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Theresa Mallory

Name Theresa Madelyn Mallory

Position Doctor (M.D.)

Second Position Consultant

Basic Information

Aliases Tess, Tessa
*Gender Female
*Date of Birth 11/19/1974
*Age 43
*Marital Status Divorced
*Current Address #5 Coldwater Creek Ranch
424 Coldwater Trail
Coldwater Junction, MT
*Employer(s) Horse and Buggy MedCare (Doctor), Storm Shelter (Doctor/Consultant)
*Professional Specialty Emergency Medicine/Trauma

Physical Description

*Height 5’7
*Build Medium
*Hair Color By nature, Tessa’s hair is a mass of thick, tumbling light brown curls. If she has the time and feels up to it, she will take on the blowdryer and a few products and straighten it out, sometimes leaving just a light wave to her tresses or even looser curls. At work, she will usually just toss it up into a thick bun or a long ponytail to keep it out of her face
*Eye Color Tessa’s eyes are blue, but which shade of blue really depends on her mood. They can appear a rich deep blue when she’s happy and relaxed or bright and icy when she’s angered. She likes to accentuate her eyes with dark mascara and eyeliner.
Marks and Scars 52101: Tessa has a series of five numbers tattooed on the inside of her left wrist, which is usually hidden by her watch. The numbers are a date, 5-21-01, the day that she lost her first child to a stillbirth.

She also bears a scar on her left wrist, mostly obscured by her tattoo, as a result of surgery. When Tessa was sixteen and in high school, she was part of the cheerleading squad. A stunt went wrong and she ended up falling and shattering the bones in her left wrist when she hit the ground. Surgery was required to fix it and a few pins were put in place for stability.
Style Tessa is a more comfort and casual sort of woman. If it fits well, is clean and is flattering, it usually has a place in her closet. She’s usually the grab-and-go sort when it comes to her clothes because of her work. When lives were on the line and someone was bleeding out and waiting on you, there was no time to be wasted picking through a closet of designer clothing. Needless to say, Tess does know how to dress up when it’s called for, opting for outfits that are classy and demure rather than skimpy and flashy.

Her day-to-day accessories are somewhat simple as well. She has a gold and mother of pearl watch that she wears on her left wrist, small studs for earrings and a couple of necklaces that she rotates in every few days. Her left ring finger bears lines where her wedding ring once sat, no longer worn now that she’s divorced.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Warm
City Girl
*Personality Tess is a natural caregiver. She’s loving, warm and caring, putting people at ease when they are under her care. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, always ready with a playful or teasing quip. To those closest to her heart, Tess can be quite affectionate as she believes in showing someone how she feels about them rather than forcing someone to guess. She’s also very loyal to those she loves, she feels there’s no point in playing games with people, especially those she cares about as they can be taken away in an instant. Hold those you love close because you never know when they’ll be gone. Tess’s son, Robbie, is everything to her, she loves him unconditionally, however, there are days where his behavior and attitude leave her in tears and quite ready to strangle him. She’s not a perfect parent, but she tries.

Being persistent has been a positive quality in her career. Her refusal to accept defeat has saved more than one patient in her care. That stubborn streak can be bad too though, sometimes she doesn’t know when to stop and take a step back. She is also quite intelligent, happy to share her knowledge about things. She enjoys learning about new things and is quick to pick up on what she’s been taught or shown. Tess is also quite generous to those around her, thinking nothing of offering a hand up to those less fortunate; helping someone find a warm bed to sleep in for the night, putting together food and care packages and passing them out to those in need. She’s been blessed in the financial department and feels that she had a duty to help where she can. Her generosity and desire to help others has occasionally turned around and kicked her in the butt, where she’s offered help to someone she believed needed it but turned out to be a scam.

Tessa is a city girl, through and through. She loves the lights, the hustle and bustle, just everything about it. Life in Montana is very different than what she and her son are used to, and it was actually something Tess struggled with the last time she lived in the area. She felt very isolated and too far from civilization and she was not shy about making her opinion known about it as well, sometimes coming across as surly. However, with circumstances in her life being what they are, she’s giving wide open spaces and blue skies another try.
Mannerisms When Tessa speaks, her voice is usually warm and has an almost husky undertone to it at times. She genuinely cares about people, and will make sure to focus her attention on someone when she’s speaking with them, using eye contact and a light hand on an arm or hand. She has a habit of scrunching up her nose when she’s displeased with something.


Languages English - Spoken and Written are both fluent
Spanish - Spoken and Written are both fluent
French - Spoken and Written are both fluent
Dexterity & Mobility Tessa is right handed and has no noticeable issues with mobility. She had her left wrist operated on when she was a teenager and it aches when the weather is cold or damp but it does not impact her work or her lifestyle to a large degree. She walks with a quick gait, and her movements are graceful and light.
*Specialties & Interests Supernatural/Paranormal/Urban Legends - Ever since she was little, Tess has had a love for all things supernatural. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves and so on, they all fascinated her. Any book she could get her hands on, she read. Any tv show with any credibility, it was on her record list. Thanks to a very generous divorce settlement from her first marriage, Tess has been fortunate enough to take vacations here and there that revolve around ghost-hunting with a reputable investigative team as well as tours of various haunted places around the country.

Food/Cooking - As a doctor, Tess knows how important it is to eat properly and exercise. More than that, she enjoys being in the kitchen as cooking a meal and all that comes with it is relaxing for her. She would much rather cook something instead of grabbing something out to eat for herself and her son, but sometimes schedules and hours make that difficult.

Gardening/Herb Garden - Back at their former home in Boston, Tess kept a small herb garden. She didn’t keep just herbs but a few other vegetable plants as well, things that would grow decently inside with the proper care. She loved having fresh things on hand for cooking, and hopes to set things back up now that they’ve moved as she brought everything with them.
Self Defense Tessa has taken a couple of self-defense classes aimed for women, both a basic and an intermediate level. She can handle herself in a fight if needed. She has also taken and is certified in firearm safety and carries a CWP (concealed weapons permit)
Weapons Tess carries a small Glock 26, concealed in her purse most of the time.

Paranormal Skills

Abilities Eidetic Memory
Description Tessa possesses a photographic memory. She is able to recall, with perfect clarity, things she has both read and heard. This skill has proven to be incredibly beneficial in her medical career.
Beliefs Tessa is a very open minded individual. For as long as she can remember, all things paranormal have interested her. She absolutely believes in the existence of ghosts and other spirits and very much enjoys when she’s able to take time off work and head out on a ghost-hunting adventure. The more fantastical beings, aliens, werewolves, vampires and so on, those, she would need to see actual proof that they exist though she is completely open to the idea that they can exist.

Family Tree

Spouse / Partner N/A
Children Robert Anthony Mallory *Robbie*: Son, age 11

Jeremiah Malachi MacLeod: Son, Deceased, stillborn at 5 months in utero. Currently interred at the MacLeod family Crypt
Father Eric Macintyre - age 68. Eric is the Athletic Director at East Boston High School, he also coaches the EBHS Football and Basketball teams.

Mother MaryAnn Macintyre - age 66. Mary is a teacher at Boston Elementary School, teaching second and third grades.
Brother(s) Thomas *Tom* Macintyre - age 45. Currently unemployed and living with his parents, has an on-again, off-again alcohol problem.
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Jenna Macintyre: age 14. Jenna is Tessa's niece, born to her older brother out of wedlock. She's a bit of a problem child; running away, minor drug and alcohol use. She currently lives with her grandparents, Eric and Maryanne.
Former Spouse(s) / Partner(s) Cade MacLeod: Ex-Husband

John Mallory: Ex-Husband, currently in jail for stalking, harassing.

Family History

Eric Macintyre was born on April 27, 1948 to Darcy and Brigid Macintyre, a pair of Irish immigrants who crossed the Atlantic in 1945. They wanted a better life for themselves and whatever children would come along in their marriage. They settled in Boston, Darcy working in construction and Brigid took a position as a chambermaid with an upper class family. They didn’t have a lot of money but love was never short in the home.

He had a fairly routine childhood; a couple of accidents and scrapes, chicken pox, a couple of nasty flus. Graduating in June of 1966, Eric went on to play college football at Boston College. However, his athletic career ended when he blew out his right ACL early in the season of his sophomore year. Being on crutches was no easy task and a chance meeting with a young woman would change his life permanently.

October 21, 1968, a day not unlike the ones before it. Eric was hobbling with his crutches to one of his classes and stumbled when the heel of one crutch snagged on a crack in the sidewalk.A young woman with dark blond hair and pretty blue eyes stopped and offered her help. Once Eric was off the ground, he thanked her and learned her name. MaryAnne Bennett, who usually preferred just being called Mary.

Mary’s family had been in the Boston area since 1912 when her grandmother, Catherine Johnston, had come over on the Titanic. Catherine had only been seven at the time the great ocean liner made history and sank. As a third class passenger, Catherine was quite lucky to survive. Her father, who had raised her alone after her mother had died in childbirth, was not as fortunate.

Eric and Mary dated the rest of their college years, getting engaged the evening of their shared college graduation, June 2, 1971. They married within a few months in a small family affair, and they had their first child, a son, Thomas, in the summer of 1972. Theresa, or Tessa as she’d preferred to be called, was born a little over two years later.

*Personal History

Nov 19, 1974: Theresa Madelyn Macintyre is born to Eric and MaryAnne Macintyre of Boston, MA. She is a happy and inquisitive baby with bright blue eyes and golden curls.

Aug 1980 - June 1986: Tess attends elementary school at Boston Elementary, the same school her mother is a teacher at.

Aug 1986 - June 1989: Tess begins her middle school years at Boston Middle School.

Aug 1989 - June 1993: Tessa attends East Boston High School, graduates in June 1993 in the top 5% of her class with a 3.99 GPA.

October 1991 - (age 16): During her junior year of high school, Tessa was part of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. During the Homecoming game of the season, the squad took the field during half-time. An accident occurred during one of the more complicated stunts and Tessa was injured when she and another girl collided during a tumbling pass. She ended up with a fractured wrist, actually requiring surgery to pin together a couple of small bones. She was in a cast for six weeks and was also able to remain on the team doing cheers but no acrobatic stuff.

May 1993: Prior to her high school graduation, Tessa applied to, and was accepted at Boston University. She received a partial scholarship due to her high grades and glowing recommendation letters from several staff members at EBHS.

Aug 1993 - Jun 1995: Tessa attends Boston University, getting all of her undergrad and required classes out of the way. At the beginning of her sophomore year, she declares Pre-Med and applies to the Boston University Medical program. She is accepted.

Aug 1995 - Jun 1998: During her four years of medical school, Tess does extremely well, scoring high on all of her exams and labs. During her final year, she applies to several hospitals on the east coast, hoping to match at one nearby to her family. This doesn’t happen unfortunately. Tessa ends up matching at the Kalispell Regional Medical Center out on Montana. She’s less than pleased, but deals with it the best that she can.

Aug 1998 - Jun 1999: Intern Year

Aug 1999 - Jun 2003: 3 years Residency

Nov 18, 2000 (age 26): While out for a light, early birthday celebration with a girlfriend from work, Tessa meets Cade MacLeod, musician and owner of The Alibi Saloon in Coldwater Junction, MT.

Nov 19 - Jan 15, 2000-2001: Tessa and Cade spend some time together, go on a handful of dates, some of which end up in the bedroom. Things end on a good note in mid-January as neither are looking to get serious with anyone at this point in their life due to work schedules, weather and such.

March 10, 2001: Tessa discovers she is roughly 6 weeks pregnant with Cade’s baby despite precautions being used. She take a few days to let the information process and sink in before making a decision.

March 14, 2001: She calls Cade and asks if they can meet in person. He agrees. They sit down and she tells him that she’s pregnant, and how while she does want the baby, she’s not ready to be a mother right now, not with her work schedule being as crazy as it is, it wouldn’t be fair to the child. She offers to give Cade full custody of the baby once it’s born and weaned off breast-feeding. He turns the tables on her and suggests they get married instead, and he’s upfront and honest about it, that he’s not ready for marriage yet either but it’s the right thing to do, and he can provide a stable and loving home for the baby with family around. Though hesitant at first, Tessa agrees.

March 16, 2001: Tessa and Cade are married in a very small, private ceremony with only a couple of people present as witnesses. All of Tessa’s belongings are moved from her small rental apartment in Kalispell, out to Coldwater Creek Ranch, Cade’s home.

May 21, 2001: At 5 months pregnant, Tessa unfortunately loses the baby, a tiny little boy who’d been named Jeremiah Malachi MacLeod. The infant is cremated and interred at the MacLeod family plot. Both Tessa and Cade are saddened by the loss, but continue on with their daily lives as best as they can. Tessa returns to work after a couple weeks of recovery time.

March 2001 - August 2003: Married life continues for the MacLeods, though as the months wore on, they began to feel that things were not working, despite both trying to keep it together and holding on. In August of 2003, they finally decide to call an end to things and file for divorce. The divorce is very friendly and the marriage ends on good terms. Cade is more than generous in paying out a very large lump settlement to Tessa instead of monthly alimony. Trusts are set up in her name to provide for her comfort and well-being with caveats added to protect the funds in case she chooses to remarry at a later time.

September 2003: Tessa is accepted into an Attending Physician position at Massachusetts General Hospital back on the east coast and moves out of MT.

Sept 2003 - Sept 2008: Tessa is one of several attendings at MassGen, and she loves her job. She finds that she enjoys Trauma Medicine more than the others, and ends up specializing in Emergency/Trauma Medicine.

February 2005: Tessa meets John Mallory when he brings in a couple of guys that were injured at a restaurant he owns. There are sparks and John returns to the hospital a few days later to ask her out.

February 2005 - January 2006: Tessa and John date exclusively, and she falls in love with the bar owner. After just under a year of meeting and becoming involved, John proposes, and she says yes. They are married in a small, intimate ceremony, attended by both of her parents and some of his family.

April 2006: Tessa discovers she is pregnant and is roughly six weeks into the pregnancy. She and John are happy to be starting their family. This pregnancy goes smoothly, routine and by the book, which she is grateful for considering the ghost of her stillborn son still lingers in her mind.

December 10, 2006: Tessa gives birth to a healthy baby boy, whom she and her husband name Robert Anthony.

January 2007 - April 2014: Life is fairly normal for the family. Tessa continues to work at MassGen and is highly regarded for her skills and bedside manner. Thanks to the trust fund she received from Cade MacLeod upon their divorce, she is able to work part-time while Robbie is younger.

April 2014: John begins showing slightly disturbing behavior. He shows signs of jealousy whenever he sees Tessa speaking to another man, even while she was at work. Over the next several months, things get worse. They’re fighting almost non-stop, about everything. Work, money, Robbie. Tessa is unhappy and knows this is not the life that she wants. By January of 2016, she decided she was done. John’s behavior and attitude are too much to deal with, she’s miserable and she’s worried that her son is picking up nasty habits thanks to his father, who spoiled him and let him run rampant at the private school they’d enrolled him at.

January 2016: Tessa files for divorce from John, stating irreconcilable differences. John lawyers up and tries to get at Tessa’s trust, however, he is denied as the terms of the trust were set up many years ago and are ironclad. Tessa is awarded full custody of their son and the judge denies John’s motion for spousal support.

January 2016 - November 2016: Once the divorce is final and John has moved out of the house, Tessa tries to continue on with her life. She goes to work while Robbie attends private school. Robbie starts acting out; hanging with bad kids, causing trouble in school and so on. John begins harassing Tessa, leaving her threatening voicemails on her phone and at the house, following her when she went out on errands. He even went so far as to physically manhandle a male co-worker that Tess was sitting with one day at lunch. Tessa really started to worry about her and Robbie’s safety, and so she enrolled herself in a couple of self-defense classes. She also worked with a local police officer that was a friend and he helped her train on how to use a handgun. The basics were simple, point and shoot but she went the extra step and got certified to carry a concealed weapon, just in case. It was a good thing too as John decided to escalate his stalking and harassing, even trying to break into the house one night. Cops were called and he was arrested and sentenced to time in jail.

November 2016: After everything that had gone on, Tess decides that it’s a good idea to get her son out of the area. Get a fresh start in a brand new place. Well, brand new to Robbie, however, to Tess, it was returning to a place she’d once called home. Montana. It seemed like the perfect place. She hadn’t really told John much about her first marriage, just that she had been married and had lost a child, but the details about where hadn’t come up.

By the end of 2016, Tessa and Robbie had rented a nice hotel room in Kalispell for a few weeks in order to take their time searching for a nice house in the area. Tess also gets herself set up with Horse and Buggy Med Care, a medical practice in the area that allows for more free time than a traditional hospital position would. Knowing that she’s once again living in the same area as her first husband, Tess makes sure to seek out Cade to say hi and see what he’s been up to in the last 14 years. Cade offers Tessa and her son to stay in one of the guest cabins out on the ranch, which she accepted.


*Looks Like Rebecca Gayheart

Notes & References

Friends & Foes To Be Determined in Game Play.
Character Notes To Be Determined in Game Play.
References Glock 26 -
9x19 / Safe Action

163 mm / 6.41 in.
30.00 mm / 1.18 in.
137 mm / 5.39 in.
106 mm / 4.17 in.
32 mm / 1.26 in.
87 mm / 3.42 in.

615 g / 21.71 oz.
740 g / 26.12 oz.
Trigger Pull / Travel

~2.5 kg / ~5.5 lbs.
~12.5 mm / ~0.49 in.
Barrel Rifling / Length of Twist

right hand, hexagonal
250 mm / 9.84 in.
Magazine Capacity