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Joshua MacLeod

Name Joshua Malachi MacLeod

Position Manager

Basic Information

Aliases Josh (nickname; shortened form of Joshua; used by almost everyone)

Party Dawg (nicknamed earned while in college; used by former fraternity brothers and friends)
*Gender Male
*Date of Birth 08/01/1977
*Age 40
*Marital Status Single
*Current Address #3 Coldwater Creek Ranch
424 Coldwater Trail
Coldwater Junction, MT

Joshua resides in the basement apartment in his father's home, Belle Mara, on Coldwater Lake.
*Employer(s) Coldwater Creek Ranch (2014)
Position: Manager, Foreman

Legacy Heritage International Foundation (2005 - Present)
Note: Technically, Joshua is no longer employed by the LeHI Foundation, but he does act as a consultant on occasion and is the liaison between them and Storm Shelter.
*Professional Specialty Archaeology, anthropology; expert in myths, religious myths, legends and folklore.

Joshua's primary degrees are in the fields of archaeology, folklore and mythology. He has added a Bachelor's degree in ranch management and animal husbandry.

Physical Description

*Height 6' 2"
*Build Large
*Hair Color Reddish brown with lighter gold highlights and lowlights. Joshua’s hair is very thick and wavy with a tendency to curl if allowed to grow longer.
*Eye Color Green with a distinctive dark ring around the iris which will make his eyes appear darker in certain light.Green with a distinctive dark ring around the iris which will make his eyes appear darker in certain light.
Marks and Scars Joshua has the usual array of scars from old childhood cuts and scrapes. He also has acquired a few from his adventurous lifestyle, but none of serious note. The only ones of note are on his lower left leg and are leftover from surgeries required to mend the bones after he was shot in 2014.
Style Clothing / Footgear
Josh prefers casual and rugged clothing since much of his life is spent in the outdoors. For working the ranch or on a dig, he favors the comfort and durability of Duluth Trading Company’s fire hose work pants. He has numerous pairs in olive, khaki and denim. For footgear he usually wears hiking boots or biker style riding boots.

He almost always wears a small explorer sundial pendant on a leather thong that belonged to his mother. He received it when Isaiah divided her personal belongings out between himself and his sons after her death. Joshua also wears a rugged waterproof Mariner watch that was a gift from his brother, Cade, when he graduated university.

Joshua doesn’t mind getting dirty on the job but will take the first opportunity to shower or bathe. He keeps his hair cut very short but his shaving habits are rather haphazard so he’s often seen with a few days’ worth of stubble. Joshua is an avid fan of the Old Spice men’s grooming products (deodorant and cologne) but he applies the cologne with a very light hand.

Personality & Traits

Personality Traits - Affable and easy going
- Intelligent
- Outgoing, gregarious
- Honest and trustworthy
*Personality Affable / Easy Going
Joshua is that fun guy that everyone invites to their parties. He is affable and easy going which can be mistaken for being a clown and never taking life seriously. Underneath his outgoing and gregarious nature, however, is a keen intellect that took him to the top of his field in a very short period of time.

Honest / Trustworthy
Being honest and trustworthy is integral to Joshua’s nature which can be a double edged sword as he has a very hard time prevaricating. When asked a question, the answer is going to be honest and straightforward. This part of his nature has led him into some misadventures as he has a major intolerance for the black market trade of historical relics and artifacts.

Josh is devoted to his family. Despite the fact that they often scuffle and bicker, he idolizes his older brother. Joshua admires and respects his father, was very close to his late sister-in-law and loves his niece as if she were his own daughter. To date, however, while he has had a few casual relationships and one or two long-term girlfriends, Joshua is not inclined to take on a wife and family of his own.

Ethics / Morals
Although Joshua is very easy going and has a reputation as something of a party animal, he shares a majority of his older brother’s morals and ethics. He dates, but is a gentleman where women are concerned. Unless the woman in question is comfortable with a casual off and on relationship then the date ends with dinner and dancing or a movie. Like his father and Cade, Joshua has strong work ethics and sense of justice. Although he attends church with the family, it’s mainly because of the family. Josh tends to have an academic outlook on religion but respects his family’s beliefs.
Mannerisms Joshua presents himself as an open book and it’s only after a person examines their conversation with him that they realize they’ve revealed far more about themselves than he has. His open and honest approach makes him a natural confidant.

His speaking voice is pleasantly deep but does not present the midwestern or country drawl that is a hallmark of most people raised in Montana. Although he plays guitar very well and has good tone and pitch, Joshua rarely sings but will participate as a guitarist and backup singer for his brother’s band, Los Charros. When speaking, his voice carries well due to the many speech and theater classes he took at university. Joshua is also very expressive with his hands when talking but in an easy manner that keeps it from being annoying or distracting.

Josh rarely gets truly angry although he can have flashes of temper. A sudden clenching of his jaw and a blazing fire in his green eyes are sure signs that someone has crossed the line.


Languages English: Native language.

Native American: Joshua speaks several Native American languages, some fluently.

Hebrew, Aramaic, Spanish, Portuguese: Joshua’s skill in these languages ranges from fairly fluent to adequately conversant. Most of these languages have been acquired due to his fieldwork in archaeology.

Sign Language: Due to his niece’s inability to speak, Joshua has learned both American and International sign language.
Dexterity & Mobility Joshua is a big guy with a large frame and long legs giving him an easy long stride. He is not overly graceful or clumsy. He has a pin in the fibula of his lower left leg. When the weather is very cold, he tends to limp very slightly. He is right handed.
*Specialties & Interests Water Sports: Enjoys water skiing, boating, whitewater kayaking and rafting.

Snow Skiing: Very good at both downhill and cross country skiing.

Horseback Riding: Is an excellent horseman and quite proficient with skills needed for life on the ranch.

Climbing, Rappelling: Both of these skills relate to his work as an archaeologist and are not sports activities he engages in on a regular basis.

Music: Plays guitar and some piano.

Art: Can quickly make very accurate and detailed sketches, prefers pencil or charcoal. This is a skill he is naturally good at but is mainly used in conjunction with his work as an archaeologist although the advent of digital cameras has made it less of a need in the field.

Speed Reading: Joshua took courses in speed reading and comprehension and is quite good at rapidly assimilating text.
Self Defense Joshua is a brawler rather than a trained fighter. He can, however, hold his own in most physical confrontations.
Weapons Joshua is familiar and proficient with most handguns, rifles and shotguns and carries a rifle for protection when on the range. He also carries a boot knife and multipurpose Swiss Army type knife. His weapons of choice are a machete and bullpup shotgun.

Paranormal Skills

Beliefs Joshua has no supernormal or paranormal abilities. His ability to recall what he has read in great detail or where he read something is due to training not ability. He does believe in the supernatural, however, although he is rather skeptical of the claims of so-called psychic mediums and hauntings. He does believe that some people have abilities that cannot be explained by current science and would cite his brother’s retrocognitive clairvoyance as an example.

Family Tree

Father Isaiah Malachi MacLeod
Born: 10/17/1947
Age: 70
Nicknames: Mal (used by older members of the Montana Rangers Band)
Mother Gates MacBeth (maiden
Relationship: Stepmother
Married Isaiah MacLeod: January 22, 2017
Maiden Name: Gates MacBeth

Sarah Kathleen MacLeod
Born: August 17, 1949
Died: August 1, 1977 (a. 28)
Married: November 12, 1967 (m. 10 years)
Nicknames: Sarah
Maiden Name: Cade
Brother(s) Cade Atticus MacLeod
Born: 01/01/1970 (a. 47)
Nicknames: Jer, Cowboy, Lightning

Tiger Hanaford Caldwell
Relationship: Half-Brother
Born: 06/21/1980 (a. 37)
Mother: Barbara Hanaford Caldwell
Sister(s) Sierra Blessing Caldwell
Relationship: Half-Sister
Born: 06/21/1980 (a. 37)
Mother: Barbara Hanaford Caldwell
Other Family Joshua’s maternal and paternal grandparents are dead as is his father’s only brother. He does have numerous maternal aunts, uncles and cousins scattered around Montana, the Dakotas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

Josslyn Alafair MacLeod
Relation: Niece
Born: 10/31/2007
Age: 10
Nicknames: Joss, Scout
Mother: Cole Thornton MacLeod

Zachariah Thornton MacLeod
Relation: Nephew
Born: 04/01/2014
Age: 3
Nicknames: Zack, Z, Zee, Noodle
Mother: Cole Thornton MacLeod

Jeremiah MacLeod
Relationship: Nephew
Born: 05/21/2001
Died: 05/21/2001
Cause of Death: Miscarriage
Mother: Theresa McIntyre

Cole Thornton MacLeod
Relationship: Sister-in-Law
Born: May 1, 1974
Died: March 13, 2015 (a. 41)
Married: January 1, 2006 (6 years)
Maiden Name: Cole Thornton (birth name: Nicole Thornton Holden)

Theresa Madelyn McIntyre
Relationship: Fmr. Sister-in-Law (Cade's ex-wife)
Born: November 19, 1974 (a. 43)
Married: March 14, 2001
Divorced: August 2003
Nicknames: Tessa, Tess
Married Name: Theresa Madelyn Mallory (2nd husband)
Maiden Name: McIntyre

Paternal Grandparents
Samuel Cade MacLeod (deceased January 1969)
Margaret Williamson MacLeod (deceased November 1969)

Paternal Uncle
Jeremiah Wyatt MacLeod (deceased)
Born: February 29, 1942; Died: January 14, 1969

Maternal Grandparents
Ezra Cade (deceased)
Angela Cade (deceased)

Family History

The MacLeods immigrated to the Americas after the 1745 Jacobite uprising in their Scottish homeland. They settled in the southern Appalachian region of the colonies as did many Irish and Scottish immigrants. The MacLeods were moderately successful and enjoyed a reasonably comfortable living. They were an enterprising and hard working family. Although they avoided the slave trade, MacLeod Shipping and Freight became a renown company, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia.

In the early 1800s, lured by the prospect of adventure and riches, Josiah MacLeod, a geologist by trade, joined the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804 - 1806. The expedition made friendly contact with the Piegan Blackfeet tribe of what would someday be the territory of Montana. During a climb to gather rock samples, Josiah fell and was severely injured. Unable to continue with the expedition, he was taken in and tended by a Blackfoot clan. All they asked in return was for him to share his knowledge of the land.

Josiah recovered from his injuries but remained in Montana. He had fallen in love with the rugged beauty of the land and with the daughter of one of the chief's sons. She was an extraordinarily beautiful woman with flowing black hair and eyes the color of the summer sky. Josiah learned that a French fur trapper had traded his daughter to the Blackfoot in return for supplies. Angelique was adopted by the tribe and married to Dancing Wolf, the tribal chief's youngest son. Their daughter and, indeed, many of their descendants inherited Angelique's beautiful blue eyes and refined features.

Dancing Wolf and Angelique were gifted with the birth of a daughter. They named her Neha for the gentle rain that was falling at the time of her birth. Neha grew up to be a very accomplished and beautiful young woman. She also helped tend Josiah's injuries, eventually falling in love with him and accepting his offer of marriage.

When a fever decimated Neha's clan, Josiah took his young bride and moved south and west. Little was known about the type of illness that had stricken her people beyond the fact that it tended to be persistent after death. Josiah refused to risk his wife.

During an exploration of the land north of the Kalispel region, Josiah and Neha discovered an amazing series of ruggedly beautiful valleys, lakes, and rivers nestled in an unnamed and unexplored mountain chain bordering the Salish Mountain Range. Josiah named the mountains for his wife, the Neha Chain. Seeing its potential for ranching and farming, Josiah staked a claim to several hundred acres, and he and Neha settled in.

While hunting and fishing along several creeks that feed into Coldwater Lake, Josiah discovered small deposits of gold and diamonds. Knowing what advertising the find would do to the area, Josiah chose to travel considerable distances to discreetly turn the cache of gold and gems into capital. Not only was Josiah a geologist, but he had inherited his Scottish ancestors' savvy for smart money management. While Neha managed the ranch, arranging trade and contracts with the incoming army forts and local people, Josiah carefully invested in the burgeoning industries that were developing in the west, particularly timber, shipping, and mining. Over time, Josiah would also invest in new technologies. His business acumen quickly made the MacLeods of Montana territory one of the wealthiest families west of the Mississippi.

February 29, 1942: Jeremiah Wyatt MacLeod, Isaiah’s older brother, born.

October 17, 1947: Isaiah Malachi MacLeod born (Cade's father).

August 17, 1949: Sarah Kathleen Cade born (Cade's mother).

November 12, 1967: Isaiah Malachi MacLeod marries Sarah Kathleen Cade.

1969: Samuel and Wyatt MacLeod are killed in a car accident.

Summer 1969: Mathias and Hattie Wintersong hired as ranch managers.

September 21, 1969: Kai Wintersong born to Matt and Hattie Wintersong.

November 17, 1969: Margaret MacLeod dies.
See Coldwater Creek Ranch on the wiki for details. Images of the main house and ranch can be found in the site's gallery and tour.

*Personal History

1977 to 1987 (a. 0 - 10)
Despite his mother’s death shortly after he was born, Joshua had a fairly typical early childhood. He is a bright and gregarious child, easily amused and a quick learner. When not with his father or the MacLeod’s housekeeper and nanny, Hattie Wintersong, he could usually be found with his older brother. Joshua never learned that, for several months after his mother’s death, Cade hated him with a passion and often wished he had died instead of Sarah.

1983 (a. 6)
Joshua was enrolled in primary school and began his formal education. He proved to be a knowledge sponge and had a deep fascination for anything to do with history, the more ancient the better.

1987 to 1995 (a. 10 - 18)
For many months after Cade left for military service, Joshua was desolate. He desperately missed his older brother and lived for his weekly phone calls and letters. In time, he became accustomed to Cade’s absence and Joshua was incredibly proud of his big brother’s service to their country.

While Cade was away serving in the Marines, Joshua focused on his education. His fascination with anything old led him to study both archaeology and paleontology. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, he would spend time fossil hunting. The rest of his time was spent pursuing an avid interest in mythology and archaeology. Although quite studious, he was also popular with his classmates as he would always help them when he could.

When not in school, Joshua accompanied his father on his concert tours. He had no interest in being on stage himself, but enjoyed working with the roadies that set up and broke down the equipment for each show. It also allowed him to travel and indulge his fascination with history by visiting different museums and historical sites.

1995 (a. 18)
Flathead County High School
Graduates: Valedictorian

1995 to 2001 (a. 18 - 24)
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Masters of Science: Anthropology, Archaeology specialty.

2001 to 2005 (a. 24 - 28)
University of Chicago, Oriental Institute; GPA: 3.90; Ph.D.: Archaeology

After completing his masters degree in California, Joshua applied to the prestigious Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. He was accepted into their graduate program and also started work lecturing and leading archaeological expeditions. Although his professors viewed his interest in unorthodox archaeology such as mythological relics like the Holy Grail as a downside to his academic standing, the superior quality of his regular work was such that they continued to support him.

March 2001 (a. 24)
Attends his brother’s wedding to Theresa McIntyre.

May 2001 (a. 24)
Returns to Coldwater Junction to attend the funeral for his brother’s son who died after a premature delivery.

2005 to 2014 (a. 28 - 37)
Legacy Heritage International Foundation
aka LeHI Foundation, LeHI
Artifact Recovery Division
Order of the Lynx
Sr. Archaeologist / Expedition Leader

Joshua was approached immediately after his graduation by the Legacy Heritage International Foundation and offered a job. The organization was renowned worldwide for their dedication to preserving history and recovering artifacts lost through theft, grave robbing and trade on the antiquities black market. They had been attracted to Joshua because of his vast knowledge of ancient and mythological relics.

He accepted the job offer and spent the next ten years traveling the world. Like his brother, Cade, he was an excellent tracker, even if it involved a different type of tracking. Joshua made the ranch his home base, moving in with his father at Belle Mara.

Shortly after being hired at LeHI, Joshua was offered the opportunity to join the foundation’s Order of the Lynx. In many Native American cultures, the lynx is the animal that represents:

- Keeper of secrets
- Guardian
- Listener
- Guide
- Awareness
- Intuition

Members of the Order worked on highly classified projects for the Foundation, searching for ancient mystical artifacts that really do not belong in the hands of humanity but should be preserved and guarded. Once found, these items are taken to LeHI’s Cerberus Foundation where they are carefully studied and stored in a secret warehouse (giant vault).

January 2006 (a. 29)
Attends his brother’s wedding to Cole Thornton.

October 2007 (a. 30)
Receives word of the birth of his niece who was named Josslyn as it was as close to the feminine version of Joshua as her parents could come up with.

Fall 2009
Joshua returns to the ranch upon learning of his niece’s cancer diagnosis. He helps out on the ranch in order to free up Cade and Cole’s time so they can be with their daughter.

March 13, 2012 (a. 35)
Upon learning of the murder of his brother’s wife, Joshua took a leave of absence from the institute. Despite their tendency to scuffle and bicker, Joshua felt his older brother’s gratitude for his support.

February 2014 (a. 37)
While tracking down several artifacts looted from an ancient Tibetan monastery, Joshua was shot in the lower left leg. The bullet shattered his left fibula and required several operations and the insertion of metal pins to repair it. During his convalescence at the ranch, Joshua became interested in his brother’s business, Storm Shelter, but was not inclined to take a job with them.

He did, however, begin taking over being the go-to guy for Mathias Wintersong on ranch management affairs. Joshua discovered that, while he would always love archaeology, the urge to travel the world constantly had been replaced by the stronger need to remain home and take a hand in the family business.

When Mathias again brought up the subject of retirement, Cade offered the job to Joshua. He readily accepted and, with the Wintersongs’ help, began a new adventure. Joshua also enrolled at a satellite campus of Montana State University for courses in ranch management and animal husbandry. He had the experience of growing up on a working ranch, now he felt he needed the formal education in latest ranching techniques and management.

April 2014 (a. 37)
One of the best parts, in Joshua’s opinion, about moving home to stay, was being there when his nephew was born and being on hand to help with Joss, his niece. His father had always said that there would never be anything that replaced family and his older brother had often said there was nothing like youngins’.

March 13, 2015 (a. 38)
Joshua was on hand when Isaiah received Cade’s telephone call telling them that Cole had been shot and killed. As soon as the two men could recover from the shock, they headed for the main house to see to Joss and her baby brother.

2017 (a. 40)
Joshua moved into Belle Mara with his father in 2014, shortly after taking on the position of ranch manager. His father’s recording studio and office occupies half of the massive basement level. With Isaiah and Cade’s help, he built a full apartment with its own entrance in the remaining half. He and Isaiah, and Delilah when she is in residence, tend to take a majority of their meals and spend leisure time at the main house with Cade and his kids.

When not busy with the ranch, Joshua still consults and works in the field of archaeology. He also spends a bit of time helping out at the Alibi.


*Looks Like Josh Gates

Notes & References

Friends & Foes The Wintersongs
Joshua has known Mathias and Harriet (Hattie) Wintersong and their daughter, Kai, all of his life. Matt and Hattie have been surrogate parents and mentors and Kai is his sister-of-the-heart.

Jameson Dalton “J.D.” West (friend; 2014 - Present)
Prior to taking over management of Coldwater Creek Ranch, Josh had only met J.D. in passing. He is friendly with the other man and it is likely that friendship will deepen over time.

London Ridley (1990s to Present)
Joshua met London while they were in high school. They dated briefly which allowed her to get to know the rest of the Cades. Upon her return to Montana, they’ve met up again as friends.

Ross Joseph “R.J.” Hawkins (acquaintance; 2015 - Present)
Joshua and Ross are casually friendly, mainly having seen one another in passing since Josh primarily works the ranch and only consults on Storm Shelter cases occasionally. He’s closer to Ross’s age than Cade is so has pointed out good places in Kalispell and Whitefish for socializing.
Character Notes Tiger and Sierra Caldwell
Joshua, like his older brother, Cade, has an intense dislike for how his younger siblings have treated their father. However, he was so young himself, that they have not had much impact on his life personally. He knows them and is polite when they meet, but would not claim to know them well.