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J.D. West

Name J.D. West

Position Sr. Consultant

Basic Information

Aliases J.D. (goes by the initials of his first and middle name)

J (Cade's nickname for him).

Raven (CIA code name)

Jameson Dalton West (full legal name)

James Francis Dalton (birth name): When and if questioned, the name change is explained as a desire to protect J.D. and let him pursue a career in the dramatic arts untainted by his parents’ high profile lives.
*Gender Male
*Date of Birth June 30, 1972
*Age 45
*Marital Status Single
*Current Address #7 Coldwater Creek Ranch
424 Coldwater Trail
Coldwater Junction, MT
*Employer(s) Storm Shelter, Inc. (2009, 8 years)
Position: Co-Owner, Sr. Consultant / Investigator
*Professional Specialty Disguise
Martial Arts
Firearm (Close / Medium)

Physical Description

*Height 6' 1"
*Build Medium
*Hair Color Black with random scattered lighter strands, obviously the beginnings of some gray. Normally kept short but not a military style cut.
*Eye Color Blue eyes that are a contrast to his complexion and coloring so they do stand out.
Marks and Scars Various healed knicks and scratches across his body, only one major scar, a long jagged scar across his left side ribs from a large blade, nearly ten inches long.
Style J.D. has an innate sense of style that translates to his personal taste in clothing and accessories. He is not an off-the-rack type of dresser but also not wedded to wearing designer labels. He dresses well and manages to always look put-together as the younger male crowd terms it.

J.D.’s usual choice in clothing could be considered as tailored casual. Whether blue jeans or slacks and a sports jacket, his clothes are always neatly pressed and well-made. He tends to have his clothes made rather than buy off the rack in order to insure comfort, fit and quality.

J.D. prefers well made sneakers due to the quiet motions, and heavier hiking shoes (not boots) when a more robust footwear is needed or he thinks he might be fighting hand to hand.

J.D. normally dislikes hats for normal wear but will use them to shade the sun or help hide his features.

J.D. is not big on jewelry. He prefers rugged field watches but is not wedded to a particular brand. The only jewelry he wears regularly is a ring with the Cross of Lorraine engraved on it. He wears it on his right hand.

J.D. wears his hair clipped very short and only slightly longer than a true buzz-cut. He also sports a closely trimmed beard, mustache and sideburns.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Calm, Level Headed
Loyal to Those He Chooses
Holds a Grudge
*Personality JD’s calm demeanor and patience has served him very ably in the past. He is not prone to reckless or sudden impulses. However, JD’s frequent desires to hold grudges and feel the driving need to have revenge on anyone who he feels has wronged him tends to make him carry on with his plans to get back at those same people a bit farther than most people would call reasonable. Also there tends to not be a “negotiation” with JD once he decides you are an opponent. The same solid Loyalty JD shows to those people he feels deserve that loyalty is balanced by the unwavering opposition to anyone he deems his enemy.
Mannerisms JD doesn’t have much of an accent after so many years of linguistic training and so many different roles assumed and practiced. His voice comes across like a TV news anchor. Clear but no real dialect traces until he becomes one of his personas. Although JD plays keyboards for the No Name Band, no one would ever ask J.D. to front their band but he can do back up and is able to harmonize within reason depending on the singer.

JD tends to have small quirks when not concentrating on a task or working on something for his missions, like his mind has to have something to occupy itself even if JD himself doesn’t realize he is doing it.


Languages Fluent: English, Russian, Arabic, French, German
Spanish, Italian (Book learned, not smooth and natural)
Dexterity & Mobility J.D. is not a fan of exercise so has to force himself to a gym or to do roadwork. He is a right handed rifle shot but can fire a handgun with either hand (not both at once) “This isn’t a John Woo movie…”. J.D. also fights left handed when it comes to physical combat after one of his early instructors realized that was his favored side for physical activities.
*Specialties & Interests Gifted Mimic: Can imitate a person after a short time observing and listening to them.

Prestidigitation: Very well trained in up close magic, pickpocketing, and other deception moves.

Lockpicking: With the right tools and some basic prep time he can open most mechanical locks...safes take more time.

Disguise: Can impersonate someone his basic size and build with only a few basic items and supplies.

Aircraft Piloting (Basic, can fly and land most normal aircraft but no fancy tricks)

Helicopter Piloting (More advanced. Practices by often flying on various jobs for the ranch.)
Self Defense J.D. is an advanced practitioner of various martial arts. He was exposed to several by various teachers in his early days in the CIA because of some unconventional training he underwent and worked at studying both after his main training time was over.
Weapons JD’s personal weapons are a pair of Colt Combat Commanders.

JD and his brother Monty each received one year for their birthdays from Francis Dalton. After his brother’s death in 2002, JD received the other pistol and now carries both.

Paranormal Skills

Abilities Mimicry
Description Disguise
J.D. has an unparalleled ability to impersonate another person after observing them for a short period. This ability verges on the paranormal as he is able to imitate almost anyone to a fault. It is virtually impossible to differentiate J.D. from his mark. The more time he has to study the mark, the more sound his impersonation is.

Given a few basic tools, J.D. can impersonate someone that is roughly his size and physical shape quickly. When he has longer to prepare, the disguise will withstand almost all scrutiny. He can live under cover as the person for a long period of time.

J.D. has a near eidectic memory for voices, dialects, pitch and tone. He can mimic anyone after hearing them for a few minutes. If given more time to study them, his voice becomes virtually identical to theirs.

Very well trained in up close magic, pickpocketing, and other deception moves. His skill borders on the paranormal with these abilities as well. He has an above average ability to misdirect the eye while he accomplishes what he needs to do.
Beliefs J.D. does not believe in the pure supernatural. He has seen too many things not to be blindly skeptical but he does not go in for ghosts, etc. He is...superstitious...for lack of a better word and believes in Murphy’s Law and “Asking for It” by making comments and suppositions.

Family Tree

Father Francis Montgomery Dalton (POTUS)
DOB: August 8, 1942 (a. 75), Annapolis, Maryland, USA.
Details: Frank Dalton is the 45th President of the United States. He is a former CIA intelligence operative and later served as the Director of the CIA. After the death of his eldest son, Frank chose to resign and entered the political arena. Until announcing his candidacy for president, Frank Dalton served as a respected Senator from Maryland. He was elected on the Independent party ticket.
Mother Moira West Dalton (FLOTUS)
DOB: October 8, 1942 (a. 75), Potomac, MD
Maiden Name: Moira Eleanor West
Details: Moira is an intelligent, strong and very politically ambitious woman. She has a law degree from Georgetown University where she graduated first in her class. Until her husband announced his candidacy for president, Moira was the most successful attorney on Capitol Hill.
Brother(s) Montgomery Addison Dalton
DOB: April 25, 1970
DOD: July 12, 2002
Details: Montgomery (aka Monty and Addison) Dalton was a successful and highly valued CIA intelligence operative.
Sister(s) Quinlan Francesca Dalton
DOB: April 15, 1977 (a. 40), Herndon, VA
Special Agent in Charge, Behavioral Analysis Unit, FBI
Nicknames: Quinn
Details: Quinn Dalton is current a Supervisory Special Agent with NCIS.
Other Family Sabrina Montgomery Dalton
Fraternal niece
DOB: July 4, 2002 (a. 15)
Adopted: June 7, 2004
Father: Montgomery Dalton (deceased)
Mother: Bailey Crockett Dalton (deceased)
Details: Monty, nicknamed after her beloved father, was placed in the care of Frank and Moira Dalton, her paternal grandparents, after the suicide death of her mother. In 2004, they formally adopted her.

Bailey Crockett Dalton
Late sister-in-law; wife of Montgomery Dalton
DOD: July 12, 2004
Details: Unable to cope with the death of her husband, Bailey committed suicide two years to the day after his death.

Family History

The Dalton Family
The Daltons can trace their family line back to England. They have the distinction of being one of the earliest settlers, arriving in Jamestown, VA in the 1600s and eventually relocating to what is now Herndon, Virginia. The family has a long and notable history of serving the government primarily in intelligence and clandestine operations. Family history alleges that Captain Horatio Dalton served General George Washington as a double agent during the American Revolution.

In the 1900s, the Daltons purchased property in Anne Arundel county, Maryland (Annapolis) and built a modest mansion on Chesapeake Bay. Their original home in Herndon, Virginia was donated to a local historical society and is now part of a community college campus. It houses a library and area museum of history (natural and local).

The West Family
The Wests settled in Maryland when Colonel Philip West was assigned to command a substantial garrison in the 1700s. At his retirement, Colonel West was given a generous land grant in what is now Potomac, Maryland. The majority of the estate, including the mansion, still belongs to the West family.

By the mid-1800s, the Wests were one of the wealthiest families in New England and considered political royalty in Washington, D.C. Although a long held goal of the Wests, they have never made it to the White House, however, many members of the family and extended family have had distinguished careers in Congress.

August 8, 1942: Francis Montgomery Dalton born.

October 8, 1942: Moira Eleanor West born.

December 20, 1967: Senator Marshall Delano West arranged for the son of an old friend to escort his daughter, Moira, to the annual Winter Lights Cotillion in Georgetown, MD. Francis Montgomery Dalton was a young CIA Intelligence Analyst rumored to be on the fast track up the agency’s ladder. Frank was intrigued with the dynamic and attractive Moira and asked her out for New Year’s Eve much to the pleasure of both families.

December 20, 1968: Frank and Moira publicly announce their engagement although both families were aware of the couple’s plans to marry prior to the official announcement.

June 21, 1968: Frank and Moira are married in the West’s family church in Potomac, Maryland.

April 25, 1970: Montgomery Addison Dalton born.

1990 to 1998: Frank Dalton appointed Deputy Director of the CIA.

1998 to 2002: Director CIA (Frank Dalton); retires after the death of his son.

2004 to 2007: Frank is persuaded to come out of retirement and take the position of Director of National Intelligence.

2009 to 2015: Frank Dalton elected and serves as Senator of Maryland until announcing his candidacy for President in 2015.

November 2016: Senator Frank Dalton (I) elected as the 45th President of the United States.

*Personal History

June 30, 1972
Jameson Dalton West born (James Francis Dalton) in Annapolis, Maryland to Frank and Moira Dalton.

1973 to 1990
Jameson grew up in an atmosphere of privilege and wealth, but overall had a rather quiet and unremarkable childhood. Unlike his older brother, Monty, who followed the family’s goals of military and government service, he was interested in drama and the arts and pursued those interests despite strong objections from his parents.

April 15, 1977
Jameson’s baby sister, Quinlan Francesca Dalton, born.
JD West graduates High School and enters the AADA (American Academy of Dramatic Arts) on a scholarship because of a desire by JD to become an actor.

A CIA agent visiting the school as part of his normal rounds hears about a talented student with a gift for languages and mimicry. After observing the student in action he offers the student a chance to help him. After the mission is over, the agent offers JD a job and sends him to Langley for his initial training. J.D. manages to avoid his dad’s attention by using the West name and not talking about his family. JD also volunteers for many different training duties away from the Langley environs.

Eventually JD’s presence passes Dalton’s radar. JD’s mother is livid and demands Francis terminate him from the CIA but Dalton refuses, precisely because he did not help JD get his position. However, Frank does mandate that the CIA do as much as possible to protect J.D.’s true identity by establishing a legitimate name change and background for him.

Monty Dalton joins the CIA after a stint in the US Army. Monty served in Desert Shield/Storm in the 82nd Airborne in an Intelligence capacity and Francis Dalton offered him a job as a kindness. Monty did well on his entry and qualified as a field agent. The two brothers occasionally crossed each other’s path but did not serve on the same assignments as a kindness to their mother.

1993 - 2002
JD serves in various locales across Europe and Africa on missions for the CIA. JD develops a reputation as an effective agent and an expert infiltrator.

West meets MacLeod when Cade is assigned to act as a sniper backup for a CIA infiltration team. The two men get along well and from 1995 to 1999 MacLeod is requested a few times by West when he needs long range support or direct action taken on a target because of mission obstacles.

July 12, 2002: Operation Strela
While on an infiltration mission to Baikonur Cosmodrome to intercept a nuclear warhead being stolen to sell to Russian Mafia, JD and Monty encounter Sergei Vesensky, a former KGB/FSB agent now working for the Russian Mafia. During the course of the mission, Vesensky was responsible for the deaths of three CIA agents, including Monty Dalton, and the near murder of JD West. The mission succeeded in preventing the theft of the warhead but at a high cost of human assets.

Note: It was later learned that Montgomery Dalton was beheaded when then Director of CIA, Frank Dalton, received his son’s head via courier. The courier was Russian Mafia and Frank killed him on the spot. Up until that point, Montgomery was only listed as MIA, presumed dead.

December 2002 - February 2006 - West continues performing missions but begins taking more chances while also following up on any sightings of Sergei Vesensky in the hopes of getting revenge for the death of his brother. West begins developing a reputation for being too cold blooded in his work and has to attend a few counseling sessions to assess his continued status as a field agent.

February 2006
JD West is summoned to a secret meeting at Langley and is offered a place as a team member of a new Task Force named Scorpion. The stated purpose is to take direct action on a number of individuals who appear to be working to renew the Cold War and return US/Russian to the days of tension and fear like before. West is told to gather any personnel he needs for his “direct action” team. West then contacts someone he hopes remembers the sniper he had worked with in the past. West goes to meet and recruit Cade for the Scorpion Task Force.

February 2006 to November 2008
West and Cade perform eight missions for TF Scorpion and succeed in their goals in each. Finally in November 2008 The two are sent on “Operation Cold Snap” to assassinate a target listed as trying to obtain access to Russian missile codes. When maneuvering to take out their target, Cade realizes the man is a political opponent of a person working to be elected the next Russian President. While the two men discuss their next move the candidate is shot and killed and the response is directed against West and Cade. The two men manage to escape but only barely and they are forced to go underground. By using skills and old contacts the two men end up back in the US where they proceed to dismantle the people responsible for setting up Scorpion. Afterward both cut their ties with the CIA permanently.

January 1, 2009
JD is offered a partnership in Storm Shelter, Incorporated. Not having a huge amount of skills that can used in the real and law abiding world, JD agrees mostly to keep from driving himself crazy with nothing to do.

March 13, 2015
JD is taking some time off in Miami and is ambushed as he is leaving his hotel. After a running gun battle, JD kills his three opponents but is unable to interrogate the two men and one woman. However, JD does recognize one of the men as a mercenary he had both worked with and against during his CIA days. JD has to explain himself and provide documentation about carrying concealed weapons and show that he was not engaging in some crime with his attackers but eventually is believed after the local police review video footage that backs up his story.

Details to be added.


*Looks Like Sullivan Stapleton (various characters)

Notes & References

Friends & Foes Sergei Vesensky: Former KGB, later FSB operative. Nearly killed J.D. during a confrontation on a mission. He is the man who provided the scar on J.D’s left side (See Marks and Scars). Also the man who killed JD’s brother, Monty.