Quinlan Dalton

Name Quinlan Franceca Dalton

Position Sr. Field Agent (NCIS)

Basic Information

Aliases Quinn (preferred nickname)

Oakley (NCIS nickname given due to her expertise on the firing range).
*Gender Female
*Date of Birth April 15, 1977
*Age 40
*Marital Status Single
*Current Address Monty's Dream, Amberleigh, 6931 Georgia Ave NW, Annapolis, VA

Quinn's permanent residence is on a small sailing yacht that belonged to her eldest brother, Monty. It was left to her in his will.
*Employer(s) NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) (2002)
Position: Senior Field Agent
Rank: SSA (Supervisory Special Agent)
*Professional Specialty Criminal Profiler

Physical Description

*Height 5' 6"
*Build Small
*Hair Color Light Brown: Thick and wavy with blonde highlights; takes curl easily.
*Eye Color Dark brown

Marks and Scars No prominent or distinguishing scars or marks.
Style Clothing
Quinn prefers to dress comfortably and tries to meld that with a professional appearance. She favors trouser suits over skirts and heels and is most often found clad in dark cargo pants, short-sleeved shirt and flat heeled shoes. When not working, Quinn dresses as needed based on activity.

Hair and Makeup
Her hair is very thick and straight and as she dislikes using hair products, it is worn shoulder-length, usually with bangs. When working in the field, she will pull it back into a ponytail.

Quinn dislikes the feel of most cosmetic products so wears a very light dusting of Bare Minerals. Her eye makeup is generally very neutral, simply enhancing their depth and color.

Quinn showers often but is sparing in the use of scented soaps, colognes or perfumes. When she does wear cologne, it is usually a light citrus scent (orange). She favors the Satsuma products.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Intelligent
Strong Willed
Direct, Honest
*Personality Quinn is a very intelligent and very independent woman. She does not mince words with people, even her superiors at the NCIS know they will get straightforward and totally honest input from her. Sometimes, she is too honest since her habit of not holding anything back tends to put off some people.
Mannerisms Surprisingly, in light of her work, Quinn approaches all situations with a positive outlook. She usually seems cheerful although she can be more somber when dealing with victims’ families.

Quinn has a pleasant contralto voice, speaks clearly and usually in pleasant tones. She uses body language and hand gestures to emphasize her words at times but not to excess.


Languages USA English: Native language.
Italian, Spanish, French: Fluent
Dexterity & Mobility Right handed and right eye dominant. Moves easily and with no mobility issues.
*Specialties & Interests Criminal Psychology
Writing (would like to break into crime drama writing)
Horseback Riding
Self Defense Quinn is fully trained in self-defense.
Weapons Carries NCIS standard issue sidearm.

Paranormal Skills

Beliefs Quinn understands and appreciates the fact that there are many things in the universe that science has yet to explain. However, her nature is to follow the facts, the evidence, and science.

Family Tree

Father Francis Montgomery Dalton (POTUS)
DOB: August 8, 1942 (a. 75), Herndon, VA
Mother Moira West Dalton (FLOTUS)
DOB: October 8, 1942 (a. 75), Potomac, MD
Maiden Name: Moira Eleanor West
Brother(s) Jameson Dalton West
DOB: June 30, 1972

Montgomery Addison Dalton
DOB: April 25, 1970
DOD: July 12, 2002
Other Family Sabrina Montgomery Dalton
DOB: July 4, 2002 (a. 15)
Father: Montgomery Dalton (deceased)
Mother: Bailey Crockett Dalton (deceased)

Bailey Crockett Dalton
Sister-in-Law; wife of Montgomery Dalton
DOD: July 2004

Family History

The Dalton Family
The Daltons can trace their family line back to England. They have the distinction of being one of the earliest settlers, arriving in Jamestown, VA in the 1600s and eventually relocating to what is now Herndon, Virginia. The family has a long and notable history of serving the government primarily in intelligence and clandestine operations. Family history alleges that Captain Horatio Dalton served General George Washington as a double agent during the American Revolution.

In the 1900s, the Daltons purchased property in Anne Arundel county, Maryland (Annapolis) and built a modest mansion on Chesapeake Bay. Their original home in Herndon, Virginia was donated to a local historical society and is now part of a community college campus. It houses a library and area museum of history (natural and local).

The property’s name is Amberleigh.

The West Family
The Wests settled in Maryland when Colonel Philip West was assigned to command a substantial garrison in the 1700s. At his retirement, Colonel West was given a generous land grant in what is now Potomac, Maryland. The majority of the estate, including the mansion, still belongs to the West family.

By the mid-1800s, the Wests were one of the wealthiest families in New England and considered political royalty in Washington, D.C. Although a long held goal of the Wests, they have never made it to the White House, however, many members of the family and extended family have had distinguished careers in Congress.

August 8, 1942
-- Francis Montgomery Dalton born, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD.

-- Begins career in the Navy.

-- Recruited to the CIA from Naval Intelligence.

December 20, 1967
-- Meets Moira Eleanor West

Senator Marshall Delano West arranged for the son of an old friend to escort his daughter, Moira, to the annual Winter Lights Cotillion in Georgetown, MD. Francis Montgomery Dalton was a young CIA Intelligence Analyst rumored to be on the fast track up the agency’s ladder. Frank was intrigued with the dynamic and attractive Moira and asked her out for New Year’s Eve much to the pleasure of both families.

December 20, 1968
-- Engagement to Moira announced at the annual Fire and Ice Ball in Annapolis, Maryland.

Frank and Moira publicly announce their engagement although both families were aware of the couple’s plans to marry prior to the official announcement.

June 21, 1968
-- Frank and Moira are married in the West’s family church in Potomac, Maryland.

April 25, 1970
-- Montgomery Addison Dalton born.

June 30, 1972
-- James Francis Dalton (Jameson Dalton West) born.

See Frank Dalton’s biography for further details.

*Personal History

1977 to 1995 (a. 0-18)
-- April 15: Quinlan Francesca Dalton born, Annapolis, Maryland.
-- 1983: Begins school at St. Mark’s Catholic Academy.
-- 1988: Eldest brother, Monty, joins US Army.
-- 1990: Father, Frank Dalton, appointed Deputy Director of CIA
-- 1993: Brothers (Monty and J.D. join CIA)
-- 1995: Graduates St. Mark’s with honors.

1995 to 2000 (a. 18-23)
-- Attends Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
-- 1998: Frank Dalton appointed Director of the CIA.
-- June 1999: Monty marries Bailey Crockett.
-- 2000: Masters of Science (MS) in Criminology

2000 to 2001 (a. 23-24)
-- Spends the year traveling.
-- November: Applies to and is accepted at NCIS.

2002 (a. 25)
-- January-June: NCIS training.
-- June: Assigned New Orleans (Intelligence Analyst).
-- July 4: Sabrina Montgomery Dalton (niece) born.
-- July 12: Monty is killed during Operation Strela (CIA).
-- July 20: Frank Dalton retires from CIA.

After her brother’s funeral and spending time with family, Quinn returns to New Orleans and her assignment over vigorous protests from her mother.

2005 (a. 28)
-- Attends training on hostage negotiation and rescue.
-- Assigned as Special Agent Afloat on USS George H.W. Bush, Norfolk, VA.

2010 (a. 33)
-- Attends FBI profiler training program.
-- Assigned NCIS, Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, VA.

2016 (a. 39)
-- Promoted to Supervisory Special Agent.


*Looks Like Jennifer Esposito

Notes & References

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