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Akela Noelani

Name Akela Pele Noelani

Position Sr. Consultant

Basic Information

Aliases Kela (short form of name)
*Gender Female
*Date of Birth March 14, 1974
*Age 43
*Marital Status Widow
*Current Address 42 Muskrat Drive, Kalispell, MT (townhouse)
*Employer(s) Storm Shelter, Inc. (2012)
Position: Sr. Consultant, Trainer
*Professional Specialty Information Specialist
Ballistics Expert

Physical Description

*Height 5' 9"
*Build Small
*Hair Color Dark Brown: Thick, wavy, natural reddish highlights
*Eye Color Dark Brown
Marks and Scars Tattoo (henna style) on her back, just below neck. The tattoo is the words:

Ua ola loko i ke aloha – (Love gives life within.)
Style Clothing
Kela dresses in well-fitting casual type clothes with a preference toward denim leggings. She chooses items that allow her to move easily. She tends to avoid high heeled shoes, preferring flats, most often choosing a military-style boot.

Military style wrist watch
Small, diamond stud earrings

Kela habitually keeps her hair cut to shoulder length and in layers to add body. She does not wear perfumes, colognes or other scented products.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Affectionate, Outgoing
Devoted, Loyal
*Personality Akela is a talented and intelligent woman which is a given as Storm Shelter could not afford to hire unintelligent people. Below are her other key attributes.

Affectionate, Outgoing
Kela grew up with a large, extended family. Being warm and affectionate is second nature to them and that trait was passed to Akela. She greets those she knows well with a hug and smile rather than a handshake. She is very tactile, often touching a person’s arm or hand in the course of conversing with them. Her relaxed and outgoing manner makes her good at interrogating people as she usually gains their confidence with ease.

Akela’s affectionate and outgoing manner can sometimes be misconstrued as flirtatious and even as a shallow attempt to gain affection in return. Although she is usually good at reading people and respecting their personal space, it is possible for her to misread signals and unintentionally invade their space.

Devoted, Loyal
Another advantage to growing up within a large family is that Akela tends to be very loyal and devoted to those she loves and trusts. Breaking those bonds is nearly impossible. This aspect of her nature has led Kela into trusting those that should not be trusted and remaining loyal to someone long after they have proven themselves a traitor to that regard. She will continue to look for the good in a person even when they no longer deserve her loyalty.

When on task, Akela is very focused. This is the same if she is surfing or mentoring her son, Kaiko. Being able to ignore distractions is a plus when she is in the field, but it can also lead her to reject anything outside that area of focus. If she has determined someone is guilty, Kela finds it hard to look at facts that might prove them innocent.

Akela is reliable. If she is tasked with guarding a team member’s back or protecting a client, then she will not fail to do all in her ability to fulfill her mission. This aspect of her nature is enhanced by the fact that she is a very focused individual. There are few negative aspects to being reliable. Her teammates know they can depend on her. In fact, the major downside is that if she is a few minutes late to work, her mobile phone will begin to ring with worried calls about where she is and if she is alright.
Mannerisms Akela has a very pleasant, lilting voice with a trace of the accent endemic to the Hawaiian people. She emphasizes her speech with graceful hand gestures. Her body language tends to be open and relaxed.

Anger is usually accompanied by action, therefore it is unadvisable to push Akela to the point where she is truly angry. In general, Kela does not have much of a temper.


Languages Native: English (USA), Hawaiian
Hebrew (fluent; learned from contact with her late husband, Adam, and his family.)
Dexterity & Mobility Akela is a very athletic and graceful woman. She is right hand and right eye dominant although she has taught herself to use both hands equally well when shooting or fighting. This is not the same as being ambidextrous as she cannot write legibly with her left hand and does have to consciously choose to use her left.

She has no mobility limitations.
*Specialties & Interests Information Specialist
Akela is very proficient at finding and extracting information from a person, a library of documents or the internet. This is not the same as being a cyber specialist. She cannot code or create search engines, but she can use the available systems to their best advantage. Kela is quite adept at creating boolean search strings that return the maximum amount of accurate information.

This specialty extends to her ability to form relationships and devise questions that return information from another person such as during interrogations.

Akela is a superb marksman but this is by training rather than a natural proclivity. Her ability to focus and eliminate distractions makes her a superb sniper. Although she is a proficient shot with handguns, she is better at long-distance shooting.

Ballistics Expert
Early in her training, Akela developed an interest in ballistics, both from the physics side and from the which type of weapon and ammo is best for a specific job. In time, she also became quite adept at looking at a gunshot wound or the remnants of a bullet and being able to identify it. Nine out of ten times, actual forensics confirms Akela’s identification of a weapon or type of ammo.

Although all snipers are drilled in the Physics of Ballistics and knowing how a type of ammo will behave under specific conditions and circumstances, Akela has a natural proclivity in this area. It, along with her expertise in meteorology, make her a superb spotter.

As an offshoot of her love of the ocean, sailing and surfing, Akela became interested in the meteorological sciences. Although she also carries a Kestrel weather meter when in the field, she can quite quickly and accurately gauge the local weather conditions and changes.

Akela is an expert surfer and loves riding the waves, especially in her home state of Hawaii. She was a top competitor until after she graduate college and could have easily gone professional.

Although Akela loves all water sports, she has a special love for small vessel sailing (outrigger, sailing dinghies, surf-sailing).

Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends
Akela’s love of the local myths and stories of her home expanded to include an interest in conspiracy theories and urban legends. She enjoys lurking in online conspiracy theory groups and on various forums dedicated to urban myths although she does not take all the information she encounters at face-value.

Hula dancing is a complex art form, and there are many hand motions used to represent the words in a song or chant. Most often, it is used to tell a story, myth or legend. Akela is quite adept at the art although she would not consider herself a master and able to teach it to others.
Self Defense Proficient in standard hand to hand combat.

Expert in Kapu Kuʻialua (aka Lua): See the reference information at the end of the bio for details on Lua.
Weapons Proficient to expert with a wide range of small arms (pistols, rifles, carbines, shotguns).

Sidearm: Smith & Wesson M&P 9/19
Rifle: Remington 700 AICS
Other Skills (Optional) Horseback Riding: Akela learned to ride on the island as that was one of the many tour options offered by her family’s business. She is in the process of expanding the skill.

Paranormal Skills

Abilities Weather Detection
Natural Barometer
Description Akela can estimate wind speed, direction and even barometric pressure without resorting to her Kestrel. She can read the natural signs around her and tell what changes are coming and, up to a point, when they will occur.
Beliefs Akela is a very spiritual woman and is open minded in regard to anything to do with spiritualism and the paranormal. Despite that, she is also very practical and does not buy into all the claims of psychic abilities.

Family Tree

Children Adam Kaiko Noelani
DOB: September 1, 2004 (a. 13)
Details: Kaiko is a tall, slender boy with his mother’s Hawaiian features. He wears his dark hair slightly long, usually tied back in a ponytail but has his father’s blue eyes. He is smart, athletic and very protective of his mother.

Just prior to their move to Montana, Kaiko asked to have his name legally changed to Noelani. He loves and misses his father, but he also did not want to deal with the constant explanations of his surname. He also hopes to someday move back to Hawaii to work in the Noelani family business.

Kaiko also attends KPES (Kalispell Progressive Education System).
Father Kahuna Noelani
DOB: September 22, 1952
Details: Kahuna owns a Hawaiian tour business (surfing, diving, hikes, helicopter tours) called Aloha Surf and Turf. He is also a much sought after coach and sponsor for those on the professional surfing circuit. He was a champion surfer.
Mother Simone Noelani
DOB: July 4, 1956
Maiden Name: Simone Akiyama
Details: Simone is a retired police officer. She currently works part-time at her husband’s business and is much sought for those wanting an in-depth Hawaiian nature and history tour. Simone’s family are of mixed Native Hawaiian and Japanese descent.
Brother(s) Kale Noelani
DOB: March 14, 1974
Details: Kale is a tall, good-looking man in his late thirties. He is a lieutenant on the Honolulu Police Department (HPD). He and Kela are fraternal twins.
Other Family There are a plethora of aunts, uncles, cousins.
Former Spouse(s) / Partner(s) Adam Kohn (deceased)
DOB: January 30, 1970
DOD: February 14, 2007
Anniversary: May 1, 2000
Details: Adam was a captain in the Honolulu Police Department’s homicide department when he was killed. He had the misfortune of being on the premises of a liquor store when a robbery took place. He was shot when he intervened to protect other patrons. Adam was a native of New York and a former detective with Manhattan's Special Victims Unit.

Family History

The Noelani family can trace their origins back to the 1200s when the Tahitians first settled Hawaii. Oral traditions suggest the family is related to Hawaiian royalty. The Noelani sugar plantation is one of the oldest and still productive.

The Akiyama family immigrated to Hawaii in the 1800s to work the sugar, coffee and pineapple plantations. Several members of the Akiyama family served with distinction in World War II, notably in the 442nd Infantry Regiment.

Kahuna Noelani met the lovely Simone Akiyama in high school where they began dating. After high school, Kahuna went to the University of Hawaii to major in business while pursuing his surfing championships. Simone was accepted into the police academy. They were wed shortly after she graduated.

*Personal History

March 14, 1974 (a. 0)
-- Akela Pele Noelani born.
-- Kale Noelani born.
-- Maui Memorial Medical Center, Wailuku, Hawaii

Akela grew up in a large, extended family. She was almost always surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins and, of course, her parents and twin brother, Kale. Her childhood was mostly uneventful beyond the usual incidents and dramas that all children and teenagers tend to experience.

School was easy for Akela and she was always in the top three in her class. She graduated high school as Salutatorian. She likely would have been Valedictorian had a knee injury not caused her to miss a considerable amount of school during her junior year.

1992 to 1998 (a. 18 - 24)
Akela received several offers from top colleges including Hawaii State University. She did not feel ready to leave her beloved family and home so chose HSU with a plan to study meteorology and physics. Her initial goal was to have a career with an organization such as NOAA or a local news and weather station. Later, as she gained experience, she hoped to land a position teaching at the university.

1998 (a. 24)
-- Graduates Honolulu University
-- Masters of Science (Double Major)
---- Meteorology
---- Physics

1998 (a. 24)
-- Honolulu PD
-- Police Academy

Akela found the job market to be rather limited in her fields, but continued to job hunt. She attended a job fair in Honolulu and one of the presenters was the Honolulu Police Department. Attracted by the opportunities and intrigued by the serve and protect motto, Akela filled out an application and left a resume. She really did not expect to get one of the few positions offered due to her academic background in physics and meteorology. She was surprised to receive a phone call, interview and job offer. Kela was even more surprised to find herself enthusiastically accepting the position and taking her place at the training academy.

1999 (a. 25)
-- Transferred to SWAT
-- Meets Adam Kohn

By 1999, Akela was a dedicated and decorated police officer. She could no longer imagine doing anything else with her life. Her firearms and investigative skills brought her to the attention of the head of the HPD’s SWAT unit and she was offered a position with the team which she accepted. Kale also chose a career in law enforcement. He majored in Criminal Justice and joined the HPD after graduation.

A few months after her transfer to SWAT, Akela met Adam Kohn, a homicide detective recently transferred to Honolulu from Manhattan's Special Victims’ Unit. Soon after that, Adam and Akela began dating.

May 1, 2000 (a. 26)
-- Marries Adam Kohn

Akela and Adam were married in a traditional Hawaiian beach side service on May 1 of 2000. Since both were members of the Honolulu PD, they decided that Kela would keep her maiden name. Since they worked in different departments, there was no conflict regarding their marriage. The decision for Akela to retain her maiden name was one of convenience and to avoid confusion in the small Hawaiian law enforcement community.

2004 (a. 30)
-- September 1: Adam Kaiko Kohn born.
-- Ke Kula Maka'i (The Police Academy)

Akela took time out of her career to have her and Adam’s first child. When Kaiko was old enough to be left in the care of her mother, Akela returned to work. While getting back into shape to return to her SWAT unit, Akela was assigned as a trainer and range master at the police academy.

2007 to 2008 (a. 33 - 34)
-- February 14: Adam killed.
-- Disciplinary action added to her HPD file.

While on his way home for a Valentine’s dinner with his wife and son, Captain Adam Kohn was killed in the line of duty during a liquor store robbery. Akela was devastated. For several months, she was obsessed with finding his killers.

In 2008, SWAT was called to the scene of a hostage situation. One of the suspects was the man suspected in Adam’s killing. Akela was ordered to stand down, but she involved herself in the action in defiance of orders. She was the only officer with a clear shot and took it. Although the action was deemed a clean shoot, Akela was given a rip for disobeying orders. After several weeks of administrative duty, she was reassigned to her SWAT unit.

2009 to 2012 (a. 35 - 38)
-- 2012: Recruited by Storm Shelter

For the next three years, life returned to a resemblance of order. Akela continued to move up through the ranks of the HPD, attaining the rank of lieutenant. Although she felt she would always miss Adam, she was able to deal with her grief and move forward with her life. Still, Akela felt his absence keenly and some of the job joy she had always experienced had dimmed.

In 2012, she was approached by a woman from Nighthawk, Ltd., a division of a globally known private security company, Storm Shelter, Inc. The woman, Cole Thornton MacLeod, offered Akela a very attractive opportunity with the company. It was far more money than she could hope to make with the HPD or any other law enforcement organization and she had to think of Kaiko and his future. The only downside was that Storm Shelter was headquartered in Montana, far away from her beloved islands.

Akela discussed the offer with her family, even five-year-old Kaiko. Everyone encouraged her to consider the job as a way to get a new start and complete the healing process from Adam’s death. Kela contacted Cole and negotiated extra vacation time as well as the option to live part-time in Hawaii with the understanding that she would meet the team at their destinations as required.

2012 to 2016 (a. 38 - 42)
-- Storm Shelter (4 years)

Akela and Kaiko relocated to Montana in 2012. Initially, both mother and son experienced extreme culture shock, not to mention climate shock. The MacLeods and her other co-workers were warm and welcoming, however, and the Noelanis soon settled into their new home.

2017 (a. 43)
-- Events to be added.


*Looks Like Grace Park (Hawaii Five-0)

Notes & References

Friends & Foes Akela has a friendly to casual work friendly relationship with the other members of Storm Shelter.

The MacLeods (2012 to Present): Kela and Kaiko are considered part of the MacLeods' extended family. Although he is three years older than Josslyn, Kaiko and she are good friends.
References Kapu Ku’ialua (aka Lua)
Kapu Kuʻialua; Kuʻialua; or just Lua; is an ancient Hawaiian martial art based on bone breaking, joint locks, throws, pressure point manipulation, strikes, usage of various weapons, battlefield strategy, open ocean warfare as well as the usage of introduced firearms from the Europeans.

The fighting art was referred to as "Kuʻialua", literally meaning two hits. That name was subsequently given to the god of this martial art. Only those associated with the aliʻi (nobility), such as professional warriors, guardsmen, and members of the royal families, were generally taught Kuʻialua. During times of warfare, the makaʻāinana (commoners) were also instructed in the basic movements and functions of the martial art.

Honolulu PD / SWAT
The SWAT teams train extensively all year to maintain a high level of proficiency. When they are not training, they perform other assignments, such as interagency assistance with marijuana eradication, airport drug interdiction, service of search warrants, Coast Guard ship-boarding exercises, and land-navigation training with the marines at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. They also work with various federal agencies to provide protection for national and international dignitaries.