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Frank Dalton

Name Frank Dalton

Position President (USA)

Basic Information

Aliases POTUS (President of the United States)

Ice (Secret Service Code Name)
*Gender Male
*Date of Birth August 8, 1942
*Age 75
*Marital Status Married
*Current Address 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC
*Employer(s) United States Government
Position: President of the United States of America
*Professional Specialty Politician, Intelligence Specialist (former)

Physical Description

*Height 6' 1"
*Build Medium
*Hair Color Salt and Pepper
*Eye Color Brown

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits -- Strong Willed
-- Charismatic
-- Good Leader
-- Reasonable, Rational
-- Values Integrity (his and others)
*Personality Despite a near lifelong career in the intelligence business, Frank Dalton has always tried to conduct his life in an honorable manner. It has not always been easy and certainly not always successful. While not lacking in ambition, Frank would admit that it was his wife who was the force behind his gradual entry into politics.

Both in his personal and professional lives, Frank is noted for having a cool head and being reasonable. The only time he has acted purely on anger and impulse was after the death of his son, Monty, when he resigned as the Director of the CIA and went on the hunt for the killer(s). Except for that instance, Frank has often been the cool head that prevailed, especially during family contentions.

Mannerisms Frank's voice would be characterized as a low tenor but with very little in the way of a regional accent. He speaks clearly and in well modulated tones. Frank has a way of staring at someone, family members included, that tends to make them prefer to not come under his gaze.


Languages Documented as being fluent in Spanish, French, and German. He is also fluent in several other languages that has never been publicized allowing him to be able to discern when an official translator is not being completely honest.
*Specialties & Interests Sailing: Frank Dalton is an expert sailor and has even competed in numerous yacht races.

Paranormal Skills

Beliefs Frank would publicly state he is a skeptic. Like many in his former profession, he is somewhat superstitious.

Family Tree

Spouse / Partner Moira Eleanor Dalton (FLOTUS)
DOB: October 8, 1942 (a. 75), Potomac, MD
Maiden Name: Moira Eleanor West
Secret Service Code Name: Flame
Degree: Yale Law (political law)
Details: Moira is an intelligent, strong and very politically ambitious woman. She has a law degree from Georgetown University where she graduated first in her class. Until her husband announced his candidacy for president, Moira was the most successful attorney on Capitol Hill. She is still a senior partner in her law firm, Potomac West Associates although she has taken an official sabbatical while she serves as the First Lady of the United States.
Children Jameson Dalton West
DOB: June 30, 1972 (a. 45)
Employer: Co-Owner, Sr. Consultant (Storm Shelter, Inc)
Nickname: J.D.
Birth Name: James Francis Dalton

Quinlan Francesca Dalton, Psy.D.
DOB: April 15, 1977 (a. 40)
Employer: Supervisory Special Agent, NCIS
Nicknames: Quinn

Montgomery Addison Dalton
DOB: April 25, 1970
DOD: July 12, 2002
Nickname: Monty
Father Montgomery Carver Dalton (deceased)
Mother Nancy Burke Dalton (deceased)
Other Family Sabrina Montgomery Dalton
DOB: July 4, 2002 (a. 15)
Adopted: June 7, 2004
Father: Montgomery Dalton (deceased)
Mother: Bailey Crockett Dalton (deceased)
Details: Monty, nicknamed after her beloved father, was placed in the care of Frank and Moira Dalton, her paternal grandparents, after the suicide death of her mother. In 2004, they formally adopted her.

Bailey Crockett Dalton
Daughter-in-Law; wife of Montgomery Dalton
DOD: July 12, 2004
Details: Unable to cope with the death of her husband, Bailey committed suicide two years to the day after his death.

Family History

The Dalton Family
The Daltons can trace their family line back to England. They have the distinction of being one of the earliest settlers, arriving in Jamestown, VA in the 1600s and eventually relocating to what is now Herndon, Virginia. The family has a long and notable history of serving the government primarily in intelligence and clandestine operations. Family history alleges that Captain Horatio Dalton served General George Washington as a double agent during the American Revolution.

In the 1900s, the Daltons purchased property in Anne Arundel county, Maryland (Annapolis) and built a modest mansion on Chesapeake Bay. Their original home in Herndon, Virginia was donated to a local historical society and is now part of a community college campus. It houses a library and area museum of history (natural and local).

The property's name is Amberleigh.

The West Family
The Wests settled in Maryland when Colonel Philip West was assigned to command a substantial garrison in the 1700s. At his retirement, Colonel West was given a generous land grant in what is now Potomac, Maryland. The majority of the estate, including the mansion, still belongs to the West family.

By the mid-1800s, the Wests were one of the wealthiest families in New England and considered political royalty in Washington, D.C. Although a long held goal of the Wests, they have never made it to the White House, however, many members of the family and extended family have had distinguished careers in Congress.

*Personal History

August 8, 1942
-- Francis Montgomery Dalton born, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD.

-- Begins career in the Navy.

-- Recruited to the CIA from Naval Intelligence.

December 20, 1967
-- Meets Moira Eleanor West

Senator Marshall Delano West arranged for the son of an old friend to escort his daughter, Moira, to the annual Winter Lights Cotillion in Georgetown, MD. Francis Montgomery Dalton was a young CIA Intelligence Analyst rumored to be on the fast track up the agency’s ladder. Frank was intrigued with the dynamic and attractive Moira and asked her out for New Year’s Eve much to the pleasure of both families.

December 20, 1968
-- Engagement to Moira announced at the annual Fire and Ice Ball in Annapolis, Maryland.

Frank and Moira publicly announce their engagement although both families were aware of the couple’s plans to marry prior to the official announcement.

June 21, 1968
-- Frank and Moira are married in the West’s family church in Potomac, Maryland.

April 25, 1970
-- Montgomery Addison Dalton born.

June 30, 1972
-- James Francis Dalton (Jameson Dalton West) born.

April 15, 1977
-- Quinlan Francesca Dalton born.

-- Monty (older son) joins United States Army.

-- Appointed Deputy Director of the CIA.

-- Becomes aware of J.D.'s work for the CIA.
-- Montgomery (older son) joins CIA.

-- Appointed Director of the CIA.

June 1999
-- Montgomery Dalton marries Bailey Crockett.

July 4, 2002
-- Sabrina Montgomery Dalton born (granddaughter)

July 17, 2002
-- Montgomery Addison Dalton is killed (a. 32).
-- J.D. is nearly killed in same operation (Strela) as his brother.
-- Frank steps down as the Director of CIA.

Frank spends several months searching for and eliminating those responsible for the death of his son, Monty. He learns about Sergei Vesensky but is unable to track him down. Frank gives J.D. carte blanche regarding Vesensky and a promise of total immunity to do what is needed to eliminate him.

-- Appointed Director of National Intelligence (persuaded to come out of retirement).

-- Steps down as Director of National Intelligence
-- Elected as Senator (I) Maryland.

-- Announces candidacy for President, runs on Independent ticket.

-- November: Elected 45th President of United States.

-- January: Inaugurated and takes office.
-- January 20/21: Daughter-in-law, Bailey, is murdered after her party is kidnapped.


*Looks Like Keith Carradine (Madame Secretary)

Notes & References

Character Notes Potomac West Associates
Potomac West was established as a leading law firm in the early 1900s. Their specialty is political and business law. Various members of the West family are partners. Recently, Moira Dalton (senior partner) has taken a sabbatical from the to avoid conflict of interest with her duties as First Lady.

Player Notes
The actual writing of POTUS will be shared by Clint and Stormwolfe.