Grayson Tregarth

Name Grayson Peregrine Tregarth

Position Operations Director

Basic Information

Aliases Gray (common shortened version of first name)

Falcon (SAS call sign)
*Gender Male
*Date of Birth December 18, 1964
*Age 52
*Marital Status Single
*Current Address 1313 Wildefire Peak, Coldwater Junction, MT
*Employer(s) Storm Shelter, Inc. (2009, 8 yrs.)
Operations Director (OpsDir)
*Professional Specialty Tactics, Intelligence, Linguistics

Physical Description

*Height 5' 9"
*Build Small
*Hair Color Brown; thick, straight and sprinkled with silver gray.
*Eye Color Blue
Marks and Scars No prominent marks or scars.
Style Clothing
When not in the field, Grayson wears blue jeans and a loose button down usually with a good pair of athletic shoes or hiking boots. When on field duty, he wears dark color BDUs and rugged boots.

Sandhurst class ring.
G-Shock military style watch.

Grayson has a dislike of being grubby so tends to shower in the mornings and before bed. He wears his hair very short and dislikes the use of hair products in it. He does wear a light sandalwood cologne that has a hint of cinnamon to it.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Practical
*Personality Practical
Grayson is the epitome of the practical and pragmatic Englishman, not often prone to flights of fancy. This does not mean he has a lack of imagination and creativity, simply that he tends to looks at situations in a very down-to-earth manner and consider all aspects of a problem before making a decision or expressing an opinion. Though it is not always immediately seen by others, Grayson also has a quick wit and strong sense of humor.

His practical and pragmatic nature often makes him seem more like a dour Scotsman than a man born in a land that was at the heart of the King Arthur legends.

Grayson is highly intelligent with an IQ that borders on genius level. This often makes him impatient when dealing with those not quite as bright as he is. He also does not suffer fools lightly. Idiotic statements and suggestions are often met with scathing replies.

Grayson is very protective of those around him, most particularly those he feels responsible for, regardless of whether he knows them well or even likes them. He has often put himself in harm’s way in order to save the life of one of his men during his years in the SAS.

Loyalty to those he has served with and those that now answer to him at Storm Shelter is unswerving. Grayson is very unwilling to believe that anyone he has come to trust and respect could or would betray him. This has led him to take risks for someone that is patently not worth it.

Once he has been betrayed, Grayson does not ever forgive the transgression. It has been said he will hold a grudge until it dies of old age and then he’ll have it stuffed and mounted.

Grayson has had a few relationships over the years but he would consider them casual affairs. He feels more settled since taking the job with Storm Shelter and hopes to someday marry and have children.
Mannerisms Grayson has a pleasant tenor speaking and singing voice with an accent more reminiscent of the Lake District than Cornwall. He is not prone to shouting, yelling or raising his voice at all. The force of his personality tends to make people stop and listen when he speaks making it very rare that he’ll feel the need of drama in order to get his point a Tregarth.


Languages Fluent: English, French, Swedish, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Russian

Grayson knows a smattering of several other languages and is currently studying other Chinese dialects and Hindi.
Dexterity & Mobility Grayson is of medium height and small build. He is lean and well muscled, tending to move with an economy of motion. He is also quick and fluid in his movements rather than languid.

Left Handed
Left Eye Dominant
*Specialties & Interests Tactics
Grayson is a natural tactician and his gift for seeing how to manage a tactical situation has been enhanced by his military training and experience.

Grayson has a natural ear for languages and a talent for vocal mimicry that allows him to pick up accents and inflections very quickly.

Grayson, possibly due to his middle name, has had a lifelong fascination with birds of prey, particularly owls and falcons. He holds falconry licenses in the United Kingdom and the United States. Grayson applied for and was granted the licensing and permission to bring his Eurasian Eagle Owl to the States with him.

Caving, Hiking, Rock Climbing
Grayson is an avid caver and has explored known caves worldwide and was even instrumental in the discovery of new cave systems in Turkey and Scotland. Having grown up on the coast of Cornwall and in the Lake District of England, Grayson became a fan of hiking and walking the region.

Water Sports
Also inspired by his home in Cornwall, Grayson is an avid water sports enthusiast. He hikes and walks for enjoyment but swims for exercise. He was on the swimming team during his school years and competed regularly up through the beginning of his military career.

Grayson also is a master small vessel sailor and enjoys kayaking and rafting.
Self Defense Grayson completed all his military training with top marks in hand-to-hand combat and has continued training in that area although he loathes and detests physical confrontation. He would far rather shoot someone than fight.
Weapons Browning Hi-Power 9mm, 13 round magazine

Grayson is well-versed with numerous rifles, carbines, and handguns from his military service. He carries a Browning Hi-Power that he inherited from his father. His father purchased the gun, even paying extra for the stainless steel model, and carried it throughout his military service.
Other Skills (Optional) Horseback riding
Ice skating
Ballroom dancing

Paranormal Skills

Abilities Claircognizant: Clear recognition. Claircognizance is similar to Clairgnosis, as in having a sense of clear knowing.

Clairgnosis (Clear Knowing): An ability that is over and above seeing, smelling or feeling intuitively. It has been described as just knowing.

Clairsentience: refers to a psychic’s ability to pick up sensations and relate messages from those sensations.
Description Grayson has always had a knack for just knowing when something is about to happen, usually something bad. It is a sensation most often described as having butterflies in the stomach although he tends to consider them as bats not butterflies. The strength of the sensation is relative to his distance from the events and only operates when it is of personal interest to him. He cannot predict natural disasters and the like, however, his ability has allowed him to save himself and his men and women on numerous occasions.

His ability does not tell him exactly what is about to occur nor does it happen every time there is danger pending. Grayson has learned over the years to listen to it when it does happen.
Beliefs Grayson is surprisingly open minded about the paranormal despite his very practical nature. He attributes it to growing up with an artistic mother and a military father who was an avid believer in the Arthurian mythos. In addition to that, his native Cornwall is an ancient and haunted land.

While open minded and even curious about the paranormal, Grayson is not a believer in every claim made by the various self-proclaimed psychics and paranormal investigators.

Family Tree

Father Marshall Kenver Tregarth
DOB: January 8, 1921
DOD: March 7, 2013 (a. 92)
Place of Birth: Steelwater Dance, Boscastle, Cornwall, England
Mother Mary-Ellen Tregarth
DOB: June 28, 1939 (a. 78)
Maiden Name: Cross
Place of Birth: Keswick, England

Family History

Keswick's recorded history starts in the Middle Ages. The area was conquered by the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria in the seventh century, but Northumbria was destroyed by the Vikings in the late ninth. In the early tenth century the British Kingdom of Strathclyde seized the area, and it remained part of Strathclyde until about 1050, when Siward, Earl of Northumbria, conquered Cumbria.

The Cross Family
The Cross family arrived during the Anglo-Saxon invasion and there have been Crosses in the Lake District ever since.

The name of the village comes from Botreaux Castle (pronounced "But'ry"), a 12th-century motte-and-bailey fortress, of which few remains survive. Boscastle harbour is a natural inlet protected by two stone harbour walls built in 1584 by Sir Richard Grenville (of HMS Revenge). It is the only significant harbour for 20 miles (32 km) along the coast. Boscastle was once a small port (similar to many others on the north coast of Cornwall), importing limestone and coal, and exporting slate and other local produce.

The area now known as Cornwall was first inhabited in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. It continued to be occupied by Neolithic and then Bronze Age people. During the British Iron Age, Cornwall, like all of Britain south of the Firth of Forth, was inhabited by a Celtic people known as the Britons with distinctive cultural relations to neighbouring Wales and Brittany.

There is little evidence that Roman rule was effective west of Exeter in Devon and few Roman remains have been found. However, after 410, Cornwall appears to have reverted to rule by Romano-Celtic chieftains of the Cornovii tribe as part of Dumnonia including one Marcus Cunomorus with at least one significant power base at Tintagel.

The Tregarths of Steelwater
c. 838: There is no information regarding when the Tregarths arrived in Cornwall. Oral family traditions say there was a nobleman by the name of Simon of Tregarth who fought against Egbert in the Battle of Hingston Down. It is believed that he was the first to settle in Cornwall. The majority of residents in the area of Boscastle and Tintagel say there have always been Tregarths living there.

Since the Tregarths are closely linked to the area surrounding Tintagel Castle, there are family legends linking the family to Arthur Pendragon.

Note: There is a town in Wales called Tregarth. It is believed that Simon of Tregarth may have come from that region.

in the 13th century, Sir Henry Tregarth was granted a substantial property in return for his service to the Crown where he built a beautiful stone and brick mansion that he named Steelwater Dance. The house was named for a large, deep pond on the property with a small island at its center. On the island are the remains of a small stone circle. The pond was called Steelwater because the water always seemed still and silvery gray due to the shadows of the forest around it.

In the ensuing centuries, the Tregarths built up a substantial income from a fleet of fishing boats. They also have a long and distinguished career serving the crown as military officers and in government.

1939 (Marshall, a. 18)
Marshall Tregarth follows his father’s footsteps and joins the Royal Navy. Shortly afterward, Great Britain declares war on Germany in response to the invasion of Poland.

1960 (Mary-Ellen, a. 21)
Mary-Ellen Cross fell in love with the small fishing village of Boscastle when she visited on holiday for her twenty-first birthday. On impulse, she purchased a small shop in the town that came complete with a renovated loft-type apartment on its top floor. Mary-Ellen, having graduated university with a degree in art and history, opened her shop as a gallery where local artists could display their work. She also offered art classes and took on several students for tutoring in history.

1961 (Marshall, a. 40; Mary-Ellen, a. 22)
While on leave, Marshall stops in at the Crosswinds Gallery and Tea Room for a cup of tea. He had been curious about the new shop, having heard all about it from his sisters. To his surprise, the proprietress shared his interest in history.

1962 (Marshall, a. 41, Mary-Ellen, a. 23)
In the spring of 1962, despite concerns from both families, Marshall and Mary-Ellen wed in a small ceremony at the local parish church.

1962 to Present
Although he was often away for long periods of time, Marshall and Mary-Ellen remained totally devoted to one another. Marshall continued to rise steadily through the ranks of the navy and Mary-Ellen’s gallery continued to prosper. She eventually added other arts and crafts to its showroom including her own landscapes which became highly sought after artwork. She also set up an old-style loom in the shop and added handwoven tapestries to the gallery.

*Personal History

December 18, 1964
-- Grayson Peregrine Tregarth born.
-- Marshall retires from the navy and joins MI6.

Mary-Ellen Tregarth gives birth to her and Marshall’s first and only child. Just as Mary-Ellen is asking what to name their bundle of joy, a Peregrine Falcon lands on the ledge outside the hospital’s window. Marshall names his son after his father, Grayson, and for the beautiful raptor that continued to perch and stare in at the family for several minutes before finally taking wing.

After twenty-five years as a distinguished officer of the Royal Navy, Admiral of the Fleet Marshall Tregarth retired. He was offered a posting with MI6 which he accepted as he was still young enough to want to serve his country.

1965 to 1980 (a. 1 - 16)
Grayson Peregrine Tregarth was the gifted child of intelligent, indulgent and devoted parents. Although his father was often away due to the demands of his career, Grayson never doubted how much he was loved. The majority of his time was spent learning, but he never realized it or found it onerous.

During his early childhood, Mary-Ellen splits her time between tending her gallery and keeping her precocious and energetic son occupied. When Marshall was away on duty, they would ramble the local countryside, exploring the coast and boating the local waters. When Marshall was on leave, Grayson and his mother would often travel to where he was currently posted. Grayson became a world traveler at a very early age.

So that they would be free to travel, Grayson was home educated until the age of twelve when he entered secondary school.

Whenever Marshall was home, especially on extended leave, he indulged in sharing his love of history, both real and legendary, with his young son. Many holidays were spent at Mary-Ellen’s family home in the Lake District and joining in archaeological digs along Hadrian’s Wall. During these years, his parents took note of Grayson’s gift of languages. Even on short trips abroad, he would pick up a good working knowledge of local dialects.

It was during one such trip that Grayson’s ability to intuit danger or trouble noticeably manifested. The car was approaching a dangerous curve when Grayson yelled, “Dad! Stop the car!” Marshall immediately braked in response to his son’s warning and just in time to avoid colliding with a lorry that was skidding on the wet pavement. Afterward, Marshall and Mary-Ellen asked how he had known about the truck and Grayson could only say that the curve in the road looked wrong or felt wrong. He really couldn’t explain it beyond that. He had had these premonitions before, but they had always been too fleeting for him to really comprehend that he was sensing danger.

1980 to 1984 (a. 16 - 20 )
-- 1980: Sandhurst officer training begins.
-- Assigned 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Grayson rocketed through school and completed his A-Levels at age sixteen and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Languages by the age of twenty. At the age of eighteen, he joined the army and reported for officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

After completing his training and graduating Sandhurst, Grayson was assigned to the 16 Air Assault Brigade.

The 16 Air Assault Brigade (16 Air Asslt Bde) is a formation of the British Army based in Colchester in the county of Essex. It is the Army's rapid response airborne formation and is the only brigade in the British Army capable of delivering Air Manoeuvre, Air Assault and Airborne operations.

As often as he could, Grayson returned home for visits with his parents. While hiking near the Tintagel Castle historic site on the coast, Grayson found an injured fledgling falcon wedged in the rocks and being set upon by crows. Shooing the other birds away, he carefully bundled the raptor up into his coat. He knew enough from the documentaries he had seen on television to cover the bird’s eyes. He returned home and telephone the local veterinarian who was able to direct him to a wildlife care center. The people at the center were quite kind and the lady that took charge of the falcon - which coincidentally happened to be a Peregrine - showed him the mews. She was a licensed falconer and expert on raptors. He subsequently returned and began learning about falconry. Of all the birds in the mews, he became most attached to and fascinated by the owls.

Note: A few years later, while stationed in London with MI6, Grayson took courses in falconry at The Hawking Centre.

1986 to 1996 (a. 21 - 32)
-- 1986: Marshall Tregarth retires from MI6 at age 65.
-- 1987: Grayson completes 9 months of SAS selection and training.
-- 1987: Assigned to the Special Projects Team (SAS).

Early in 1986, at the age of 65, Marshall retired from MI6. It was only after he joined the army that Grayson learned that his father was regarded as one of the greatest naval officers of the twentieth century and had an equally distinguished career in the intelligence service at MI6. Grayson had just been nominated to go through the SAS (Special Air Service) recruitment and selection process. He wanted to continue the tradition of illustrious military service even though he had chosen the army instead of the navy.

Grayson completed the nine months of training and was assigned to the 22 Special Air Service Regiment Special Projects Team. Over the next several years, he would serve in many capacities and distinguish himself as a master tactician and leader.

Special Projects Team
The special projects team is the official name for the Special Air Service anti–hijacking counter–terrorism team. It is trained in Close Quarter Battle (CQB), sniper techniques and specializes in hostage rescue in buildings or on public transport.

Once the wing had been established, each squadron rotated on a continual basis through counter–terrorist training including hostage rescue, siege breaking, and live firing exercise. It has been reported that during CRW training each soldier expends as many as 100,000 pistol rounds. Squadrons refresh their training every 16 months, on average. The CRW's first deployment was during the Balcombe Street Siege. The Metropolitan Police had trapped a PIRA unit; it surrendered when it heard on the BBC that the SAS were being sent in.

1996 to 2006 (a. 32 - 42)
-- 2002: Promoted to Colonel.

By age forty-two, Gray had attained the rank of Colonel. He was considered one of the legends of the SAS. Colonel Tregarth was known as a man that could be trusted to lead from the front, protect his men at all costs and have their backs. He had been known to head into the field more than once to help pull his people out of a bad situation. Grayson was also considered one of the deadliest operatives in the history of the SAS.

2008 (a. 44)
-- Retires from the service.
-- Moves home to aid mother in caring for aging father

After twenty-two years in the military, Grayson retires from the military and moves home to Cornwall. Although his father was a hale and hearty man, he wanted to be near them in case they needed his assistance.

2009 (a. 45)
-- Joins Storm Shelter, Inc.
-- Moves to Montana, USA.

By 2009, after a year in retirement, Grayson was going nuts with the quiet life and, as a result, had nearly driven his parents to distraction as well.
When Grayson received a telephone call from Cole Thornton MacLeod, it was a blessing. She was the wife of one of his friends, a former United States Marine, Cade MacLeod. He had met the man many years previously when they had worked together in the Middle East. Cole surprised him with the offer of a well-paying, perfect job opportunity. After the call ended, Grayson sought out his mother and told her about it. Mary-Ellen laughed, hugged him and asked if she could help him pack, saying that “I have never been to Montana. Your father and I have always wanted to go one day so this is perfect. We will come visit as soon as you’re settled in.” His father reiterated his mother’s sentiments by saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder. May we assist you with packing?”

It took a bit of maneuvering to get his visa and the security clearances that Grayson would need for some of the cases and missions that Storm Shelter handled as well as licensing and permission for him to bring his Eurasian Eagle Owl with him. Cole, however, had been a whirlwind of organization and had enough contacts in Washington DC that the process, though lengthy, flowed smoothly. Soon, Grayson was settled into a mountain lodge near Coldwater Junction and taking the reins as Storm Shelter’s Operations Director.

2013 (a. 49)
-- March 7: Marshall Tregarth dies.
-- March 13: Cole Thornton-MacLeod is murdered.

In late February, Grayson woke up from a sound sleep with a feeling of dread and a profound sense of danger. Unable to place it, he was surprised when it increased while he was on the phone talking with his mother. Deciding that it somehow involved his parents, Grayson took leave from Storm Shelter and headed for home. Nothing seemed amiss, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong or soon would be.

Marshall seemed quieter than usual but quite chipper overall and still, even at ninety-two years old, very healthy and active. They hiked along the coast, visited Tintagel and spent time at the wildlife center where Grayson demonstrated flying the birds to his father. When Mary-Ellen wasn’t at the gallery, she was with them.

In the very early morning hours of March 7th, Marshall went down to the kitchen, fixed his morning cup of tea and settled in his favorite chair to watch the sunrise over the ocean. That is where Mary-Ellen and Grayson found him.

The loss was devastating for Mary-Ellen and very hard on Grayson. He had idolized his father and his death left a gaping hole in Grayson’s heart.

After his father’s funeral, Grayson told his mother he would quit Storm Shelter and move home to be with her. Mary-Ellen flat refused the suggestion. He next tried to persuade her to move in with him in Montana. The most he could get his lively mother to agree was to visit more often. She had enjoyed her and Marshall’s trips to see their son in his new home.

Hard on the heels of his father’s death, Grayson was devastated to learn that Cade's wife, Cole, had been murdered. His mother insisted he return to Montana at once, vowing she would come to see him soon. He shared both Cade's grief and his vow to find Cole’s killer.

2016 (a. 52)
Since taking the job with Storm Shelter, Grayson feels like he has found his true niche. His occasional ability to sense impending danger has aided the team and his tactical expertise keeps their missions on track.


*Looks Like Robson Green
Singing Voice Robson Green

Notes & References

Friends & Foes Cade MacLeod (Late 1980s - Present)
Grayson met Cade during a joint services operation in the Middle East. They crossed paths quite often during the years that Cade was deployed with the Marines and maintained a friendship after he retired.
Character Notes Bear (2014)
-- 3 year old, male Belgian Malinois dog.

In 2014, Grayson purchased a Belgian Malinois puppy.

Emrys (1997)
-- 20 year old, female, Eurasian Eagle Owl.

During a hiking holiday in Europe, Grayson found a baby owl that had been dislodged from its nest. The nest had been subsequently abandoned so Gray took the bird to a local wildlife center, but it was quickly apparent that the baby owl had decided that he was her mother. Grayson subsequently uses his many contacts to allow him to adopt the bird. Emrys has been a steady companion since that time.