Harrison McBride

Name Harrison Xavier McBride

Position Chief Executive Officer

Basic Information

*Gender Male
*Date of Birth March 1, 1972
*Age 45
*Marital Status Single
*Current Address 527 Braeburn Dr, Kalispell, MT
*Employer(s) Storm Shelter, Inc. (2009, 8 yrs.)
CEO / CFO / Legal Counsel

Cooper & McBride
Partner / Lawyer
*Professional Specialty Law: Corporate, Criminal, Tax

Physical Description

*Height 6' 1"
*Build Medium
*Hair Color Dark Brown; natural lighter brown, gold highlights, beginning to gray, thick, straight.
*Eye Color Hazel (green-brown)
Marks and Scars Various indistinguishable and fading scars from the usual array of accidents.

Star-shaped scar, upper right shoulder; gunshot wound received when Harrison tried to defuse a hostage situation during a bank robbery in Helena, MT.
Style Harrison dresses for the occasion. He will always turn up to meetings with clients or in court clad in a suit and tie. Routinely dresses business casual. Often wears plain, dark rimmed reading glasses.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Intelligent
Loathes Losing
Strong Moral Compass
*Personality Intelligent
Harrison is highly intelligent with a superior ability to retain information, particularly anything he has read.

Very practical and pragmatic; able to look at problems and puzzles from outside the box.

Once he has taken on a project or legal case, Harrison demonstrates a steadfast determination to see it through to the best resolution possible.

Loathes Losing
Wrapped up in his personal determination to see any case or project through to a successful conclusion, Harrison loathes losing, particularly in court.

Quiet / Reserved
Harrison is quiet spoken and seems, on the surface, to be the stereotypical image of a reserved attorney. With friends, family and close business colleagues, he tends to loosen up and has even been known to tell the odd joke or humorous anecdote.

Strong Moral Compass
Harrison tries to always come down on the side of right over wrong and justice over injustice. He will not take on causes or clients that do not meet his internal moral compass. Harrison understands that the law and justice do not always march hand-in-hand and he has had to find ways to serve both.
Mannerisms Over the course of many years, Harrison has taught himself to give away as little as possible via facial expressions and body language. He is quiet and well-spoken at all times. It is so rare to see him flustered or exhibiting anger that many people think he is more Vulcan than human.


Languages Native: English

Fluent: French, Spanish, German, Russian
Dexterity & Mobility Left handed, but right eye dominant.

Harrison is an athletic man despite his chosen line of work. He moves easily although he has been experiencing minor issues with his right arm as a result of being shot.
*Specialties & Interests Legal History and Precedent.
Harrison developed an interest the history of the law at an early age. He is a noted expert in the history of various legal systems and how they have intertwined with religious law over the centuries.

Constitutional Law
From England's Magna Carta to the earliest draft of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States, Harrison is a renown expert. He does not consider himself a member of any political party but has declared himself a Constitutionalist.

Reading and Interpreting Microexpressions
Unable to resist anything that will help him defend a client's best interests, Harrison has studied the obscure science of microexpressions. What many people consider a supernatural ability is actually simply being able to read cues and information from a person's expressions and body language that they are unaware they are transmitting.

Stocks and Bonds
Harrison has always had a strong and natural affinity for math and, as he got older, how to apply his skill to financial management.

Tennis, Handball
Harrison loves letting off steam in a heated tennis match or on the handball courts. He is a very aggressive player in both sports.

Has competed in three-day events nation wide but declined several offers to join the US Equestrian Team.

Hunting, Fishing
Born and raised in Montana, Harrison enjoys getting outdoors to hunt and fish.

Harrison is not an avid golfer, but he is good enough to be a challenge. He finds it an excellent arena for consolidating deals, meeting with clients, etc.

Model Railroads
Harrison has always been fascinated by trains and the history of expansion of civilizations following rail lines. He has a large room at his home dedicated to model trains and railroads. They are all very historically accurate down to the steam engines that only run on steam.
Self Defense Harrison can manage to defend himself in a brawl with equals. He would, however, be totally outmatched by anyone with a history or training in even minor forms of hand-to-hand combat.
Weapons Harrison owns several rifles and shotguns for hunting and carries a Taurus Millennium .9mm for self defense.

Paranormal Skills

Beliefs Harrison is very skeptical regarding anything to do with the paranormal.

Family Tree

Father Cameron McBride (father, deceased)
Mother Gretchen McBride (mother, deceased)
Brother(s) Hamish McBride
DOB: 09/07/1968
Wife: Laura Johnston McBride
Children: Kevin (14), Neely (12), Joseph (8)
Details: Hamish is currently the senior and managing partner of the family law firm (Cooper & McBride).

Sister(s) Nyles McBride
DOB: 07/09/1970
Ex-Husband: Christopher Deering
Children: Devon Deering (14)
Details: Nyles is the senior partner and manager of the Cooper & McBride Los Angeles, CA office which managed to retain full rights to after her divorce.

Family History

The McBrides are one of Helena, Montana's founding families. More details will be added if and when their history and background become pertinent to the story.

*Personal History

March 1, 1972 (a. 0)
-- Harrison Xavier McBride born in Helena, Montana.

1978 to 1986 (a. 6-14)
-- Grades 1 - 8: St. Andrew School, Helena, Montana.

1986 to 1990 (a. 14-18)
-- Grades 9 - 12: Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire.
-- 1989: Parents killed in the crash of family's executive jet.

Harrison's parents were killed when their corporate jet crashed en route from Montana to Aspen, Colorado for a ski vacation. Their will gave custody of their minor children to a board of executives that managed their trust funds until they came of age.

1990 to 1998 (a. 18-26)
-- Yale University, New Haven, CT.
--- Joint JD/PhD (Juris Doctorate, Doctorate)
---- History (emphasis on American History)
---- Specialty in Constitutional Law

Over the years, Harrison will add to his expertise in various aspects of the legal system.

1998 to 2009 (a. 26-37)
-- Cooper & McBride, Helena, MT.
-- 1999: Meets Cade MacLeod

Upon graduating Yale, Harrison becomes a junior partner in the family law firm, Cooper & McBride. His brother, Hamish, was its senior partner while his sister, Nyles, had branched out and opened her own legal practice in Los Angeles, CA.

Harrison first meets Cade MacLeod when the firm is contacted in regard to his purchase of the Coldwater Saloon. Hamish assigns the job to Harrison. While Hamish would continue on as Isaiah and Deepwater Music's primary attorney, Harrison would go on to manage all of Cade's business and legal affairs.

2009 to 2016 (a. 37-44)
-- Storm Shelter, Inc. (CEO / CFO)

The McBrides had long been the primary legal and investment counselors for the MacLeod family. When Cade and his business partners decided to reorganize and expand Storm Shelter, Harrison was offered the top executive position which he accepted.

2017 (a. 45)
-- Events to be added as they occur.


*Looks Like Tim Daly

Notes & References

Character Notes Details on Harrison's life will be fleshed out based on amount of activity in game.