Claire Cameron

Name Claire Cameron

Position Director BOSI

Basic Information

Aliases Marie-Claire Cameron (full maiden name)

Claire Walker (married name)
*Gender Female
*Date of Birth October 1, 1967
*Age 50
*Marital Status Divorced
*Current Address 711 22nd St S.
Arlington, VA
*Employer(s) US State Department
Bureau of Special Investigations (BOSI)
Position: Assistant Secretary of State

United States Air Force Reserve
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
*Professional Specialty Intelligence

Physical Description

*Height 6'
*Build Medium
*Hair Color Reddish brown with natural gold and red highlights and lowlights.
*Eye Color Blue-Gray
Marks and Scars Claire has a very small, faint, lightning bolt shaped scar on her left temple. When she was 10 years old, her mother went through a particularly bad manic episode and struck Claire with a dish, breaking it and cutting her temple.

No other prominent marks or scars.
Style Clothing
Claire dresses well, but practically for work, usually in tailored skirts or trousers, nice blouses, and sweaters or jackets. Having spent so many years in the Air Force, she really likes a uniform look. For casual wear, Claire likes comfortable blue jeans or khakis, and T-shirts or sweaters.

Claire dislikes high heels. She will wear low-heeled pumps on occaison, but prefers flats for work. She has a large wardrobe of sneakers and hiking boots as she likes getting outside and walking.

Waterproof watch, discreet jewelry (usually a pendant, pearls, and diamond stud earrings).

She normally allows her hair to grow to just below her shoulders, preferring not to use any type of products in it. Claire also tends to let it do whatever it wants, often resulting in a bit of a wayward or windswept look.

Claire wears no cologne or perfume, but uses a light citrus scented soap. She applies very little makeup, merely highlighting her eyes with a bit of blue or gray shadow and adding a bit of lip gloss, usually a pale pink or natural tint.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits - Ambitious
- Caring
- Cheerful
- Decisive
- Perfectionist
- Practical
*Personality Ambitious
Claire's father often jokes that she was born ambitious. Even as a small child, she was quite competitive, always upping the stakes in the games she played with her siblings and friends. She brought that determination with her to the United States Air Force Academy and her career in the USAF. Claire's drive was often at the expense of her personal life.

Despite seeming driven to succeed at everything, Claire has a very caring nature. She is kind and gives generously of her time and money to those less fortunate.

Claire almost always presents a cheerful face to the world, and in fact, she actually has a very upbeat and pleasant personality.

There was never a time that Claire had difficulties with making quick, sound decisions. This aspect of her nature was honed and enhanced during her military service and serves her well in her current role.

Claire is and always has been a perfectionist. Often, after she has made a decision she worries about how it could have been better to the point of nearly giving herself ulcers.

Claire has a strong practical side to her nature. This underscores her decision making. She will discard elaborate, fanciful choices in favor of straightforward, practical solutions. This sometimes leads people to assume she is not creative or imaginitive.
Mannerisms Claire has a southern accent that still carries a trace of the Irish lilt she acquired while living overseas with her father. Her voice is light and pleasant with excellent tone and pitch. She also has a lovely, although untrained, singing voice.

It is very rare that Claire will appear visibly upset or angry. She has learned to keep her emotions in check.

She tends to rub the faint lightning bolt shaped scar on her left temple when engrossed in her thoughts, reading, etc.


Languages English (native)
Irish Gaelic
Dexterity & Mobility Claire is left handed and Left eye dominant. She has a long stride for a woman and tends to walk fast. She dislikes dawdling. She moves easily and with relative grace.
*Specialties & Interests World and Geopolitical History
While living abroad with her diplomat father, Claire developed an interest foreign cultures and their history. As she got older, this expanded into an intense interest in how history and politics meshed with one another and how both impacts culture and the world.

Claire loves to read. Her preferences are mysteries, thrillers, and horror novels although she enjoys the occasional alternative history as well.

Claire has always been fascinated by and loved reptiles and amphibians. As a child, she kept geckos and chameleons. She currently has two bearded dragons and a turtle. Had she not gone into the military, Claire likely would have pursued a career in herpetology.

Outdoor Sports
No matter the climate or time of year, Claire loves being outside. She is not an expert at any particular sport, but enjoys a wide variety of activities including, but not limited to. . .

- Hiking
- Sailing
- Camping
- Horseback Riding
- Tennis
- Golf
Self Defense Claire learned basic hand-to-hand combat techniques during her USAF basic training. She has continued training and working out over the years and is more than able to hold her own in a fight.
Weapons Springfield XD(M) Threaded Barrel


Caliber: .45ACP

Recoil System: One Piece Full Length Guide Rod

Sights: Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3 - Dot ; Suppressor Height

Weight (empty mags): 31 ozs.

Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish

Barrel: 5.28" / 5.34" w/ Thread Protector, Hammer Forged, Steel, Melonite®, Threaded (.578" x 28) / 1:16 Twist

Length: 8.4"

Capacity: 13

Paranormal Skills

Beliefs Claire is open-minded regarding the paranormal, but would also consider herself a healthy skeptic. The practical side of her nature tells her that everything can eventually be explained by science.

Family Tree

Children Kathryn Walker (Kate)
Birthdate (age): 03/06/1992 (25)
Father: Damon Walker

Margaret Walker (Maggie)
Birthdate (age): 06/04/1994 (23)
Father: Damon Walker
Father Royce Cameron (R.C.)
Birthdate (age): 07/17/1935 (82)
Employer: Savannah State University (p/t), Writer
Residence: Tybee Island, GA
Details: Dr. Royce Cameron, Ph.D. is retired from the diplomat service. He has served as an ambassador to various postings all over the world, longest term spent in Ireland. He currently works as a writer (popular fantasy pirate series) and teaches at Savannah State University.
Mother Mary Elizabeth Selkirk (Selkie, Selkirk)
Relationship: Stepmother
Anniversary: 2000
Employer: Homemaker, Child Care
Residence: Tybee Island, GA
Details: Mary thoroughly dislikes being called by her first name. She goes by Selkie or Selkirk. She has been a fixture in the Cameron household for many years and loves her stepchildren as if they were her own. After marrying Royce, she adopted all three of his children.

Aileen Claire Cameron
Relationship: Mother
Deceased: 1998
Details: Royce met and fell in love with Aileen when he was posted to Ireland the first time. It was only after the birth of their first child, Marie-Claire, that Aileen's mental illness manifested full force. After many years of being in and out of mental hospitals, Aileen committed suicide.
Brother(s) James Devlin Cameron (Dev)
Birthdate (age): 02/03/1973 (a. 44)
Employer: United States Navy
Residence: Baltimore, MD
Details: Doctor in the US Navy, currently serving aboard the USS Carl Vinson.
Sister(s) Roselyn Sinclair
Birthdate (age): 04/04/1971 (a. 46)
Employer: Bumpershoot Books (owner)
Residence: Savannah, GA
Details: Roselyn lives with her husband and their two children in Savannah, GA. She owns a bookshop on River Street that specializes in local authors and books that focus on the south.
Other Family Simon Sinclair
Relationship: Brother-in-Law (married to Roselyn)
Age: 46
Employer: Barrier Island Tours
Residence: Savannah, GA
Details: Simon is self-employed. He owns and operates boat and buggy tours of Savannah and the surrounding area. They also do bus tours of some of the old homes and plantations in the area.
Former Spouse(s) / Partner(s) Damon Walke
Age: 52
Married: May 5, 1990
Divorced: 2012
Employer: Doctor (WHO)

Family History

Like many, the Camerons immigrated to the Americas after the 1745 Jacobite uprising in Scotland. They settled in the Carolinas and Georgia.

-- July 17: Royce Cameron born to Henry and Martha Cameron, Tybee Island, GA, USA. His parents were both doctors, although it was rare for a woman to be a physician in that era, were comfortably well off.

1952 to 1962 (a. 17 - 27)
-- Royce enlists in the United States Army.

The majority of Royce's military years was spent as military attaché to various US Embassies. During that time, he discovered a penchant for diplomatic work.

1962 (a. 27)
-- Royce is honorably discharged from the Army and offered a job with the State Department.
-- Reports to the US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland as a junior diplomatic attaché.
-- Meets Aileen Claire Sutton.

A few months after arriving in Dublin, Royce meets the daughter of one of the Irish diplomats. Aileen was an accomplished and intelligent young woman. Royce fell immediately in love. They were soon engaged to be married.

*Personal History

1967 (a. 0)
- October 1: Marie-Claire born to Royce and Aileen Cameron, Dublin, Ireland.

1971 (a. 4)
- April 4: Roselyn Briar born, Cairo, Egypt.

1973 (a. 6)
- February 3: James Devlin born, Reykjavik, Iceland.
- Aileen does not recover well from the birth of her son. She is diagnosed as severely depressed and put on medication.

The Camerons were a strong, close-knit family. Aileen seemed to enjoy being the wife of a successful diplomat and a mother to their children. However, after the birth of their son, Devlin, Aileen was diagnosed as severely depressed and put on medication. At the time, Post Partum Depression and Post Partum Psychosis was little understood. Claire soon learned to be careful around her mother as her moods became quite erratic. To alleviate his wife's stress, Royce hired a nanny.

1977 to 1980 (a. 10 - 13)
- Aileen becomes violent and is incarcerated in a private mental hospital.
- Royce hires Mary Selkirk.

In 1977, Royce is posted to London, England. At first, Aileen seems to improve which leads her to stop taking her medications. Royce is called home by the police to find his two younger terrified, the nanny nearly hysterical, and Aileen being detained after striking Claire in the head with a dish and threatening to kill her. Aileen is removed to a private mental hospital for observation while Claire is taken to a regular hospital for stitches.

The nanny refused to return to the employ of the Camerons. Royce engaged an English woman named Mary Selkirk. She was a teacher and came highly recommended. Selkirk, as she preferred to be called, immediately took to the children. Being former Royal Air Force, she was also able to deal with Aileen who continued to be in and out of mental health facilities.

1981 to 1985 (a. 14 - 18)
- Royce reposted to Dublin, Ireland as Ambassador.

In 1981, Royce was appointed as the Ambassador to Ireland and relocated his family to Dublin. By this time, Claire's mother had been re-diagnosed as being severely schizophrenic. Royce tried taking care of her at home with the aid of professional nurses, but inevetibly Aileen would stop taking her medications and turn violent, usually toward the children. Reluctantly, he finally had his wife permanently committed to a private mental health resort.

Throughout the ups and downs with her mother's illness, Selkirk remained a steady and calm influence on the family. She adored the children and they loved her. For Claire, it was almost a relief when their father made the decision to commit Aileen.

1986 to 1990 (a. 19 - 23)
- United States Air Force Academy.
-- Majors: Geospatial Science, Political Science.
-- Minors: History.
- June 1, 1988: Meets Damon Walker.
- May 5, 1990: Marries Damon.

By the time Claire completed her high school level classes and graduated, she already spoke several languages. She transmitted her application to the United States Air Force Academy and was accepted pending her renouncement of her dual citizenship with Ireland.

In 1988, Claire met dashing medical student, Damon Walker, while she was on break from classes.

After completing her four years at the Air Force Academy, Claire graduated at the top of her class and entered service as a First Lieutenant. Just prior to graduation, she married Damon Walker.

1992 (a. 25)
- March 6: Kathryn (Kate) Walker born, Arlington, VA.

1994 (a. 27)
- June 3: Margaret (Maggie) Walker born, Arlington, VA.

Claire was fortunate, due to her skills as an intelligence analyst, to be assigned to the Pentagon. She and Damon settled in Arlington, Virginia while he completed his medical degree and residency. After completing his residency, Damon was offered a position at Walter Reed Hospital.

1997 (a. 30)
- Meets Cade MacLeod.

During an assignment to the Middle East, Claire met a Marine sniper named Cade MacLeod. Although she is quick to say it was not an excuse, her marriage had been under quite a bit of strain due to her and Damon's divergent careers. She began an affair with Cade only to break it off when she learned he was becoming quite serious about the relationship.

1998 (a. 31)
- Claire's mother, Aileen, commits suicide.

Reassigned to the Pentagon again, Claire confessed her brief affair to her husband, Damon and the couple separates. They reconcile after a few months and he moves back in.

2000 (a. 33)
- Royce and Selkirk are married.

2003 (a. 36)
- Claire and Damon separate a second time.

For the next five years, Claire and Damon make a sincere effort - so she thought - to keep their marriage together for the sake of their two daughters. Upon learning that Damon had been having an affair with another doctor at Walter Reed, they separate again.

2012 (a. 45)
- Claire and Damon divorce.
- Moves to the Air Force Reserve.
- Assigned to BOSI

Although they continued to live apart, Claire and Damon did not divorce until their youngest daughter, Maggie, graduated high school. Claire also chose to leave the Air Force for a job with the State Department that her father arranged for her.

2015 to 2017 (a. 48 - 50)
- Appointed Assistant Secretary of State / Bureau of Special Investigations.

In 2015 Claire was promoted as supervisor and commander of the State Department's Bureau of Special Investigations.


*Looks Like Caitriona Balfe
Singing Voice Loreena McKennitt

Notes & References