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Vashti Yasmeen

Name Vashti Yasmeen

Position Consultant

Basic Information

Aliases Vash (used by Luke)
*Gender Female
*Date of Birth 09/01/1986
*Age 31
*Marital Status Committed Relationship
*Current Address 139 Arielle Way, Whitefish, MT
*Employer(s) Storm Shelter (2016)
Position: Consultant, IT Specialist
*Professional Specialty Social Engineering
Data Mining
Information Gathering, Analysis

Physical Description

*Height 5' 8"
*Build Small
*Hair Color Medium to dark brown of middling length, curly to wavy, depending on the day.
*Eye Color Cherry amber, rather than a flat brown.
Marks and Scars A mole above her left lip, that she jokes was strategically placed. If anything, it accentuates her striking features. She wants a tattoo, but in her line of work, it would distinguish her too much.
Style Unfortunately for Vashti, she was raised to be dress in such a way that PJ days aren’t a thing that exists. If she has a day at home -- slumming around, if she’s even capable of it -- it’s going to be in well-fitted workout yoga pants and a long, lightweight sweater. Dressing well is second nature to her, now. It’s either sensible shirts and boring tops, paired with slacks to accompany her long frame, or it’s a feminine dress. Now and then, her fingers might twitch at the prospect of saying screw it, and throwing on a t-shirt with a pink unicorn on it. It doesn’t happen often, though.

Even if she’s in a lab coat, she looks well put-together. It’s a curse, really.

Her engagement ring, much like her other jewellery of preference, is more low-key and of delicate design.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits Confident, self-assured
*Personality Vashti has multiple faces. There is the side that she shows the public, the one that she uses for work, and the one for her innermost circle.

The traits that run commonly between the three faces are thus: a woman who seems confident and sure, a listener, and someone who laughs easily. She has a way of setting people at ease, offering up a smile readily, apparently knowing the right thing to say at the right time. She can be flattering without being inauthentic, or without laying it on altogether too thickly. She is an easy conversationalist, while being just as comfortable in silences. She seems intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated.

Inwardly, she is always thinking, calculating, filing little pieces of information away. She is aware that she is very good at manipulating people, but it is a skill that is for work, and work alone. She knows how to ask the right questions so that people readily surrender information they did not entirely intend on giving her, and so she is painfully careful so as not to do the same with those who are dear to her. They are a small few; even if she appears amicable and courteous, she keeps most people at arm’s length.

To those who are allowed close to her, they’ll find a woman with a quiet, dry sense of humour, someone thoughtful, conscientious, and also the hardest on herself when she fails. She owns her mistakes without shirking responsibility. She is generous without being enabling; she believes in pushing those she cares for so that they can pick themselves up, rather than her having to pick up the pieces. She’ll give the advice that people don’t always want to hear, but she feels may need, if they ask.

She has a habit of not letting go of things until she has the truth. She might be a scalpel or a sledgehammer, but either way, she’ll keep digging. It’s not just for work, but with friends, too; if she feels someone is turning away from the truth for a more comforting lie, she’ll be unable to help but try to push them to see. It’s honesty to a fault. She’s aware that at times, she has to let someone come to the truth of the matter on their own, but she feels it would be dishonest to say nothing at all.

She’s secretly a fantasy nerd. She might have a thing for dragons. And unicorns.
Mannerisms She has an unnerving half-smile she wears when she’s listening with special interest. It’s hard to gauge exactly what she’s thinking. She has a tendency to fold her arms just below her ribs, or thereabouts, one atop the other. If she thinks something is absurd, she’ll tilt her head just downward and to the side a fraction, one eyebrow creasing, the other lifting, lips tugging in a wry smile. Sometimes, she can be caught humming.


Languages English, French, Arabic, Persian, ASL; some programming code
Dexterity & Mobility Her instructors at the FBI academy agreed that Vashti was quick. She has to be. Her Aikido masters were merciless. Being the sort of person who seeks to better herself, she pushes herself to be faster, more agile, more flexible. She’s had her fair share of muscle pulls and micro-tears, but they haven’t hampered her yet.
*Specialties & Interests Social Engineering: Vashti’s always had a natural affinity toward reading other people. This naturally came to light while working with the Seattle Police Department, and was considered an asset during her time with the FBI. They cultivated her ability to enable marks to surrender information they had not intended on giving her, especially confidential or compromising data.

Cyber Infiltration: While not an expert, Vashti is versed well enough in exploiting technological backdoors, encryption, and decryption that she has an understanding of cyber infiltration. While she might not have the know-how to write a program that would breach a network, she knows what she needs to use to make it happen. She usually draws on her various contacts to get her the tools she needs to get the job done.

Law enforcement: Her law enforcement training includes education and application in the fields of firearms, state and federal law, basic forensics, basic medical training, tactical driving, substance identification and management, negotiation, traffic management, report writing, case analysis, and communication.

Other hobbies: Very, very few come to know that Vashti can shred up a storm on an electric guitar. It’s one of the most private things there is to know about her, and she normally only plays if nobody is listening. She lives in a world of secrets, and it’s a personal part of herself that is tied to her father. Naturally, Luke is aware of it, but it took a considerable amount of time before she allowed him to listen.

She also collects Persian artifacts (for a reasonable price). She doesn’t keep all her pieces; she lends what she’s able to to local museums. As war in the Middle East worsened, and desperate individuals sold their valuables online, she saw it as a personal duty to secure them so that they did not disappear from the public eye.
Self Defense Aikido; is continuing to progress through dan (degrees), or black belts. Aikido is a martial art that relies on agility and use of momentum to overcome opponents.
Weapons Her proficiency lies with side-arms, there being a preference for 9 mm pistols. She is hardly a weapons expert, however. She knows how to use semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and has a sense of how to use a sniper rifle, having been trained to do so, but she rates about average when compared to her peers. She is also certified with TASERs and OC spray.
Other Skills (Optional) - Driving skill, law enforcement (defensive maneuvers, launching, traffic negotiation)
- Lockpicking, safe cracking
- Her fiance is currently teaching her how to work on cars beyond basic maintenance.

Paranormal Skills

Abilities Clairsentience
Description She wouldn’t know what to call it. Clairsentience, maybe, if she was really aware of it. All she knows is that there is a bond with Luke that goes beyond chemistry. She’ll turn her head when she knows he’s approaching a room from the outside. If he’s near enough, and injured, she’ll somehow know something isn’t right. If he feels troubled, she’ll seek him out. She puts it down to her belief in soulmates. She doesn’t experience this with anyone else, however.
Beliefs Her parents are basically lapsed Muslims, not practicing altogether much, but good-naturedly being accepting of more or less everything. Vashti, on the other hand, has seen far too much of humanity to actually believe in anything concrete, but has equally escaped enough situations in (more or less) one piece to believe someone, or something, is looking out for her. She’s spiritual, in her way, and sometimes worries about whether her work has tarnished her soul. She has to be confident in what she’s doing, but now and then, there is a moment’s thought where she wonders.

Family Tree

Spouse / Partner Luke Morrisson (fiancé)
Father Dawud Yasmeen (born Sept. 5th, 1939)
Mother Noor Yasmeen (nee Tariq) (born July 12th, 1944)
Brother(s) Suleiman “Sully” or “Sul” Yasmeen (born June 20th, 1988)

Family History

The Yasmeen family history is fairly unremarkable, by certain aspects. Certain lines may be traced back into the Ottoman Empire, disappearing further as both sides descended from Bedouin tribes. Dawud Yasmeen’s father served in the Arab Legion during World War II; Noor’s family, two generations removed, were still intermingled with local tribes.

Dawud and Noor were employees of the embassy when they met. They courted for three years before getting married, and Vashti was born two years after that.

*Personal History

2nd September, 1986: Vashti was born to Noor and Dawud Yasmeen. Both were US citizens working out of the US embassy (which was established in 1950). They were chosen for their wide grasp of multiple Middle Eastern languages and dialects. They, by and large, operated as clerks for the embassy.

May 1987: With stirring unrest in the Middle East, the Yasmeens requested a transfer to the United Kingdom. They were granted the request, and moved to the US Embassy in London.

June 1988: Vashti’s younger brother, Suleiman, is born.

1992: Wanting to move closer to Noor’s extended family in the United States, the Yasmeens both put in for jobs in Seattle.

August 2000: Vashti begins high school. Unbeknownst to her at the time, her future fiance is also attending the same school, two years her senior. She feels curiously drawn to him without entirely knowing why, but sensibly puts it down to hormones.

January 2002: Dawud Yasmeen intervenes in a store robbery while Vashti is with him, and is shot. Vashti performs first aid on her father until paramedics arrive. Over the next two years, she is witness to the legal processes required to bring the assailant to justice. Having already been taken Aikido classes, and having felt too paralysed to act, she vows never to be so helpless ever again.

2004: Vashti graduates from high school with partial credits completed for college.

2004-2008: Vashti begins to pursue a degree in cyber forensics and linguistics at the University of Washington. At the age of 21, she applies for the Seattle Police Department.

2008: The newly-christened Officer Yasmeen is inducted into the Seattle Police Department, graduating as valedictorian.

2008-2012: Starting out as a beat cop, three years into her job, Vashti moves into the cyber crime unit. Having always had a knack for getting people to open up to her, she realises that it’s a skill she can use to glean information from criminals. Believing that she is capable of more, she applies to the FBI Academy.

2013: Accepted into the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. Undergoes 20 weeks of training.

January 2015: After applying for the position, Vashti is assigned as the FBI’s Interpol liaison in Seattle.

October 2015: After assignments that took her to Singapore, Argentina, and back to the US, for her background in digital crime and her familiarity with the campus, Vashti is sent to investigate criminal activity at the University of Washington lab. Luke is flagged as someone to draw information from, given his military background and previous experience with the lab. Recalling his presence at school, and a connection that went beyond just chemistry, she unexpectedly grows close to him.

Against instructions, she feels it’s necessary to be honest and upfront with Luke, and eventually reveals her actual purpose. The criminal, having discovered that she is being investigated, attempts to destroy evidence and eliminate her pursuers. After saving Luke’s life, Vashti is able to catch up with and arrest the suspect.

Her supervisors, suspecting that Vashti has not revealed the full extent of her relationship with Luke, conducts an internal investigation on her conduct. After she comes clean, the FBI presses her to turn over her badge, or to cut off ties with an individual they feel has compromised the organisation. She chooses to turn over her badge and resigns.

December 2015: With professional ties severed, initially for practical reasons, Vashti and Luke move in together. As could only be expected, the two realised that their feelings went beyond the in-the-moment, adrenaline-fuelled sentiments experienced during her assignment. Vashti finally brings up with Luke how she seems to know where he is -- if he’s nearby -- and how he’s doing. It is the first time she considers the concept of soulmates.

March 2016: After a series of contractual jobs, Vashti secures a position with Horizons Investigations as an independent investigator. Luke signs on shortly thereafter as a forensics analyst. They travel throughout the US on assignments, remaining with one another as much as possible.

October 2016: Luke proposes to Vashti. She accepts.

October 2016: Jericho goes through some old files and finds Luke's recruitment folder. Remembering the man from the CIA operation a decade previous, he does due diligence to update the information and see where Luke is at. Noting his excellent work for Horizons, and Vashti's as well, they are both extended invitations to join SSI.

January 2017: Just after Christmas, Luke and Vashti relocate to Montana to begin their new chapter.


*Looks Like Necar Zadegan

Notes & References

Character Notes Law enforcement - Seattle PD (720 hours)

Cyber forensics/linguistics, long-distance w/ Washington University
- 4 years, moved into Cyber Crime investigations

Interpol liaison - on-the-job training
- 2 years?

Transition to Interpol as a full-time officer

Worked alongside the FBI pursuing international criminals

Trained in social engineering

Worked in law enforcement as a dispatcher, later joining the police department of [wherever] as an officer for [three years?]

Worked as an FBI agent for [however many years?]

Took position as an Interpol liaison

Transferred full-time to Interpol as an agent

Operated as a Digital Crime Officer (specialising in cyber crime) in Singapore for x years

Knowledge gain in social engineering, and some degree of cyber infiltration

Knowledge gain in aikido, having progressed through dan degrees

Something something agent? X years in the field