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Luke Morrison

Name Luke Morrison

Position Consultant

Basic Information

Aliases "Nuke" by his Navy buddies.
*Gender Male
*Date of Birth 04/14/1985
*Age 32
*Marital Status Committed Relationship
*Current Address 139 Arielle Way, Whitefish, MT
*Employer(s) Storm Shelter, Inc. (2017)
Position: Consultant
*Professional Specialty Chemist, Nuclear Engineer, Forensic Analyst

Physical Description

*Height 6'1"
*Build Medium
*Hair Color Brown - cut short and neatly trimmed and maintained. Not quite buzzed, but short enough to pass as military.
*Eye Color Brown.
Marks and Scars Navy tattoo on upper arm (see image).
Style Somewhat contradictory. Luke has the appearance of a nerdy scientist, but also the presence of a military veteran. He wears corrective glasses for astigmatism (contacts cause him irritation). He opts for simple primary color shirts that fit snugly and standard dark blue jeans. Owing to his military background, he keeps his hair neatly trimmed. He walks with confidence and bearing, but does not try to stand out in a crowd.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Thoughtful
*Personality Luke is a nice guy when you get to know him, loyal to his friends. But getting there can take time. In unfamiliar company, he is quiet and aloof, electing to observe. If engaged, his answers will be curt and to the point. Once he gets to know someone, he becomes more outgoing, cracking bad jokes and/or pop-culture references.

Thoughtful: Luke's intelligence and scientific mind comes out when he is engaged with a problem or complex question. He will become quiet and gaze at a corner of the room while he works out the problem in his mind, and/or decides how to reply. His replies in these cases are generally well thought out and carefully worded.

Standoffish: Luke can appear snobbish and curt when he is dealing with people he does not know well. This isn't deliberate, simply the way he does not put much consideration towards "everyday humans".

Succinct: Luke's sentences are concise and contain maximum information within minimal words. He often seems short in his speaking because of this.

Laid Back: Luke doesn't let much bother him, personally. It is difficult to get under his skin. However, that isn't to say it's not possible! If someone is able to do so, it is usually due to extreme offense, and Luke will stew on the individual until he can ensure they are (figuratively) destroyed. He will still fight for a good cause.

Phobias: Due to his service aboard submarines, Luke isn't claustrophobic at all. However, he doesn't like heights. He will joke about it that it isn't the fall but the sudden stop at the end, but he still doesn't do them.
Mannerisms Luke will fiddle with his glasses when he is in thought. His default position is rigid standing with his arms crossed. Sometimes when in the presence of a supervisor, his military training kicks in and he snaps to attention or parade rest.


Languages English: Fluent
Chemistry notation: Trained
Scientific latin: Trained
Simple unix scripting: Trained
bad Spanish: Studied in high school and remembers only a few random phrases like "Where is the bathroom?" and "The cheese is old and moldy."
Dexterity & Mobility Efficient in his motion, indicative of his military background. He can sometimes be thought to be a statue as he does not make unnecessary movements. He is right handed.
*Specialties & Interests Cars: Luke owns and maintains his own classic lime green 1970 Hemi Cuda. He has modified the car by adding a supercharger and a carbon fiber shell, while preserving the outward stock look. He sometimes will take his car to a drag strip to race. He isn't the fastest there, he just likes testing his own skill. His friends keep pushing him to put the car on display at a classic car meet. One of these days he might be convinced.

Mechanical: Other than his grease monkey skills, Luke also has general mechanical skill due to his Navy assignment as a nuclear reactor technician. Most of this work related to the reactor and power distribution systems, but he also worked on the mechanics of the reactor itself.

Science: Luke has a logical, rational mind which is well suited to the sciences. While in the service, he maximized his knowledge of atomic science, especially as it relates to radioactive decay and nuclear power systems. When he left the service, he wanted to add to that knowledge. The program he got into, however, was Chemistry. He has a Masters, and has managed the university chemistry lab. He also has a smattering of general knowledge across the natural sciences.

Forensics: After school, Luke worked as a forensic consultant, specializing in chemical exposure and toxicology. This skill set isn't as extensive as his general science knowledge.
Self Defense He is trained in self-defense as much as the Navy offered. While he is in no way an expert in any particular discipline, he can hold his own in a hand-to-hand fight. Vashti is currently instructing him in Aikido.
Weapons Pistols: Luke was trained on the M9 Beretta in the Navy and he prefers a similar weight weapon for a sidearm. He earned "expert" marksmanship on it, and does his best to keep up his skill on civilian ranges.

Rifles: Luke is trained on the M16 and qualified in its use, though he rarely touches similar weapons after his service.
Other Skills (Optional) Military protocol and doctrine (per training)
Driving skill (getaway driving, launching, traffic negotiation)

Paranormal Skills

Abilities None he is aware of. However, he and Vashti share a low level clairsentience with each other. While they can't communicate images or words, a look can be all they need to know exactly how the other feels about a thing. This link only works with each other, they cannot do the same with anyone else.
Beliefs Luke is a Deist. While he believes in a Higher Power behind the Universe, it isn't necessarily the Judaeo-Christian god, nor one from any organized religion. He does not subscribe to the literalism of religious texts, viewing them more like modern mythology. He believes that human consciousness is a special thing, and he believes that there is something after the death of the shell.

That said, he is a paranormal skeptic. He does not believe in magic or special unexplained powers, nor the presence of ghosts or spirits. To him, every paranormal event can be explained with science or coincidence. The fact he sometimes cannot find that scientific explanation does not bother him.

Family Tree

Spouse / Partner Vashti Yasmeen (See bio)
Children None
Father Charles Morrison (see Family History)
Mother Lorraine Faulkner (see Family History)
Brother(s) David Morrison (see Family History)
Sister(s) Laura Morrison (see Family History)
Other Family see Family History
Former Spouse(s) / Partner(s) None.

Family History

The Morrisons don't have much in the way of family history back beyond a couple generations. People moved around so much that tracing records is difficult at best. Anyone in the family interested in genealogy has given up after a surprisingly short time. What is known is that the family originated from Scotland at some point.

The Faulkners can trace their lineage to Colonial Massachusetts. Faulkners fought in every war since the Revolution. Not necessarily soldiers, many were support personnel.

Maternal Grandparents:
George Faulkner - b. Oct 5, 1923; d. 19 Nov 1999. George volunteered for the Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. He served during the entire war aboard aircraft carriers loading ammunition onto aircraft. He served aboard the Yorktown during the Battle of Midway. He was wounded, and many of his friends perished. Memories of that day haunted him until the day he died. He later served aboard the Yorktown's successor, Enterprise. After the war ended, George served his commitment, then retired, becoming a factory worker at Boeing. Later, he worked his way up to manager. He retired in 1988.

Mabel Faulkner (nee Blacksmith) - b. April 12, 1925; d. 21 May 2000. Mabel met George while at a USO function in Pearl Harbor in 1945. Their romance was whirlwind, and both figured, with the nature of military service, it was a one-time fling. Later, after the war, George happened to meet Mabel again at a coffee shop. The attraction was still there, and they married in 1950. Mabel was a homemaker, though she supplemented their income with substitute teaching. After George's death, she seemed to just give up. She died six months later, shortly after what would have been their 50th anniversary.

Mabel and George had four children; three boys, one girl. Luke has six cousins on this side.

Thomas Morrison - b. Nov 10, 1929 - New York, NY. Thomas is a no-nonsense businessman who lives in New York. He retired from his VP position at a Fortune 500 company in the 90s. Now he maintains his net worth through day trading. For Thomas, it's about the money. Even as a father, he prioritized career over family. Luke has met the man twice, and not in the past 20 years.

Nancy Morrison (nee Kendall) - b. June 30, 1931; d. 17 Jan 1972 - Nancy raised their children and never wanted for money, what with Thomas's career focus. She was killed in a single-vehicle accident in 1972, attributed to winter weather. She was alone at the time. Thomas became, if anything, even more distant and career-focused after that.

Thomas and Nancy had two children; two boys. Luke has two cousins on this side.

Charles Morrison - b. Feb 03, 1952 - Lynnwood, WA. Thomas is intelligent and reserved, allowing his outspoken wife to do most of the communicating. When he does speak, however, it is with the weight of wisdom. He does not show his love by physical contact, but by doing things for those he cares for. He works as an aerospace engineer for Boeing, a job he got via his father-in-law. He is expected to retire within the next few years.

Lorraine Morrison (nee Faulkner) - b. Sep 16, 1954 - Lynnwood, WA. Lorraine is more outspoken than her husband. She makes sure her children know they're loved, by saying and doing. When the children call home, she is the one they most often speak to. She is a 5th grade school teacher, and expects to do so until the day she dies.

David Morrison - b. June 6, 1981 - McLean, VA. David followed his father's footsteps and became an engineer. Today he works for Northrop Grumman in the DC area. He is not married and has no children, though he lives with his boyfriend.

Laura Wade (nee Morrison) - b. May 21, 1983 - Corvallis, OR. Laura studied history in college, specializing in the medieval period. She earned her PhD in 2009 and now is a Professor of Medieval Studies at Oregon State University. She partakes in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) with her husband, Ian. They have a five year old daughter, Alexis.

*Personal History

April 14, 1985: Luke was born to Charles and Lorraine (nee Faulkner) Morrison in Seattle, Washington.

1985-1999: Luke's family lived in a moderately-sized home in Lynnwood. His parents’ careers were time consuming, often making them work long hours. This meant Luke and his siblings were often raised by his maternal grandparents. While his parents were largely absent, when they were around they made sure Luke and his siblings were loved and cared for. If Luke wished for any changes to his childhood, it would have been to see his parents more. Once the siblings were of high school age, their forays to the grandparents became much less. They were, effectively, self-sustained. Partly by necessity, and partly because their parents trained them to be.

1999: George Faulkner, Luke's grandfather, became diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. His funeral three months later was the first one Luke remembers attending. George was a sailor during World War 2, and while he never spoke of his service, his home was decorated with memories from that time. His funeral was a military affair, complete with George's old Navy buddies. It was then that Luke finally learned some of George's service. As a teenager, it was the inspiration he needed. Luke originally didn't know what he was going to do beyond graduation. David was already in an engineering program at Northwestern University, and Laura was talking about studying medieval history. As a junior, Luke decided he was going to go into the Navy like his grandfather.

2002: Luke began the process to join the military. He scored extremely high on the ASVAB, granting him somewhat of a choice in rate. Because he had been driving and maintaining his grandfather's old car since the latter's death, the mechanical aspects interested him. He opted for MMN, Machinist Mate Nuclear. Just about as soon as he graduated, he was shipping off to basic training in Great Lakes, IL.

2002-2004: Luke was in Navy training pretty much continuously for the next two years as he learned everything on how to operate and maintain the nuclear power plant of a submarine. Luke exhibited his scientific and mechanical skills in training, and was soon slotted in for the then under-construction Virginia-class line of submarines. Upon graduation from training, Luke was assigned to the USS Virginia, first in her class, just prior to her commissioning.

2004-2007: Luke served with distinction on the Virginia, between her commissioning, shakedown, and subsequent deployments. The vessel supported the Global War on Terror, and other than drills and exercises, the work was quite routine. One minor event Luke remembers is seeing himself on TV. Navy PR authorized the Discovery Channel to film the commissioning ceremony of the newest class of submarines. Luke was on camera for about two seconds in the background.

2006: The USS Virginia is tasked to support a CIA operation in Colombia. A stealth infil/exfil of operatives. Luke meets JD and Cade for the first time.

2007-2010: Luke was transferred to the next Virginia-class submarine, the USS Texas, to help get that vessel operational for her commissioning. In an interesting turn of events, Luke found himself again on camera for a Discovery Channel film. This time during the Texas's commissioning mission. He wasn't on camera for long and didn't speak, but he's there. Luke served on the Texas through their reassignment to Pearl Harbor. The trip was originally to pass over the North Pole, but due to the ice thickness they turned around in the arctic to use Panama instead. After his eight years commitment, he retired as an E-5, Petty Officer Second Class, just prior to the Texas's first operational patrol.

March, 2009: SSI is in emergency need of someone with Luke's talents. He is offered a position. He declines, because he has 18 months left on his commitment and doesn't want to lose benefits by separating early. SSI chooses another candidate and Luke's file is... filed.

2010-2014: Upon leaving the service, Luke opted to utilize his GI Bill to get a degree. He does not contact SSI and SSI does not contact him at this time because the offer was one-time and the requirement was filled. College had a double use in helping him reintegrate into the civilian world, and to ease the transition. Luke found himself shipped back home by the Navy, so he ended up attending the University of Washington under their Chemistry program. He had wanted to continue his nuclear engineering, but he didn't want to be stuck behind a console on a 50 year old reactor. He was too used to the modern systems aboard submarines. He did well in chemistry, earning a 3.75 GPA by graduation in June, 2014.

2014: With his good grades, and the advice of his professors, Luke stayed in U Washington for graduate school. Part of this included teaching as a TA, and maintaining one of the chemistry labs. He ran the lab like a well-oiled military machine, much to the consternation of some of the less disciplined students.

October 2015: A new student joined his department and began frequenting his lab. She immediately caught his eye, what with the lab coat, glasses, and somewhat exotic look. He didn't find out until much later, but she was undercover investigating criminal activity within the lab. Being "in charge" of it, he was simply the one to get close to. As the investigation continued, they found the attraction was becoming more than they expected.

Towards the end, Vashti felt she could trust Luke enough to divulge her true purpose. He then became an important asset in the investigation. They were narrowing down on the perpetrator, but the woman was on to them. She concocted an accident to destroy evidence, and "take care of" the investigators. Her solution was a timed chemical bomb with her laptop in the lab. Luke recognized the setup and made a quick choice. He grabbed the laptop and ran. Unfortunately, the door was locked. He debated jumping out of the 3rd story window when Vashti kicked the door in. She grabbed his hand and pulled him aside as the room exploded. The force threw the two of them against the wall in an unintentionally intimate embrace.

The evidence on the laptop as well as additional clues Luke and Vashti had collected over the past two months led them to the perpetrator who was arrested and prosecuted. Luke and Vashti continued their budding relationship, albeit long distance while Luke finished his Masters.

December 2015: Luke graduates with a MS in Chemistry. Due to their budding relationship during the investigation, Vashti loses her position at the FBI. For practical purposes, they move in together. Luke quickly discovers their connection is beyond the heat-of-the-moment. Vashti mentions her paranormal ability which Luke brushes off as intuition.

March 2016: After working at the University lab just to get by, Luke follows Vashti to Horizons Investigations where he works as a forensic analyst. They travel throughout the US on assignments, remaining with one another as much as possible.

October 7, 2016: Luke proposes to Vashti. She accepts.

October 2016: Cade goes through some old files and finds Luke's recruitment folder. Remembering the man from the CIA operation a decade previous, he does due diligence to update the information and see where Luke is at. Noting his excellent work for Horizons, and Vashti's as well, they are both extended invitations to SSI.

January 2017: Just after Christmas, Luke and Vashti relocate to Montana to begin their new chapter.


*Looks Like Joe Dinicol

Notes & References

Friends & Foes Friends: Fiancée, submarine unit veterans, a few car guys.

Foes: Enrique Sanchez (owns a similar-performance Roadrunner and they have a friendly rivalry going.)