Josslyn MacLeod

Name Josslyn Alafair MacLeod

Position Student / Heiress

Basic Information

Aliases Joss (short form of name)
Scout (family nickname from character in To Kill a Mockingbird)
*Gender Female
*Date of Birth October 31, 2007
*Age 10
*Marital Status Single
*Current Address #1 Coldwater Creek Ranch
424 Coldwater Trail
Coldwater Junction, MT

Physical Description

*Height 4' 8"
*Build Small
*Hair Color Light golden brown and blond; thick and tends to curl and wave naturally.
*Eye Color Hazel (blue-gray)
Marks and Scars Joss has the usual variety of scars from childhood injuries. She also has very small and very faded scars on her throat from surgery when she as two years old.
Style She keeps her thick hair cut short and pretty much allows it to style itself unless she has to perform at a recital. She’s too young to care much about makeup and, besides that, keeps a light tan due to her outdoor activities. As she is a very athletic and active child, she does have a few scars from cuts and scrapes.

Joss prefers to dress in blue jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts. She likes the layered look for casual wear. She does wear dresses when the occasion demands it, such as a formal music recital.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Intelligent
*Personality Although very young, Josslyn has already developed a strong sense of ethics and morality. She attends church with her family, believes in helping those in need, and in being kind and courteous. She is outgoing and friendly, but has a healthy wariness of strangers.

Josslyn is self-conscious of the few sounds she can make, therefore tends to be completely silent even to the point of laughing silently. Otherwise, she is perfectly comfortable with her inability to speak and doesn’t let it stand in her way.
Mannerisms Josslyn is very graceful with her hands and body language owing in large part to that being the main way she communicates with people. She is able to make it readily apparent to others when she is excited or angry simply by how she is signing or her gestures. Upraised hands usually indicates anger while rapid hand gestures indicates excitement.


Languages Josslyn is mute as a result of surgery to remove malignant tumors from her larynx when she was two years old.

Native: American Sign Language
Fluent (reads, writes and/or understands): International Sign Language, Spanish, French, Italian (learning)

Music: Reads and writes music.
Dexterity & Mobility Joss is quite dexterous and athletic. She moves with a fluid, willowy grace that her father likens to leaves dancing in a gentle breeze. Josslyn is naturally ambidextrous although she is also right eye dominant.
*Specialties & Interests Josslyn is a young lady with a wide variety of interests, talents and skills. She is an accomplished rider and a juvenile rodeo champion (stock horse, calf roping, barrel racing, steer riding). She is also an outstanding swimmer and a member of her school’s swim team. Amongst Scout’s lesser known skills is the ability to read lips.

Joss has inherited her father’s and grandfather’s talent for music in spades. At ten years old, she is already an accomplished cellist and can also play the harp, piano, and guitar. She is considered a musical prodigy and hopes to someday attend the Juilliard School.

Although Josslyn wants to pursue a career in music, she is well aware of her position as the eldest of Cade's children and heir to Coldwater Creek. Unlike previous generations, however, Cade intends to settle the ranch on both of his children. Even so, Joss takes a great deal of interest in ranch operations and many of her chores revolve around the responsibilities of the ranch.
Self Defense Josslyn takes karate and spars with her father and his friends.
Weapons Is proficient with her .22 rifle and .9mm Glock. She prefers hunting with a compound bow over a firearm.

Paranormal Skills

Beliefs Josslyn is too young to have formulated strong beliefs regarding the paranormal. She is fascinated by ghost stories and keeps an open mind due to her father’s abilities.

Family Tree

Father Cade Atticus MacLeod
DOB: 01/01/1970

Mother Cole Thornton MacLeod
DOB: May 1, 1974; Died
DOD: March 13, 2015 (a. 41)
Maiden Name: Cole Thornton (birth name: Nicole Thornton Holden)

Brother(s) Zachariah Thornton MacLeod
DOB: 04/01/2014
Age: 3
Nicknames: Zach, Z, Zee, Noodle
Mother: Cole Thornton-MacLeod

Jeremiah MacLeod
Relationship: Half-Brother
DOB: 05/21/2001
DOD: 05/21/2001 (premature still birth)
Mother: Theresa McIntyre
Other Family Paternal Grandparents

Isaiah Malachi MacLeod
Relationship: Grandfather
DOB: 10/17/1947; Age: 70
Nicknames: Mal (used by older members of the Montana Rangers); Pop-Pop (grandchildren)

Gates MacBeth
Relationship: Grandmother (step)
Married Isaiah MacLeod: January 22, 2017
Maiden Name: Gates MacBeth

Sarah Kathleen MacLeod
Relationship: Grandmother
DOB: August 17, 1949
DOD: August 1, 1977 (a. 28)
Maiden Name: Cade

Joshua Malachi MacLeod
Relationship: Paternal Uncle
DOB: August 1, 1977
Age: 40
Nicknames: Josh

*Tiger Hanaford Coldwell
Relationship: Paternal Half-Uncle
DOB: 06/21/1980 (a. 37)
Mother: Barbara Hanaford Coldwell

*Sierra Blessing Coldwell
Relationship: Paternal Half-Aunt
DOB: 06/21/1980 (a. 37)
Mother: Barbara Hanaford Coldwell

*Note: Josslyn does not know her paternal half uncle and aunt well.

Family History

The MacLeods immigrated to the Americas after the 1745 Jacobite uprising in their Scottish homeland. They settled in the southern Appalachian region of the colonies as did many Irish and Scottish immigrants. The MacLeods were moderately successful and enjoyed a reasonably comfortable living. They were an enterprising and hard working family. Although they avoided the slave trade, MacLeod Shipping and Freight became a renown company, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia.

In the early 1800s, lured by the prospect of adventure and riches, Josiah MacLeod, a geologist by trade, joined the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804 - 1806. The expedition made friendly contact with the Piegan Blackfeet tribe of what would someday be the territory of Montana. During a climb to gather rock samples, Josiah fell and was severely injured. Unable to continue with the expedition, he was taken in and tended by a Blackfoot clan. All they asked in return was for him to share his knowledge of the land.

Josiah recovered from his injuries but remained in Montana. He had fallen in love with the rugged beauty of the land and with the daughter of one of the chief's sons. She was an extraordinarily beautiful woman with flowing black hair and eyes the color of the summer sky. Josiah learned that a French fur trapper had traded his daughter to the Blackfoot in return for supplies. Angelique was adopted by the tribe and married to Dancing Wolf, the tribal chief's youngest son. Their daughter and, indeed, many of their descendants inherited Angelique's beautiful blue eyes and refined features.

Dancing Wolf and Angelique were gifted with the birth of a daughter. They named her Neha for the gentle rain that was falling at the time of her birth. Neha grew up to be a very accomplished and beautiful young woman. She also helped tend Josiah's injuries, eventually falling in love with him and accepting his offer of marriage.

When a fever decimated Neha's clan, Josiah took his young bride and moved south and west. Little was known about the type of illness that had stricken her people beyond the fact that it tended to be persistent after death. Josiah refused to risk his wife.

During an exploration of the land north of the Kalispel region, Josiah and Neha discovered an amazing series of ruggedly beautiful valleys, lakes, and rivers nestled in an unnamed and unexplored mountain chain bordering the Salish Mountain Range. Josiah named the mountains for his wife, the Neha Chain. Seeing its potential for ranching and farming, Josiah staked a claim to several hundred acres, and he and Neha settled in.

While hunting and fishing along several creeks that feed into Coldwater Lake, Josiah discovered small deposits of gold and diamonds. Knowing what advertising the find would do to the area, Josiah chose to travel considerable distances to discreetly turn the cache of gold and gems into capital. Not only was Josiah a geologist, but he had inherited his Scottish ancestors' savvy for smart money management. While Neha managed the ranch, arranging trade and contracts with the incoming army forts and local people, Josiah carefully invested in the burgeoning industries that were developing in the west, particularly timber, shipping, and mining. Over time, Josiah would also invest in new technologies. His business acumen quickly made the MacLeods of Montana territory one of the wealthiest families west of the Mississippi.

February 29, 1942: Jeremiah Wyatt MacLeod, Isaiah’s older brother, born.

October 17, 1947: Isaiah Malachi MacLeod born (Cade's father).

August 17, 1949: Sarah Kathleen Cade born (Cade's mother).

November 12, 1967: Isaiah Malachi MacLeod marries Sarah Kathleen Cade.

1969: Samuel and Wyatt MacLeod are killed in a car accident.

Summer 1969: Mathias and Hattie Wintersong hired as ranch managers.

September 21, 1969: Kai Wintersong born to Matt and Hattie Wintersong.

November 17, 1969: Margaret MacLeod dies.
See Coldwater Creek Ranch on the wiki for details. Images of the main house and ranch can be found in the site's gallery and tour.

*Personal History

10.31.2007 (a. 0):
Born at Kalispell Regional Medical Center in Kalispell, Montana.

2009 (a. 2)
Diagnosed with an aggressive form of malignant laryngeal cancer. Goes through treatments, but has to undergo surgery that left her unable to speak.

2010 (a. 3) to 2012 (a. 5)
At the age when most children are expanding their vocabulary, Josslyn was learning American Sign Language along with her devoted parents. She also began learning to communicate by writing at an early age due to not being able to speak.

April 1, 2014 (a. 7)
Josslyn's baby brother, Zachariah, was born. She loves the fact he was born on April Fool's Day!

March 13, 2015 (a. 8)
Josslyn’s mother, Cole, is murdered while on a business trip to Washington, DC. She experienced a period of withdrawal and her communication skills faltered for a time as she grieved and missed her mother. With the care of the adults in her life and careful counseling, Joss recovered without serious issues beyond a slight sadness over the loss.

2013 (a. 6) to 2016 (a. 9)
After Josslyn tested well above average, Cade enrolled her in the new progressive education system (Kalispell Progressive Education System, KPES) in Kalispell, Montana. The school required that elementary and junior high aged children attend classes at their campus at least three days a week while offering full-time online education for high school and junior college aged young adults. During the first week, students are mentored and given tasks to determine their natural abilities and interests. Josslyn scored high in mathematics and off the charts in music while placing high in all other categories.

Josslyn eagerly dove into her education and Cade engaged additional tutors to aid her musical studies. In physical education and athletics, Josslyn enjoyed volleyball but excelled at swimming and was soon placed on the girls’ swim team.

2016 to 2017 (a. 9 - 10)
Josslyn is well on her way to becoming a beautiful, intelligent and talented young woman. She has been surrounded with loving and encouraging adults, but never coddled simply because she is mute.

The light of Joss's young life is her little brother, Zach. She is devoted to him.


*Looks Like Camren Bicondova
Speaking Voice Cannot speak.

Notes & References

Friends & Foes London Ridley (2016)
Josslyn’s mother was shot and killed in March of 2015. Cade took her to grief counseling briefly, but she indicated she was not comfortable with the man they were seeing in Kalispell so he stopped the appointments. Joss seemed to be adjusting well but in late 2016, she began experiencing night terrors and nightmares about being shot or even seeing members of the family shot.

As a result, Cade began taking her to see London. Joss really likes Dr. Ridley and is quite comfortable with “talking” to her.
Character Notes Jezebel: Rhodesian Ridgeback guard dog.

Razor: 8 yr. old, 15 hand, red roan Appaloosa, barrel racer / stock horse.

Mockingbird: 7 yr. old, 15.2 hand, black and white paint Quarter horse, trail horse.

Lucy and Ethel: 2 yr. old female blue and gold macaws.

Josslyn can read, write and understand speech perfectly, she simply cannot talk.