’s ego and competitive streak do not rule him, they can get in the way from time to time. Cade has a hard time recognizing when it’s time to quit. Coming out on top and winning make it hard for him to back down in any situation.

Kind, Generous
It might seem that being kind and good hearted would be an antithesis to his ego, but that is not the case. He does not believe you have to prevaricate on the truth in order to be kind. If someone is willing to work, Cade is more than happy to help. The key word is willing. He understands that many people are willing but are simply unable to work. Cade believes in giving a hand-up, not handouts.

Cade gives generously to his church and local goodwill type organizations. Many of his band’s concerts at the saloon are to raise money for a local cause, person or family. Charities near and dear to Cade’s heart are veterans’ organizations, local and international wildlife, and anything to do with helping children. The Coldwater-Cade Foundation is wholly funded by the Cade family. Its CEO and CFO is the family lawyer, Harrison McBride. He sees to it that funds are allocated fairly to organizations that genuinely provide aid to the world’s population, wildlife, and other needs.

Coldwater Creek Ranch is involved with several youth at risk organizations. They sponsor two to four teens each year to either live and work on the ranch or into other programs. To that end, most of the ranch’s employees have taken training for managing and challenging young people. These kids are not brought to the ranch as free labor. They are paid generous wages and if they complete the program, they leave with a full scholarship to the college of their choice.

Grief / Loss
While open and candid regarding most subjects, Cade strongly believes that grief and dealing with loss is a very personal thing. It is to be shared with family, close friends and, perhaps, one’s priest or pastor. It is not something to be worn on one’s sleeve in order to garner attention and sympathy. In that regard, Cade is very conservative and reserved.

Cade will offer his condolences to those that have lost someone but he is not going to dwell and expects people to deal with the situation. If it means they need to seek counseling to cope with their grief, then that is what they need to do, but they should not expect him to take on the role of therapist.

Ethics and Morality
Cade was raised with a strong work ethic, a deep love for his country, faith, and an abiding respect for his fellow men and women. He believes in justice under the law but understands that the legal system does not always mete out justice.

Cade considers himself a man of faith but he is not pathological about it. He attends church with the family and encourages his daughter to understand and explore her own beliefs as well as those of others. No one will ever find Cade lecturing them in regard to religion nor does he enter into discussions regarding his beliefs.

When it comes to dating and marriage, Cade admits to not always agreeing with the teachings of his faith. He believes in widows and widowers, not divorce, but is intelligent enough to understand that remaining in some relationships is not logical or healthy for either person. Cade will never support people staying in an abusive relationship simply because their religion mandates it. In this, pragmatism wins out over his church doctrine.

By nature, he is not promiscuous and is very respectful of women. He does date and some of those dates end in having sex. At no point will Cade pretend he feels something for a woman and will not sleep with someone just for recreational sex. He believes there should be more to intimacy than just having a good time.

Cade is not perfect. He has vices and would never pretend to be better than the man standing next to him. He rarely drinks to excess and does not smoke or use illegal drugs. He has tried marijuana in the past but did not like the way it made him feel so, while he sings about weed, he doesn’t use himself these days. Cade has never been attracted to harder narcotics. He tries to teach his children to not judge others, but has been known to say, ”Do as I say, not as I do.” He tells his daughter that once she is grown and on her own, she can make her own decisions on things, but she needs to remember there are always consequences.
Mannerisms Cade’s speaking voice is low, deep and clear with a pleasant country drawl where one syllable often becomes two. It is considered a light baritone in range. Cade does not use lots of hand gestures when speaking but he is very expressive when singing. His laugh is deep and heartfelt.

When truly angered, Cade’s voice is quiet and drops an octave or two. He is not a man given to shouting or screaming, but is quite calm and deliberate. The more polite he is, the angrier he is and the less he likes someone. About the only sign that he is angry is the flash in his eyes.

Cade is one of a dying breed, a true gentleman. He stands up when a woman enters the room, opens doors for people, sees a lady seated and comfortable before seating himself. He will surrender his seat for an older person or a woman and believes in saying sir and ma’am. Cade believes there is a difference between simple courtesy and being coldly polite when angered.

He also has a habit of doing a semi-salute rather than waving goodbye - two fingers to the brim of his hat.


Languages Native: English

Fluent: Spanish, Portuguese (speaks, reads, writes).

Sign Language (American, British, International): As a result of his daughter’s inability to speak, Cade has become fluent in both American and British Sign Language.

Native American: Knows a smattering of Native American words and phrases due to lifelong contact with the Wintersongs and others that have worked on the ranch.
Dexterity & Mobility Cade is right handed and right eye dominant. He moves easily with a purposeful gait and a long, ground-eating stride. He is incredibly fast when he needs to be and can move with a stealthy silence and does so without conscious thought.
*Specialties & Interests Cade has a wide range of interests and skills. He considers music, long-distance shooting and his fieldcraft abilities to be his strongest. Music and long-distance shooting are his passions with the latter also being a professional skill.

Cade is a natural and talented singer, songwriter and musician. A few of his songs have made their way onto his father’s record albums and even been performed by Isaiah Cade at his concerts.

Instruments Played: Six and twelve string classical guitar, electric guitars, piano.

No Name Band
Cade formed his country western band when he was fourteen years old. The band initially consisted of a couple of his classmates as well as his longtime friend, Kai Wintersong. The band started out playing for school and church concerts and dances. They were soon invited to perform at the Coldwater Saloon as a warmup band for the main show. Their name was inspired by the fact that no one ever seems to remember the opening act for concerts and other shows.

The No Names can usually be found performing at the Alibi Saloon but also play in a variety of local venues when Cade is free to do so. They also do shows for the military, usually as an opening act for a headliner.

Cold Case Expert
Cade has a consuming interest in unsolved homicides and missing persons cases that began with the death of a school friend when he was very young. His ability to find new leads and evidence stems from his patience as a sniper and tracker. He usual brings his visual acuity and insight to play as he can almost literally visualize the lines where one lead intersects another. This also allows him to connect bits of evidence that is often overlooked by those that have become too familiar with a case.

Marksman, Sniper
Detailed in Paranormal Abilities.
Self Defense Cade went through the US Marine Corps martial arts training (MCMAP) and, as a result, is quite formidable in hand-to-hand close quarters combat if he has to be. However, Cade dislikes punching because there is a danger of injuring his hands to the point that his ability to play guitar is affected. From an early age, Cade carried a St. Louis Slugger baseball bat in his vehicle and tends to bring it with him into situations that might result in a physical confrontation.

After going into the bail recovery business and getting badly beaten by one of his his first cases, a friend pointed Cade in the direction of an ex-police academy instructor who specialized with the ASP baton. Since it was not always practical to carry his baseball bat and it had not helped him in that situation, Cade took the training. His height and long-reach made the baton a natural choice for him.

J.D. West, Cade’s business partner and best friend, has been teaching him the Okinawan Kobudō martial arts discipline. They have modified the moves for use of the ASPs although they work out and spar with the traditional tambo (tanbo) batons to avoid serious injury.
Weapons Rifles / Shotguns
Cade consistently ranks in the top three marksmen in national and international competition. During his years in the service, he rated as the Marine’s number one sniper.

Accuracy International AXMC Sniper Rifle (Caliber: .338 Lapua (reconfigurable to .300 Winchester Mag or .308 Winchester; Weight: 15 lbs.)

Accuracy International AX50 (Caliber: .50 BMG; Weight: 27 lbs.)

Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 (Carry Rifle / Calibre: 5.56 mm x 45)

Kel-Tech KSG Tactical Shotgun (12ga 3”): Cade keeps one of these behind the bar at The Alibi. He calls it The Bartender. He also has a couple of these at his homes.

Anschütz 1903 .22 long rifle (customized competition rifle)

Henry .357 steel Big Boy repeating rifle, large loop lever.

Model 1892 Winchester: There are several rifles of various calibers in the gun safe at Coldwater Creek Ranch. The lever action Winchester is very popular with the hands. Some of the rifles are collector’s items but others are modern reproductions and carried when hunting strays or when predators have become a problem.

ASP Batons X 2
Carried in boot sheaths.

Cade considers himself a mediocre shot with a handgun. He can usually hit what he aims at but admits he tends to carry a .45 ACP for intimidation and stopping power. His preferred short range weapon is an AK pistol which he normally carries for major operations.

- *M85 / AK Pistol: Century Arms Zastava PAP M85 NP, Semi-Automatic, 10" Barrel, 30+1 .223 Rounds
- **Rossi RH92-51121 R92 Ranch Hand, 7+1, 357MAG 12" barrel
- Brügger & Thomet MP9 (Machine Pistol 9mm); 15, 20, 25, and 30 round mags.
- Para USA Black Ops Combat .45 ACP (Backup / Back Holster, Shoulder Holster)

*Cade was given the M85 by J.D. West for his 45th birthday (2015). J.D. is well aware of Cade's close distance shooting challenges.

**The Rossi is his handgun of choice. He has had his modified with a special sliding butt plate that can be pulled out allowing him to have a shoulder stock if needed. He has also had the magazine spring shortened allowing for an extra round. Depending on the situation, he wears the them in either a thigh holster or back scabbard style holster.

Bladed Weapons
Cade considers knives to be utility tools, not weapons. He is moderately skilled with a fighting blade due to his USMC training, but it is not his weapon of choice. Cade tends to carry a bladed multi-tool (Swiss Army Knife) and the penknife his father gave him when he was ten years old at all times. Otherwise, he only carries what is needed by the job he is doing.
Other Skills (Optional) - Fishing (fly, ocean, deep water)
- Cowboy Skills (riding, roping, branding)
- Helicopter Pilot
- Skiing (snow and water; excellent at both cross country and downhill snow skiing).
- Cooking (good old fashioned home cooking, nothing exotic).
- Dancing (Cade loves to dance, preferably slow-dancing but is also good at the basic two-step and country swing.

Paranormal Skills

Abilities - Marksman, Scout Sniper
- Fieldcraft, Tracking
- Cold Case Expert
Description Marksman, Sniper
Cade has a natural gift, affinity and ability for long-distance shooting. Although the ability is innate, it has been honed and enhanced by many years of training, practice, and experience. He is the man that can make the impossible shot, and often has. Amongst other professional snipers and marksmen, he has attained near legendary status.

The physiological aspect of the ability is based in how his brain perceives distances. It is not a superhuman ability, simply that he is hard-wired for judging trajectory, wind influence, terrain, climate, and other factors relating to targets at extreme distance. His distance vision is slightly more acute than most other people's, but again, it is not in the supernormal range. While he can make shots without a scope that other marksmen would miss, he cannot see farther than anyone else with perfect vision could.

All of the best snipers and marksmen are able to put themselves into a mindset that many refer to as being in the zone when they are preparing for a shot. Cade's ability to enter the zone borders on the preternatural.

Cade is proficient with a handgun, but is not an overly good shot with one. He needs the distance for all the factors of his skill and ability to come into play. For this reason, he tends to carry pistols that do not require he be tremendously accurate for maximum effectiveness (see weapons).

Notable Competitive Shooting Awards
- Gold Medal: 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta, GA (3 position, 300m)
- Gold Medal: 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano, Japan (Biathlon)

Tracking / Fieldcraft
Cade learned to track and hunt from a very young age. One of his mentors was a man named Hector Alvarez, a notable Montana bounty hunter who worked at the ranch when the bounty hunting business was slow. This skill was honed to a fine art during his years in the USMC’s FORECON units.

Cold Case Expert
As unlikely as it seems, Cade's training as a sniper and his expertise in fieldcraft combine to make him uniquely suited to seeing cold cases in a new light. He uses his knowledge of the criminal mind gained from his college degrees, combines it with his ability to look at things in a different way and to make intuitive leaps that allow him to connect the dots that might not occur to those that have looked at the case over and over.

Akashic Search Engine (ASE)
Since the advent of the internet, researching cold cases has become much easier. However, it still required an intensive amount of reading and data sorting. ASE is a proprietal search engine developed for Storm Shelter that allows Cade to upload files from a case, set search parameters, and wait for the results. ASE delves into all aspects of the internet and every criminal database it can get access. Several law enforcement organizations have requested modified versions of ASE (pronounced ACE) for their use.

*Akashic refers to the mythical universal hall of records.
Beliefs Cade does not believe that anyone has the ability to chat with dead people. When it comes to hauntings, he believes that certain events can be recorded in some form that has yet to be scientifically quantified and explained. This is important to him because he wants to believe that there is something beyond death. If souls and human consciousness are energy and energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it has to continue in some form somewhere.

Family Tree

Children Josslyn Alafair MacLeod
Relation: Daughter
Born: 10/31/2007
Age: 10
Nicknames: Joss, Scout
Mother: Cole Thornton MacLeod

Zachariah Thornton MacLeod
Relation: Son
Born: 04/01/2014
Age: 3
Nicknames: Zack, Z, Zee, Noodle
Mother: Cole Thornton MacLeod

Jeremiah MacLeod
Relationship: Son
Born: 05/21/2001
Died: 05/21/2001
Cause of Death: Miscarriage
Mother: Theresa McIntyre MacLeod
Father Isaiah Malachi MacLeod
Born: 10/17/1947
Age: 70
Nicknames: Mal (used by older members of the 3-7-77 Band)
Mother Gates MacBeth
Relationship: Stepmother
Married Isaiah MacLeod: January 22, 2017
Maiden Name: MacBeth

Sarah Kathleen MacLeod
Born: August 17, 1949
Died: August 1, 1977 (a. 28)
Married: November 12, 1967 (m. 10 years)
Nicknames: Sarah
Maiden Name: Cade
Brother(s) Joshua Malachi MacLeod
Born: August 1, 1977
Age: 40
Nicknames: Josh

Tiger Hanaford Caldwell
Relationship: Half-Brother
Born: 06/21/1980 (a. 37)
Mother: Barbara Hanaford Caldwell
Sister(s) Sierra Blessing Caldwell
Relationship: Half-Sister
Born: 06/21/1980 (a. 37)
Mother: Barbara Hanaford Caldwell
Other Family Cade's maternal and paternal grandparents are dead as is his father’s only brother. He does have numerous maternal aunts, uncles and cousins scattered around Montana, the Dakotas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

Paternal Grandparents
Samuel Evis MacLeod (deceased January 1969)
Margaret Williamson MacLeod (deceased November 1969)

Paternal Uncle
Jeremiah Wyatt MacLeod (older brother, deceased)
Born: February 29, 1942; Died: January 14, 1969

Maternal Grandparents
Ezra Cade (deceased)
Angela Cade (deceased)
Former Spouse(s) / Partner(s) Cole Thornton MacLeod
Relationship: Late Wife
Born: May 1, 1974
Died: March 13, 2015 (a. 41)
Married: January 1, 2006 (8 years)
Maiden Name: Cole Thornton (birth name: Nicole Thornton Holden)
Avatar: Stana Katic

Theresa Madelyn McIntyre
Relationship: Ex-Wife
Born: November 19, 1974 (a. 43)
Married: March 14, 2001
Divorced: August 2003
Nicknames: Tessa, Tess
Married Name: Theresa Madelyn Mallory (2nd husband)
Maiden Name: McIntyre

Family History

The MacLeods immigrated to the Americas after the 1745 Jacobite uprising in their Scottish homeland. They settled in the southern Appalachian region of the colonies as did many Irish and Scottish immigrants. The MacLeods were moderately successful and enjoyed a reasonably comfortable living. They were an enterprising and hard working family. Although they avoided the slave trade, MacLeod Shipping and Freight became a renown company, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia.

In the early 1800s, lured by the prospect of adventure and riches, Josiah MacLeod, a geologist by trade, joined the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804 - 1806. The expedition made friendly contact with the Piegan Blackfeet tribe of what would someday be the territory of Montana. During a climb to gather rock samples, Josiah fell and was severely injured. Unable to continue with the expedition, he was taken in and tended by a Blackfoot clan. All they asked in return was for him to share his knowledge of the land.

Josiah recovered from his injuries but remained in Montana. He had fallen in love with the rugged beauty of the land and with the daughter of one of the chief's sons. She was an extraordinarily beautiful woman with flowing black hair and eyes the color of the summer sky. Josiah learned that a French fur trapper had traded his daughter to the Blackfoot in return for supplies. Angelique was adopted by the tribe and married to Dancing Wolf, the tribal chief's youngest son. Their daughter and, indeed, many of their descendants inherited Angelique's beautiful blue eyes and refined features.

Dancing Wolf and Angelique were gifted with the birth of a daughter. They named her Neha for the gentle rain that was falling at the time of her birth. Neha grew up to be a very accomplished and beautiful young woman. She also helped tend Josiah's injuries, eventually falling in love with him and accepting his offer of marriage.

When a fever decimated Neha's clan, Josiah took his young bride and moved south and west. Little was known about the type of illness that had stricken her people beyond the fact that it tended to be persistent after death. Josiah refused to risk his wife.

During an exploration of the land north of the Kalispel region, Josiah and Neha discovered an amazing series of ruggedly beautiful valleys, lakes, and rivers nestled in an unnamed and unexplored mountain chain bordering the Salish Mountain Range. Josiah named the mountains for his wife, the Neha Chain. Seeing its potential for ranching and farming, Josiah staked a claim to several hundred acres, and he and Neha settled in.

While hunting and fishing along several creeks that feed into Coldwater Lake, Josiah discovered small deposits of gold and diamonds. Knowing what advertising the find would do to the area, Josiah chose to travel considerable distances to discreetly turn the cache of gold and gems into capital. Not only was Josiah a geologist, but he had inherited his Scottish ancestors' savvy for smart money management. While Neha managed the ranch, arranging trade and contracts with the incoming army forts and local people, Josiah carefully invested in the burgeoning industries that were developing in the west, particularly timber, shipping, and mining. Over time, Josiah would also invest in new technologies. His business acumen quickly made the MacLeods of Montana territory one of the wealthiest families west of the Mississippi.

February 29, 1942: Jeremiah Wyatt MacLeod, Isaiah’s older brother, born.

October 17, 1947: Isaiah Malachi MacLeod born (Cade's father).

August 17, 1949: Sarah Kathleen Cade born (Cade's mother).

November 12, 1967: Isaiah Malachi MacLeod marries Sarah Kathleen Cade.

1969: Samuel and Wyatt MacLeod are killed in a car accident.

Summer 1969: Mathias and Hattie Wintersong hired as ranch managers.

September 21, 1969: Kai Wintersong born to Matt and Hattie Wintersong.

November 17, 1969: Margaret MacLeod dies.
See Coldwater Creek Ranch on the wiki for details. Images of the main house and ranch can be found in the site's gallery and tour.

*Personal History

1970 (a. 0)

- January 1
Isaiah and Sarah MacLeod welcome the New Year with the birth of their son. The baby was born at Coldwater, their Coldwater Creek Ranch’s mansion during one of the worst blizzards in northwest Montana’s history. The birth was attended by Isaiah and Hattie Wintersong, the ranch foreman’s wife and a trained midwife.

- September 1
Baptized and formally christened, Cade Atticus MacLeod, at the Coldwater Baptist Church. He was named Cade in honor of his mother's family and Atticus for Sarah's favorite literary character, Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

1972 (a. 2)

- February
In early February, Isaiah MacLeod was discovered by Eleanor Winters, a Nashville music executive, while playing at the Coldwater Saloon. After discussing the opportunity with Sarah, Isaiah and the 3-7-77 Band (aka the 37s) traveled to Nashville to make a demo recording.

- September
Cade and Kai begin preschool education at home.

1974 (a. 4)

- September
Begins kindergarten (home educated).

1975 (a. 5)

- June to August
During a summer hiatus from touring, Isaiah was working on songs for a new album. Cade was playing nearby with a toy guitar when his father noted that the notes he had been playing while composing the lyrics to a new number were being expanded on by his son. Kai was also humming and singing along.

Isaiah also decided he needed a place to work at home. He had an unused area of the mansion’s lower floor converted into a combination music room and recording studio. Since it had and entrance to the outside, his band could come an go without disturbing the household. It also provided a place for the children to take their music classes. Many years before, the original MacLeod cabin had been renovated and turned into a garage. Isaiah had its upper story turned into a retreat for himself where he could relax or work on his music.

- September
Starts 1st grade at Smith Valley School, Kalispell, MT.

- December 13
Early on the morning of December 13th, Cade decided to try ice skating on Coldwater Lake. He had been closeted inside for several days due to blizzard conditions. Forgetting all the warnings he’d been given, he started across the lake. Mathias Wintersong arrived at the main house in time to hear the ice break and see Cade plunge through the ice into the water. He screamed for Isaiah and Sarah before plunging into the water himself.

Isaiah and Sarah came out of the house just as Mathias pulled Cade’s seemingly lifeless body from the water. While they performed CPR on their son and Mathias huddled next to them suffering from hypothermia, Hattie Wintersong rushed them to the hospital in Kalispell. The doctors are able to revive Cade, but he remains comatose for three days. When he awakens, he undergoes tests and it is determined that he suffered no long-term ill effects from the drowning likely due to the extremely cold temperature of the water.

- May
Isaiah has plans drawn up to turn the small lake next to the house into a natural swimming pool. Creating a heating system for the main pool area and the slightly elevated hot pool was challenging, but in the end, the engineers were able to preserve the lake’s natural beauty and make it a usable area for the family. The final touch was adding a safety barrier that would not obstruct the view to the water, but would keep the ranch’s young children from wandering into it while unsupervised.

1976 (a. 6)

- September
2nd grade (Smith Valley School, Kalispell, MT).

- December 25
Cade receives his father’s .410 shotgun as a Christmas gift although it remains locked up in the gun vault unless an adult is able to supervise him.

1977 (a. 7)

- June
While on the ranch’s outdoor target range, Isaiah takes note of Cade’s skill at long-distance shooting. He demonstrates an instinctual ability to sight in on long-distance targets. He begins teaching him to trap and skeet shoot.

- August 1
Joy and tragedy strikes the MacLeod household when Cade’s baby brother is born, but his mother dies.

Sarah had several pregnancies after Cade’s birth that ended in miscarriages. Her doctor informed her that she would not be able to carry a child to term so when she became pregnant again, she was determined that nothing would happen to the baby. The majority of the pregnancy required her to remain in bed. On July 30th, she went into labor and her second son was born on August 1. Unfortunately, Sarah began hemorrhaging shortly afterward and the doctors were unable to save her.

Cade, always close to his mother, was inconsolable. He blamed the baby for her death, refusing to look at him or be in the same room with him. Isaiah tries to talk to him and reason with him, but Cade refuses to be consoled and his behavior deteriorates.

- September to December (3rd grade at Smith Valley School, Kalispell, MT).
Although Isaiah’s first instinct was to keep Cade at home until he had more time to cope with the loss of his mother and to address his increasingly erratic behavior, he followed the advice of his child counselor. When school began in the fall, he sent Cade to class.

During the next three months, Cade’s behavior continued to worsen. Isaiah was often called to the school to pick his son up because of fighting and general misbehaving. Finally, after the school threatened to expel Cade, Isaiah cracked down. He engaged a child psychologist and started adding additional chores for his son to do each time he misbehaved.

By Christmas of that year, Isaiah’s efforts paid off and there was a gradual return of Cade’s usual good nature. He was still quick to anger, but began learning to control his proclivity to strike out. On Christmas Eve, Isaiah left him alone with Joshua while he wrapped presents for the next day. When he came back from the cabin, Cade and the baby were not in the living room where he’d left them. Isaiah found them curled up in Cade’s bed with Cade protectively cradling his baby brother, tears streaming from his eyes.

From that time forward, Cade became fiercely protective of his brother. In later years, he’d admit to being aghast that he ever felt he hated him and wishing him dead.

1978 (a. 8)

- June
In early June, the body of 9 year old Mary Louise Ellis was found floating in Coldwater Creek just south and east of Coldwater Junction. She had been beaten, raped and strangled. Shock spread through the entire state. Montana was not free of such horrific crimes, but they were virtually unheard of in Flathead County at that time. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office enlisted the aid of Montana’s Division of Criminal Investigations and the FBI to no avail. Despite their best efforts, the case remained unsolved and went cold.

The incident would stay with Cade for the rest of his life. When told of Mary Louise’s death, he couldn’t understand why someone would hurt her. He remembered her as a cheerful girl with a pretty smile and beautiful waist-length red hair. She was friendly and popular with the other children at school.

Over the years, the case would resurface usually when the newspapers remembered the murder and ran an article calling for leads and witnesses. Cade began making notes of the new information and clipping the articles that reported facts rather than sensationalist speculation. The case sparked another lifelong interest, solving cold murder and missing persons cases. For the next several years, Cade would accumulate a substantial library of cases.

- September
4th grade at Smith Valley School, Kalispell, MT).

1979 (a. 9)

- June to August
By 1979, Isaiah was a country music legend. He had relocated the majority of his music business to Coldwater Creek Ranch, only traveling to Nashville to finalize recordings. His concert tours were done in shorter increments, allowing him to be home with his sons and take a more active role in managing the ranch. When school and other activities permitted, he took his sons with him.

Isaiah also had a good head for business and knew that to stay on the top, he needed to make and release music. To that end, he formed Deepwater Music, his own record label and began construction on a house and professional recording studio. He chose a ten acre parcel of land on Lake Dunnala in the ranch’s upper valley and began construction on Belle Mara. The upper two floors of the home were designed to accommodate his band and music engineers comfortably. The basement level was designed as a state-of-the-art music studio. Belle Mara even included a small lakeside amphitheater where the band could jam and rehearse for concerts. During the winter, the 37s often headlined at the Coldwater Saloon in nearby Coldwater Junction.

Cade, already a talented musician and singer, spent a great deal of time listening to his father work and performing with his band. This would later inspire him to form his own band although he would never pursue a professional music career.

- September
5th grade (Smith Valley School, Kalispell, MT).

- November
During the month of November, Isaiah took Cade to the annual turkey shoot and enrolls him in the competition for his age group. After winning the match, Cade is approached by another boy who rather shyly asks him about his gun and where he had learned to shoot. Cade had seen Lucan around school, even intervening occasionally when teasing by the older kids got too rough, but really only knew him in passing.

A short while later, Cade encountered Lucan again after his father signed him up to take lessons at the firing range with the same woman who was teaching Cade. Soon, the boys are fast friends and, along with Kai Wintersong, are nearly inseparable.

Elvira Bray, a national and international champion competitive shooter, first noted that Cade had an uncanny ability to go into the zone when preparing to shoot. He rarely had to make multiple adjustments to sight in on his target, seeming to have an instinct for getting it right the first time. In her opinion, Cade MacLeod was a true natural. With Isaiah’s permission, she begins entering Cade in regional competitions.

1980 (a. 10)

- June 21
Tiger and Sierra Caldwell, Cade’s half-siblings, are born.

Isaiah fathered two children with Barbara Hanaford after a long-running affair. She moved in for the first few months after the twins were born, but soon returned to California with them. Cade would only see them occasionally after that and never formed a deep attachment.

1982 (a. 12)

8th grade (Smith Valley School, Kalispell, MT).

In December, Cade competes in his first major long-distance shooting competition in Helena, Montana. He won the 50m (55 yards) 3-position event. Elvira begins preparing him for national level competitions.

1983 (a. 13)

Freshman year (9th grade; Glacier High School).

1984 (a. 14)

- September
= Sophomore year (10th grade; Glacier High School).
= Forms the No Name Band; invites Lucan and Kai to join.

Cade began his sophomore year in high school, already looking to his future. Due to the date of his birthday, he had always been several months younger than his same year classmates. It also meant he would graduate a year ahead of schedule. Despite still being known for a quick temper, Cade had remained at the top of his class academically, however, he did not want to start college immediately after graduating. His choice, providing his father agreed, would be to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. The MacLeods had been fortunate financially. The ranch was profitable and Isaiah’s career had increased the family fortunes several fold. Cade wanted to enter the military as a service to his country and a way of paying back, in some small way, the good fortune of the MacLeods.

Early in the school year, Cade solicited some of his classmates to form a musical band with him. He was active on the baseball team and the school’s rifle team. He had also continued participating in national and international sport shooting competitions. But, he also loved music. He sang with the church and school choir, often performing solos. He did not see music as a future career for him like it was for this father, although Isaiah often encouraged him to consider it. The band would be another way to enjoy music and, more importantly, enjoy it with friends.

The band’s first official gig was as a warm-up act for Isaiah and the 3-7-77 Band at the Coldwater Saloon. After the band finished their short set, Cade heard people discussing how good the kid band had been. A recurring theme, however, was the inability to recall the band’s name. Deciding to poke a bit of fun at themselves and the fact that few people ever remembered a headliner’s opening act, he named the band No Name Band.

1985 (a. 15)

- June to August
Isaiah invites the No Names to go on tour with the 37s.

Impressed by his son’s band’s sound and their hard work at getting jobs, Isaiah asks them to join him on tour as a warm-up act for the actual pre-show band. They are excited to agree, but soon after the summer tour started, there was mixed reviews. The audiences loved them, but the boys and Kai were not as enamored of the bright lights and constant bustle as they thought they’d be. The NNBs complete the summer on the road, but all agree that was not what they wanted in life.

1986 (a. 16)

- September
Senior year (12th grade; Glacier High School).

In the fall of 1986, Cade began his final year of high school. He was a tall, strongly build young man, athletic and successful at almost anything he set his mind to. He enjoyed being active and participated in various sports activities from skiing to rodeo riding. His primary passion was shooting. He stayed in perpetual competition with himself, always striving to better his own records as well as out-shoot the competition. Music and social activities filled in the gaps.

1987 (a. 17)

- May
Graduates high school (Valedictorian).

- September
Isaiah signs a waiver and Cade enlists in the United States Marine Corps. Due to Cade’s ASVAB scores and his competitive shooting record, he was offered the Force Recon contract.

- October
= (13 weeks) USMC training at Recruit Training Depot, San Diego, CA.

1988 (a. 18)

- January
= (9 weeks, MOS 0321) Basic Recon Course, School of Infantry (SOI), West RECON Training Company, Camp Pendleton, CA.

- May
= USMC Scout Sniper Training (13 weeks, MOS 0317)

Due to Cade’s phenomenal ASVAB scores and his standing as a marksman, he was forwarded immediately into scout sniper training. Over his twelve year career in the USMC, Cade attends a variety of other training to hone and expand his skills.

1990 (a. 20)

- August
= Aug. 2: Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait.
= Aug. 7: Operation Desert Shield launched.

1991 (a. 21)

- January 17
= Operation Desert Shield ended.
= Operation Desert Storm launched.

- February
= Feb. 28: U.S. President George H. W. Bush announced a ceasefire and that Kuwait had been liberated from Iraqi occupation.

- March
= Mar. 1: A cease-fire plan was negotiated in Safwan, Iraq.
= Mar. 3: Iraq accepts the terms of a ceasefire from the U.N. Security Council.
= Mar. 10: First meets Grayson Tregarth.

During a joint operation with British forces, Cade meets SAS legend, Grayson Tregarth. His tactical ability and devotion to his command makes an impression on Cade. They encounter one another often over the years and stayed in touch after Cade left military service.

1995 (a. 25)

- March 3
Meets J.D. West when Cade is assigned as sniper backup on a joint op with the CIA. Initially, neither man is overly impressed. Cade started calling West City Mouse in reference to the fact that he seemed totally out of place in the USMC’s desert encampment.

1996 (a. 26)

- July 19 - August 4: Summer Olympics, Atlanta, GA.
= Gold medal: 50 meter, 3 position long-distance shooting event.
= Silver and bronze medals in other events (team and individual)

1998 (a. 28)

- February 7 - February 22: Winter Olympics, Nagano, Japan
= Gold Medal: Biathlon (cross country skiing / shooting).

Although Cade would continue competitive shooting, the Winter Olympics would be his final major international event.

1999 (a. 29)

May: Honorably discharged from USMC (Ending rank: Gunnery Sergeant).

- June
= Purchases Coldwater Saloon in Coldwater Junction, MT.
= Begins work remodeling and renovating the Coldwater.

- September
= Tracks down missing teenage hikers.

Cade is asked to help tracking a group of missing hikers. He was known as one of the best trackers in the country and his USMC training had added to his skills. He enlisted his old friend, Lucan Higganum, to help him. They found the kids and brought them safely out of the mountains.

- October
= Tracks escaped fugitive.
= Applies for bail recovery and private investigator’s licenses.

Following the successful recovery of the missing hikers, Daniel Rossi, the country sheriff, once again asks for Cade’s help. This time, it was in tracking down a dangerous escaped convict from the local jail. Cade again secures Lucan’s help and they manage to bring the man in quickly. Rossi recommends they form a business since they’re both really good at that sort of work. Taking the sheriff’s advice, Cade applies for licenses for bail recovery work and private investigations.

Cade follows up by asking Rossi if he can take a crack at the Mary Louise Ellis case from 1978. The Sheriff happily handed over the Murder Book and files. With the aid of the internet and his PI license, Cade discovered a knack for linking leads and information that most people would dismiss. Slowly, he began following old leads in new directions and expanding the file. He’d made a childhood promise to Mary Louise to find her killer. Now, as an adult, Cade was determined to fulfill the promise solve the case.

- November
= Forms Storm Shelter, Inc.
= Nov. 22: Invites Lucan Higganum to join Storm Shelter as an equal partner and co-owner.
= Storm Shelter adds paranormal investigations to its services.

Lucan and Cade accept a job from a distraught woman who begs them to find out who is trying to drive her crazy by making her believe her home is haunted. They launch a detailed and thorough investigation, hiring contractors to examine every inch of the home’s foundation, wiring, plumbing and even the geology of the land where its located. While that end of the investigation is under way, Cade and Lucan conduct a thorough private investigation. The final determination is that there is something happening beyond what science can explain. They hire KaPS (Kalispell Paranormal Society) to conduct a house cleansing and blessing. The activity stops.

- December 31
= Alibi Saloon grand opening.
= No Name Band officially reformed and headlines the saloon’s opening.

2000 (a. 30)

- January
= Jan. 1: Celebrates 30th birthday.
= Jan. 3: Begins class work at University of Montana.

- February
= Isaiah signs the ranch over to Cade.
= Starts ranch’s mustang breeding program.

- November
= Meets Theresa (Tessa) McIntyre.

While performing with the NNBs at the Alibi, Cade notes a pretty young woman. Learning that she is out celebrating her birthday, Cade serenades her and then asks her out.

2001 (a. 31)

- January
By mid-January, Cade and Tessa’s casual dating had tapered off. They were both busy and not looking for a serious relationship at the time.

- March
= Tessa tells Cade that she is pregnant.
= 14th: Cade and Tessa are married at Coldwater Baptist Church.

Cade was at first flabbergasted to learn he was to be a father. Tessa’s solution was to have the baby and remain until he or she was weaned at which time she would sign over full custody to Cade. All she requested was to retain liberal visitation. Cade objected strenuously, insisting they get married. In the end, Tessa gave in and they were married.

- May
= 21st: Jeremiah Malachi MacLeod is stillborn.

2003 (a. 33)

- August
Cade and Tessa file for a divorce. They had made a sincere effort to keep their marriage going after Jeremiah’s death, but both finally agreed that under other circumstances, they’d not have married when they did. The divorce is amicable and Tessa moves back to Massachusetts.

2005 (a. 35)

- February
= 7th: Meets Cole Thornton at the White Rose Diner in Coldwater Junction.
= 13th: Storm Shelter signs a contract with Cole’s elite staffing company, Nighthawk, Ltd.
= 14th: First date with Cole.

- September 21
Proposes to Cole Thornton.

2006 (a. 36)

- January 1
36th birthday; Cade and Cole Thornton are married.

- February
Cade is recruited for Task Force Scorpion by J.D. West.

- March
= Completes Masters of Science in Criminal Justice.
= Cole offered partnership in Storm Shelter.

Lucan and Cade offer to buy out Nighthawk and roll it into Storm Shelter’s operations with Cole retaining control. She agrees and comes on board as Storm Shelter’s third partner/co-owner.

- April
Cade begins working with J.D. West (Task Force Scorpion, CIA).

- May 2006
The USS Virginia is tasked to support a Task Force Scorpion operation in Colombia. A stealth infil/exfil of operatives. Cade and J.D. meet Luke Morrison for the first time.

2007 (a. 37)

- October
= 31st (Halloween): Josslyn Alafair MacLeod (aka Scout) born.
= Kai Wintersong and Lucan Higganum asked to be godparents.

2008 (a. 38)

- November
= Operation Cold Snap in Russia

From 2006 to 2008, Cade and J.D. perform eight successful missions under the auspices of Task Force Scorpion. In November, they are sent on Operation Cold Snap. A target with known ties to several Russian and Ukrainian criminal organizations was alleged to be coming into possession of Russian missile codes. While maneuvering to their vantage point, Cade realizes the man is a political opponent of a man that was working to be elected the next Russian president. While J.D. and Cade discussed their next move, the candidate is shot and killed. MacLeod and West are pinpointed as the shooters and action is taken against them.

The two men manage to escape but only barely and they are forced to go underground. During their escape, Cade is shot in the left leg, furthering hindering their progress. By using skills and old contacts, MacLeod and West end up back in the US where they proceeded to dismantle Task Force Scorpion. Afterward, both men cut their ties with the CIA permanently.

2009 (a. 39)

- January 1
= 39th birthday
= J.D. is offered partnership by Cade, Cole and Lucan.

- February
= Storm Shelter is reorganized into a private security firm.
= Cole begins recruiting management and general personnel.
= Renovations on ranch’s bunkers begin.

With Storm Shelter expanding and reorganizing, it is decided that they need a secure and private area from which to operate as well as their public offices on The Alibi’s second floor. Cade suggests they use the huge Cold War era bunkers at the ranch. They begin renovations on both bunkers, turning one into a safe house and one into Storm Shelter’s Operations Command Center.

Meanwhile, Cole begins recruiting personnel for Storm Shelter’s key management positions so that Lucan, Cade and J.D. are free for field work.

- March
= Harrison McBride hired as CEO/CFO.
= Grayson Tregarth hired as Director of Operations (DO).

- November
= Josslyn (age 2) diagnosed with laryngeal cancer.
= Josslyn undergoes surgery to remove the cancerous tumors from her larynx.

In early November, Cade and Cole receive devastating news. They took Joss to the doctor for a checkup. She was often ill with laryngitis and sore throats. Tests reveal she has fast growing, malignant tumors on her larynx. The doctors recommend surgery. The tumors were successfully removed, but Joss was left unable to speak.

2011 (a. 41)

- May
= Awarded his doctoral degree in Criminology (Psy.D.).

2012 (a. 42)

- February
Lodges law suit against his half-sister, Sierra Caldwell, over the rights to his music.

2014 (a. 44)

- February
= Joshua is shot and wounded.

- April 1
= Zachariah Thornton MacLeod is born.

- May
= Joshua takes over as ranch manager.
= May: The Wintersongs take over management of the Alibi Saloon.

2015 (a. 45)

- April 1
Zachariah turns 1 year old.

- March 13
= Cole is shot and killed in Washington, D.C.
= An attempt on J.D.’s life is made.

Cade was scheduled to accompany Cole to Washington DC to finalize the sale of their Georgetown townhouse. Literally at the last minute, a client in Brazil, contacts him with a security emergency. He goes to South America, leaving Cole to go to DC. He is awakened in the early hours of March 14 by a phone call from the Washington Metro Police informing him of Cole’s death and requesting he come to DC at once.

Upon Cade’s arrival in DC, he was detained and interrogated. However, the Metro PD were unable to find any holes in his itinerary nor could they find any evidence that he had hired someone to kill his wife. Without enough evidence to charge him, he was released. When the cold case pops back up on their radar, they sometimes question him again.

When J.D. arrives in DC, Cade learns that he was the target of a concerted attempt on his life in Florida on the 13th also. After a discussion, the two men agree that it was likely that Cade was the intended target and Cole was killed by mistake. They believe their old nemeses in the CIA made an attempt to eliminate them, but killed Cole by accident.

- October 31
Josslyn turns 8 years old.

2016 (a. 46)

- April 1
Zachariah turns 2 years old.

- October 31
Josslyn turns 9 years old.

- November 10
President-Elect Frank Dalton invites Cade and the No Name Band to perform at the Inauguration concert in January.

- December
After thirty-years, Cade is finally able to give the Mary Louise Ellis murder case closure. He had asked for the case shortly after getting his PI's license, but tracking people and leads was difficult after so much time. He finally narrowed the likely perpetrators down with the help of Dr. London Ridley. In December, he handed the case back to Sheriff Rossi with his report.

Just before Christmas, Dan Rossi telephones to say they had a confession. Mary Louise's stepbrother was already doing time for child molestation and sexual assault. Although he had confessed to numerous crimes around Helena, he could not be connected to Mary Louise's death. When confronted with the new evidence, he confessed. Since he was already doing life, the family asked to not be put through the horrors of a trial. It was enough to finally have the answers. They were grateful that she was not forgotten.

2017 (a. 47)

- January 20 - January 27
Events of Code of Camulus

- April 1
Zachariah turns 3 years.

- October 31
Josslyn turns 10 years old.


*Looks Like Toby Keith

Notes & References

Friends & Foes The Wintersongs
Cade has known Mathias and Harriet (Hattie) Wintersong and their daughter, Kai, all of his life. Matt and Hattie have been surrogate parents and mentors and Kai is his sister-of-the-heart.

Jameson “J.D.” Dalton West (1995 to Present)
First met when J.D. requested a top sniper and Cade was assigned the mission. They worked together off and on until Cade was discharged from the military and dropped off the CIA's radar. In 2006, when putting together his Project Scorpion team, J.D. enlisted Cole Thornton to find the crazy cowboy he worked with. Since 2006, their friendship has been solid and steady.

Lucan Thomas Higganum (1979 to Present)
Cade saw Lucan around school but did not formally meet him until 1979 after a local shooting match. They became friends and have remained close since that time.

London Ridley (1990s to Present)
Cade initially met London a few times during her high school years after she began dating his younger brother, Joshua. He meets her again in 2016 when she returns to Coldwater Junction and sets up her practice. He took Josslyn to see her for ongoing grief counseling and in the process, got to know her a little better. This led him to consult with her on a couple of Storm Shelter cases and, ultimately, invite her to join Storm Shelter as their psych consultant.

Darek Sterling (2008 to Present)
Cade first encountered Darek when he was tasked to aid in a hostage situation while in Africa on other business. Darek was the man on the ground that knew the area and helped guide Cade and his team past areas teeming with landmines. Cade and Darek encounter one another off and on over the next nine years often when Cade and his band are doing warm-ups for concerts (USO, other sponsored free shows mostly for various military services).

Harrison Valentine McBride (1992 to Present)
Cade got to know Harrison when he took on legal duties for Storm Shelter. Harrison was a partner in his father’s legal firm and had a reputation as a legal and financial wizard. After quitting the CIA, Cade offered Harrison the job of CEO / CFO of Storm Shelter. Since his father’s death, Harrison found he had little interest in general legal work so accepted Cade’s job offer. He has since sold his partnership in the practice although he often does private and pro bono work.

Grayson Tregarth (Late 1980s to Present)
Cade first met Grayson Cross while he was deployed with the Marines. They found themselves working together quite often over the next several years and became very good friends.

Ross Joseph “R.J.” Hawkins (2015 - Present)
Cade and R.J. are casual friends as well as having a working relationship. Since Cade is fifteen years older than Ross, they don’t mingle with the same crowds often.

Elpidia Cruz (2016 - Present)
Elpidia is a former Cuban national who immigrated to America with her family more than thirty years previous. She is a lovely woman in her fifties who has raised three sons mostly on her own. The two eldest, Harvard and Antonio, are in the USAF. Her youngest is attending Montana State University.

Currently, Elpidia is the housekeeper for Coldwater Creek and Belle Mara. She also supervises the children when Cade, Isaiah or Joshua cannot be home to do so.
Character Notes No Name Band
Except for J.D. West, the current members of the No Names are the core original group that formed the band. There have been gaps such as when Cade was in the military and other members have come and gone over the years.

- Cade MacLeod: Lead vocalist, backup vocals, guitar (six and twelve string), piano.
- Kai Wintersong: Lead vocalist, backup vocals, six-string guitar, fiddle, tambourine.
- J.D. West: Keyboards, piano, backup vocals.
- Lucan Higganum: Backup vocals, percussion, and drums.
- Darcy "Animal" Corvel: Backup vocals, bass guitar, steel guitar.
- St. John Brooks: Backup vocals, horns.
- Carter Dancing Elk: Backup vocals, wind instruments.
- Bill "Wildman" Hannity: Backup vocals, lead guitar (electric).
- Sean O'Reilly: Horns, backup percussion.

- All of the milk cows are named Bess. The bull is Fred.
- All of the llamas are named somethingbelle: Isabelle, Isnotabelle, Libertybelle, Churchbelle, Cowbelle, etc.

Moses: Male Rhodesian Ridgeback, professionally guard trained K-9. Goes almost everywhere with Cade.
Jezebel: Female Rhodesian Ridgeback, professional guard dog. Belongs to Scout.
Rufus T-Bone: Bloodhound, used for tracking.

The ranch owns numerous cattle dogs, mostly Australian Shepherds.

Dog Training
Cade worked with a professional dog trainer so that Moses, Jez and Rufus T would be well mannered and taught to understand their jobs. All three dogs are clicker trained since Scout cannot speak. In a humorous note, the clicker training has rubbed off on the parrots, Chichen Itza and Zack. When Cade or anyone else summons the animals via clicker, they all arrive expecting treats and praise. The two parrots have also learned to make clicker noises and seem to be amused by the results.

Cade has several horses that are trained for different jobs.

Hellbender: Grulla colored stock horse (Mustang), 17 hands.
Duck: 16.2 hand black roan Appaloosa trail horse (Mustang).
Inmate: silver gray, 16 hands, mustang mare, rodeo stock horse, calf roping.
Stinger: 16 hand, red roan mustang barrel racer.

Lucid Dreaming
After Cade returned from his military service, Kai Wintersong began teaching him how to use meditation and herbs designed for lucid dreaming to help him with the flashes.

Zachariah Thornton MacLeod (son, 3 yrs. old)
Also known as Zack, Z, Zee and Noodle, Zachariah is Cade’s youngest child. He is a bundle of happy, good natured energy that keeps the adults in his life on their toes. His favorite thing in the world is his pet Silkie chicken named Chichen Itza which he calls Itsy. In fact, Cade has set up a large wire dog kennel in the nursery with a thick mattress in it so boy and fowl can sleep comfortably.

Zachariah is a sturdy little boy and already tall for his age. It is likely that he’ll be a tall man like his father, uncle and grandfather. His hair is curly, wavy and very blond. His big eyes are a deep blue like his father’s.

Zack’s nickname of Noodle was a result of his mother saying, on more than one occasion, that he was like a wet noodle as he managed to squirm and slither out of her or his father’s arms.

Chichen Itza (aka Itsy): White silkie hen that belonged to Zack's mother, Cole. The chicken took up with Zack after Cole's death.

Tiger and Sierra Caldwell
Cade and his half-siblings are not close. He was generally kind and tolerant of them during their visits when they were children, but intensely dislikes their treatment of their father, Isaiah. He also has a mutual loathing relationship with Sierra due to her attempts to pirate his music in 2012. Cade has barred her from ever entering the Alibi.
References Rifle Shooting Events