The Blessings of Liberty

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Status Current Chapter
Description Chapter 2 of The Code of Camulus.
Mission The Camulus Directive
Start Date Mon Oct 16th, 2017 @ 2:24pm

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Title Timeline Location
As the Bell Tolls - Part 2
by Cade MacLeod & J.D. West & Luke Morrison
Evening, Sunday, 01/22/17 Storm Shelter's Mobile HQ
As the Bell Tolls - Part 1
by Cade MacLeod & J.D. West & Luke Morrison & SSI RPG
Early Evening, Sunday, 01/22/17 Storm Shelter's Mobile HQ
Demands and Retribution
by Cade MacLeod & J.D. West & London Ridley & Frank Dalton
Late afternoon, Sunday, 01/22/17 President's private and secure office, White House, Washington DC

Chapter Summary

=== GOOD GUYS ===

Alpha Key
Real Name: General Patricia Monahan

Position: Secretary of Defense Nominee

Details: General Monahan was the nomination for Secretary of Defense. She was one of the first women to attain a rank of three stars and has led a brilliant career in service to the USA. It is likely that she was complicit to some extent or had become suspicious, hence her leaving so many notes behind!

Status: Deceased (Early Hours, Saturday, Jan. 21)

Looks Like: Glenn Close

Beta Key
Real Name: Howard Kuff

Position: A CIA Operative

Details: Howard Kuff is a middle-aged, highly placed analyst within the CIA. His area of expertise in Russian culture, language, and political structure.

Status: Deceased (Late Saturday, Jan. 21)

Gamma Key
Real Name: Denise Gonzalez
Position: US Attorney, US Attorney General's Office
Details: Mrs. Gonzalez is a clerk in the United States Attorney General's office. She is nearing retirement age (early 60s). Exemplary record of service, very patriotic.

Status: Living, but we'll be too late to save.

Kill Switch (Zeta Key)
Real Name: Michael Sheridan

Position: Vice President

Details: Mike Sheridan has spent a majority of his life in government service. He is of sterling character, and the only reason he has not mentioned his reservations about the key he was given is that there has not been an opportunity.
Status: Living, Sheridan and his family are in a secure and undisclosed location.

Looks Like: Bruce Boxleitner

General Jack Kelly (USAF)
Position: (New) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS)

Details: Loyal and patriotic, exemplary service, aghast that the JCS has been so horribly used. Fmr. Vice Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Looks Like: Richard Dean Anderson

=== BAD GUYS ===

Black Tiger Enforcement
Black Tiger Enforcement (BTE) is a group of disavowed covert operatives and mercenaries assembled by mega-billionaire George Chandler to exact revenge on the USA, specifically, Frank Dalton.

BTE is multinational, and the team was assembled by Le Bête Noire (see SSI's Wiki) to fulfill a contract with Chandler.

They are going to promote themselves as a group of disenfranchised Americans. To this end, only two or three members who are actually American by birth will speak to the President and Storm Shelter.

To preserve their anonymity as much as possible, they refer to one another by numbers, not names. One, Two, Three, etc. They also refuse visual communications. Vashti might be able to "catch them" on this.

They will state their agenda as being the safety and security of the nation and return to doing things the right way.

George Stanhope Chandler (deceased)
Position: Chairman / CEO of BuildTec Inc.
Former Position: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson

Details: Raymond Stanhope Chandler was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His family rivaled the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts in wealth.

Chandler joined the US Army when young and rocketed up through the ranks with a stellar career record (on the surface).

He served two presidents on the Joint Chiefs, including as Chairman.

Chandler was the architect of ERECAM.

Raymond Stanhope Chandler II (The Chairman)
Position I (Public): George Jr. was the heir to the Chandler Empire which is primarily comprised of tech companies with megs DOD contracts.

Position II (OOC Knowledge): The Chairman / La Beté Noire
See Wiki for details on La Beté Noire

Along with inheriting the family empire, Stanhope also inherited his father’s seat on the shadowy organization, La Beté Noire. He is known only as The Chairman. Even the highest members of the organization do not know his real identity.

A mini bio will eventually be created for Chandler on the wiki. He will be an ongoing nemesis for Storm Shelter and the Dalton presidency. However, his identity will remain OOC knowledge.

Stanhope’s goal, using his mega wealth, power, and the resources of La Beté Noire is to create the mythical New World Order with him at its head. He has major hooks in a variety of world governments, some leaders under his direct control even if not aware of it. The 2016 election was his attempt to gain major control in the United States. Frank Dalton’s win thwarted that so, because he’s a complete nutjob (if a brilliant one), Camulus is his plan for eradicating this loss.

His (Stanhope) personal animosity toward Frank Dalton (and the Dalton family) goes back to Dalton’s era as the Director of the CIA. Stanhope has never gotten over being ousted from a highly placed CIA position and, as a result, losing some of his DOD contracts (there was a major conflict of interest and espionage case brought against him resulting in his resignation from the CIA).

Personality: Stanhope Chandler is a raging narcissist and sociopath, but insanely intelligent and brilliant. He considers his personal vendetta against the Daltons, their friends, and supporters to be the cherry on the top of his personal cake of world dominance.

Admiral Reginald Frost (US Navy)
Position: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (old)

Details: Adm. Frost has served the last two presidents. No one is quite sure how or why he was never replaced. He will have to come clean regarding Camulus and will be replaced by Gen. Jack Kelly.

Adm. Frost, knowing he’d be arrested and prosecuted for treason, revealed what Camulus to the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, gave him the binder and then killed himself without revealing the identity of the key holders or how to contact their handlers.

Agent Devyn Lyle
Position: Secret Service, Presidential Detail

Details: Devyn is the inside “gal” for Chandler.